You've got that One Thing

I got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around my waist. I walked out of the bathroom closing the door and walking into the main bedroom. 'Hey Victoria how does breakfast sou-' I paused. She wasn't in the room. I looked in the rest of the house to see if she was anywhere there, but she was no where to be found. I walked over to the corner of the room and sat down putting my head in between my hands. 'I guess she just wanted a one night stand' I thought. I walked over to my phone and realized I had gotten a message about an hour ago that said, 'Liam mate, have you already done that bet we made(; ?' 'crap!' I almost screamed out. 'She must have seen this text,' I thought. I grabbed my jacket and walked out of the front door to look for her.


3. Liams POV

Liam's pov

She was beautiful. She had light hazel eyes, that made me weak at the knees when I looked into them, and light, wavy brown hair. 

She looked so sad, broken. I felt like I had to fix her, and I would do whatever it takes. 

'Liam what are you doing! She probably has a boyfriend already,' I thought to myself. 


It all started when I was hanging out with the boys. We made a bet that I couldnt get a girl in bed in the next 12 hours. I never back down from a bet. They were on. I had gotten into my car and started to drive. I didnt know where to, I just let myself take me to wherever I wanted to. I ended up at some empty street. I needed some air. 

I turned my car off, got out, and started walking. It had only been a few minutes of walking, when I heard faint voices in the distance. Suspicious of what it was, I jogged over to the sound. I stopped dead in my tracks. 

All I saw was a man, standing over a teenage girl lying on the floor,and had just kicked her. I ran as fast as I could towards him. He turned around facing me, looking alarmed. As soon as I got to him I punched him hard at his jaw.

He fell over, lying on the ground looking unconscious. 

I looked over to the girl, she looked traumatized. I spoke up, "Are you okay?" She just stood there, frozen.

"Its okay I wont hurt you." I said.

She stood up, very slowly. She looked like she was in great pain.

"How about we go back to my flat and we can decide what we're gonna do from there," I said. "My names Liam by the way."

I picked her up bridal style, walked over to my car, and settled her in.

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