Story of My Love Life

Chelsea is just your average girl. She is smart, funny, and a complete dork. But, when a special, curly-haired new kid catches her attention, she is nuts. An upcoming project brings Chelsea one step closer to love, and a special someone. Will they love each other, even through fame and fortune?


13. Embarrassing

Harry's P.O.V.


My mum cannot keep a secret. She is the worst liar, and she can't keep a secret for her own life! She should've just said right there on the spot that I had a crush on Chelsea. "Oops! Sorry Harry!" She leaned in close to me, still speaking loudly."I forgot that your crush was a secret!" She giggled as she went back to her seat. You've gotta be kidding me.

Chelsea looked up, and I could tell that she heard what my mum said. Ugh! Great! She's going to be uncomfortable for the rest of the night now! Thanks a lot mum.


Chelsea's P.O.V.


"I forgot your crush was a secret!"

O.M.G. Harry has a crush on me?! This is too perfect! Oh my gosh I can't believe what I'm hearing right now! I can't even think straight. Harry likes me?! Is he blind? I don't even know if Anne was talking about me... Ok I know she was!

I looked up at him, and his face was REALLY red. I bet mine was too. He looked into my eyes and mouthed "sorry" to me. I just looked at him, until I finally just couldn't anymore. It's not that I hate him, trust me I don't, I LOVE HIM! He is so adorable!

We all ate in silence most of the time. Occasionally, Gemma would chuckle because of the events beforehand, or Anne would ask me questions. Harry barely said a word. Neither did I now that I think about it. The dinner was delicious! Harry is a really good cook!


After dinner, Anne gathered the plates and went into the kitchen with Gemma. They were washing the plates when Harry nudged me. He grabbed my arm, and before I knew it, we were outside all alone.

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