Story of My Love Life

Chelsea is just your average girl. She is smart, funny, and a complete dork. But, when a special, curly-haired new kid catches her attention, she is nuts. An upcoming project brings Chelsea one step closer to love, and a special someone. Will they love each other, even through fame and fortune?



Harry's P.O.V.


I managed to get away from my mum and Gemma for a few minutes. I knew that if I even got close to Chelsea, they would be there joking and sharing all of my most important secrets. 

Chelsea and I were outside, even though it wasn't the warmest at that moment.

We walked a bit down the street to our school, and went onto the baseball field. "Harry, why are we here?" She looked into my eyes, a confused look on her face. "Just to enjoy the moment." I said. We both lay down on the soft, green grass and stared up at the starry night sky.

She pointed to a constellation. "Look, it's Hercules." She had a smile on her face. It's like she was mesmerized by the stars. I pointed to one. "There's Little Dipper." She seemed so happy. 

After a few minutes of looking at the different constellations and stars, I kept thinking about Chelsea. She was so beautiful, and she had a great personality. She was perfect. I sat up, deep in thought about her.

"Is something wrong, Harry?" I snapped out of it. I looked her deep in her beautiful aquamarine eyes. "Yes, actually. It's been bugging me ever since my first day of school." 

"What is it?" Now's my only chance. I am going to tell her that I love her.

I leaned in, and kissed her.


Chelsea's P.O.V.


Let. Me. Get. This. Straight. All along, Harry has liked me. Now, he finally showed me that it was true.

Harry. Styles. Kissed. Me. I don't know what to do. I am absolutely shocked that he chose me out of all the other girls. After I kissed him back, he said "I love you, Chelsea. Ever since the first day of school when I saw you, I wanted you. You are beautiful and I think you are absolutely perfect. So, Chelsea, will you go out with me?" I stared back, tears in my eyes, but I managed to say "Of course Harry. I felt the same about you. I thought you'd never ask."

We kissed again and walked back, hand in hand. We entered the cozy house only to find Anne and Gemma smiling. "Is it official?" Anne asked, with a priceless grin on her face. Harry and I both nodded.

I have a boyfriend, and it's Harry Styles. The guy I never thought would ask me out, but managed to after all. :)

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