Story of My Love Life

Chelsea is just your average girl. She is smart, funny, and a complete dork. But, when a special, curly-haired new kid catches her attention, she is nuts. An upcoming project brings Chelsea one step closer to love, and a special someone. Will they love each other, even through fame and fortune?


23. Harry Please.

Chelsea's P.O.V.


I am so worried right now. Where is Harry? He was supposed to be home by now! I hope he's ok.

"Chelsea, calm down. It's okay. Harry is running just a little bit late, it's all fine. I'm sure he's on his way home right now." His friend, Josh was trying to cheer me up. Nothing is working. "how do you know that, Josh? He could be halfway to Africa right now and we might not know! How do you expect-" I was cut off by the opening of the door. 

Harry walked in with a huge smile on his face, along with four other guys as well. Those four boys were really good looking. 

"Hey, Chels!" Harry smiled even bigger when he saw me. But soon, his smile faded after seeing the look of worry on my face. "What's wrong, baby?" The four other guys looked at me with confusion, along with Harry. "Nothing now." I smiled. "The only thing that matters is that you're home safely. But with four other boys as well?" I questioned.

He smiled again, and pointed to the first guy. He had black hair. He was also really tan. His hair was up in a quiff/spike, and he had an earring in. "Chelsea, this is Zayn." Zayn smiled and waved at me. "Hi. Nice to meet you." I smiled back. His voice was like silk, and he was also British.

Harry moved to the next boy. He was short, but had really long brown hair. "This is Louis." Louis smiled and said, "I like carrots." I laughed, as did everyone else.

Harry pointed to a tall, long haired boy. I remember him from a previous X-Factor. Before Harry could introduce him, I said "Hi Liam. Nice to meet you." They all looked a bit confused, but Liam just nodded and said "X-Factor?" I nodded as Harry moved to the last one.

He was blonde and had wondrous blue eyes. "And this is Niall." Niall was really short, and spoke with a different accent. "Hello, there. Pleasure to meet you." He was really nice. "Oh, yeah. And he's Irish." Harry said as he smirked. I knew it! I thought I recognized the accent. My grandfather is also Irish, and has the same accent as Niall.

"Harry please. I know my accents." I winked as we all plopped down on the couch to watch TV. He smiled some more as I sat down on his lap. He played with my hair as Zayn turned on a movie. Great, the Notebook. Tears came to my eyes as the movie played. Harry looked at me, and laughed. "You are such a crybaby." He smirked, as I playfully hit him on his arm and cried some more as the movie continued. I love this boy too much.

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