Story of My Love Life

Chelsea is just your average girl. She is smart, funny, and a complete dork. But, when a special, curly-haired new kid catches her attention, she is nuts. An upcoming project brings Chelsea one step closer to love, and a special someone. Will they love each other, even through fame and fortune?


2. Chemistry

Chelsea's P.O.V.


The day has gone by slowly. Isn't that always how Mondays go? Anyways, the new kid Harry has been in almost all of my classes. I can already see that he is the hit of the school, though. The girls are crazy for him. All of them give him googly eyes or say something cheesy like "Hey Harry. I'm single and ready to mingle." or something like that. 

I watch as he walks through the door into our chemistry class. Mrs. Smith, our teacher, signals him to the seat next to me. I am speechless as he sits next to me. I can't help but stare at him. I'm just like everyone else: I have a crush on him. He turns toward me and catches my eyes locked on him. I blush and turn away. "Umm.. hi. My name is Harry. I noticed that you are in a lot of my classes." His voice is so deep, and his accent is very strong. "Ummm... Hi Harry. I'm Chelsea. I noticed that you are from England. What part?" I blush as he laughs at my stupid comment. Why am I such an idiot?! "Cheshire. Holmes Chapel, to be exact." He grins, and turns away. His hair is so perfectly curled. I wonder how soft it is- Snap out of it! Focus more on the assignment, and less on Harry.


Harry's P.O.V.


Wow. This girl is beautiful. She is so funny as well. I can't believe how gorgeous she is! I can't help but stare at her. She glances over at me and I turn away quickly as the heat rushes to my face. Chelsea, the most beautiful girl in school. "Mr. Styles, I know you are new here, but at least focus on what I am saying here. It's ok if you don't understand right now. Try to pay attention, and if you don't understand, ask Chelsea or come up to me." Gosh, I hate teachers. They always pick on me. Even a glance out the window for a split second would get me in trouble. I feel Chelsea and the rest of the class look at me as I face forward again. I hate school.

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