Death vs Lucifer: Offspring

Death and Lucifer have been at each other's throats for years. When an ancient spell is performed, it curses Amanda, Death's child and Daria, the second spawn of Lucifer. This reignites the feud. Tina the daughter of Frost must find a way to stop the offsprings before they kill each other and take the Earth with them. Her only hope lies with the first spawn of Lucifer. But will she help or join her sister and destroy the Earth?


1. Resurrectione prohetias (Resurrection prophecies)

Legs burning, sweat dripping Dominic ran to reach his client. Screams of joy and happiness echoed around the stone corridor. The celebration for the coronation of King Maxwell. King Maxwell at the tender age of eighteen, was the youngest king of the Dragon realm. A big responsibility for any king. 

Wrapped in sweaty hands was a brown, leather-back book with the words "Resurrectione Prophetias." Dominic knew very little about the book except that if it fell into the hands of the most evil creatures, deadly consequences would happen. The west wing tower was the highest point of the castle, the spot his client had picked. The guard stared at the sweaty boy with a look of disgust. 

"The honourable King Maxwell has issued that this book be placed in the west wing tower," Dominic informed him. The guard nodded and slipped past Dominic, heading to find some wine. The balcony overlooked the party below and was where the figure stood. The figure looked out of place, jeans was something not invented or worn yet in the Dragon realm. Blonde hair swaying with wind but it didn't bother the figure, blue eyes searching below. 

"Good evening Death on this festive day," Dominic said bowing. 

"Not my type of occasion, I do prefer funerals to festivals," Death said, turning his head in the direction of the scythe. Dominic placed the book on the table. Running a finger along the cover, the words seem to recoil from the touch of death. 

"Resurrectione Prophetias, any idea what that means Dominic?" Death asked.

"No clue sir". 

"It means resurrection prophecies in Latin and its one of the powerful artifacts to ever existed. This book contain spells that have the power to resurrect anything from the first pure evil to a lost loved one." 

"Including your brothers Death, the horsemen?"

"Yes it is true my brothers can be resurrected but I would be more concerned about the first pure evil. Have you done what I asked?"

"I have given the prophecies of death and fire to Maxwell and the hunters. But what about this book?"

"I want you to protect this book by joining me on Earth. Earth is safer than the other realms and you can have a family there and die," Death said. 

Dominic nodded and glanced out the balcony. Maxwell was making a speech about how he would control the dragon population. Death paused and held out a hand. Making contact with Death, the scythe changed him. Instead of skin was bones, the true form of Death. 

"Sadly this has become night of mourning," Death said. Dominic's eyes went wide with shock. Screams of terror now heard. The guards desperate to save the King Maxwell.

"What in the name of the dragon is happening?" Dominic asked. 

"What is happening dear boy, is that Hell just arrived," Death replied. As the words left his mouth, the scythe slammed into the ground, sending black smoke everywhere. 

Dominic ran faster down and onto the courtyard. Hiding behind the arches nearest to the king, Dominic froze. The tapestry hanging proudly over the throne in the morning, now hung burning. The smell of burning human flesh was overpowering. 

"You are only making this harder and more lives are going to lost," a voice said. The crowd had parted in the middle, scared of what stood there. 

"Ah Death, care to dance this is a festive day after all," the voice said, holding a hand out. 

"I would rather not, Lucifer beside I thought you were more a torture person than a dancer," Death said. 

"They deserved it for their foolish decision," Lucifer said. A plume of smoke revealed a dragon standing where Lucifer had stood. 

"Did Azrael deserve it too and what about the angel traitor?" Death asked. Lucifer's jaws parted in the form of a twisted smile. 

"Azrael deserved it and I had the most fun, letting him suffer," Lucifer said. 

Lucifer took to the sky before the guards could react. Death parted ways with Dominic. 

Twenty four years later

Hidden under the remains of Dominic who had died in a car accident, was "Resurrectione Prophetais." The book glowed before opening a empty page. The words written in ink, Capitales inimicitias entia (Feud of deadly entities).

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