The Heart Bleeds

The witnessing of a heart wrenching situation causes Draco Malfoy to make a drastic decisions. One that could haunt him for the rest of his life.

Written for the Fandom competition


4. The War

The clock struck midnight when Voldemort and the death eaters set up camp in the forbidden forest. Half an hour ago Voldemort had amplified his voice over Hogwarts and the surrounding areas to 'give up potter' Draco was sat with his mother waiting patiently for Voldemort to give the order for his death eaters to enter Hogwarts.

"It seems that Potter will not give himself up. Therefore we enter Hogwarts and find him Get ready to march" Said Voldemort. And so they did. At first Draco stayed with the rest of the death eaters but quickly found Crabbe and Goyle skulking about a corridor

"Malfoy. What are you doing here?"

"Fighting with the dark lord. What are you doing?"

"We don't know. Waiting for Potter and the other two to come"

"Do you know where they are?"

"In the bloody room of requirement. looking for a diadem they said." he grabbed them by the arms and yanked them down the corridor towards the room of requirement. When they got there the corridor was empty. He stood there in front of where the door would appear and thought about the place where Hermione would be in his head three times.

He heard a metallic moving sound and opened his eyes to see the door materialising in front of his face. He pulled the two inside and was immediately greeted by the room of hidden objects.

He heard Harry's voice a distance away and told Crabbe and Goyle to split up and search for them. Draco started down a corridor trying to follow Hermione's voice I turned a corner and ran head first into Ron. we both fell back and lay clutching our heads for a second before looking at each other.

"Malfoy what the hell are you doing here? did you start the fire?"

"Fire what fire?" Then he heard it. A high pitch female scream, the sight of fire jumping about burning up tables and chairs racing down the aisle.

Draco dragged Ron onto his feet and started running away from the fire. As they were running down another aisle. He grabbed two broomsticks and threw one to Ron.

Within seconds they were out of the way of the bubbling fire. Draco squinted his eyes searching for the life signs of people. He saw harry and diverted his broomstick to go and rescue him.

"Malfoy! What are you doing here?" Harry shouted

"Saving your life!" He yelled back as they rose once more out of the way of the fire.

"Hermione? Where is she?" Harry screamed as they headed towards the door.

They got out into the corridor and landed with a thud. As soon as Harry dismounted the broom Draco kicked off and raced back into the room.

He saw Ron flying about then dive. He saw him rise a few seconds later with a dishevelled looking Crabbe behind him. Out of the corner of Draco's eye he saw her sat on top of on of the furniture piles that looked like it was about to cave in.

He dived without a seconds thought and held his arm out for Hermione to take. Just as she did so the chair she was sat on fell into the fiery depths of the room.

The two broom sticks fled out of the burning room and crashed into the corridor opposite. just as the door was about to close. Harry pulled out a battered old tiara and what looked like a snakes tooth. He stabbed the tiara and kicked it into the room as the doors flew shut.

The five of them stood there panting in the quiet cold corridor.

Hermione stumbled to her feet and ran at Draco. He was ready for her to hug him but instead started to punch every part she could get her hands on.

"HOW COULD YOU!?" She yelled as she punched him.

"For god sake woman get off me!" Draco yelled. Harry ran forwards and detached a fierce looking Hermione from Draco's figure.

"Hermione he just saved our lives!" Harry yelled as he attempted to stop Hermione killing him.

"I don't care! He just tried to kill us!" Hermione yelled kicking and screaming trying to get out of Harrys hold

"No I didn't! Goyle started the fire and its not like you can take it out on him because he's just died!" everyone looked at him with sorrow in his eyes.

"I guess im the only one who noticed" He said looking at his feet.

"Hermione I didn't try to kill you. I should be angry at you for leaving me without any inkling of where you were going!" Draco said walking towards her

"Well its not like we could tell you" Hermione said throwing her arms up in defeat.

"You could have been killed Hermione. You terrified me when I found out you'd gone"

"I was safe."

"Really, breaking into Gringott's and escaping on a wild dragon is what you call safe?" he said exasperatedly

"Well I'm safe now"

"Hardly. Voldemort entered Hogwarts because Harry didn't give himself up. The wars started Hermione this is it"

"So who are you fighting for?" Ron asked him.

"You guys I guess" He said looking at all their faces.

Crabbe stood there looking from face to face.

"Voldemort's going to love this. Dear little Malfoy left the dark side for a mudblood."

"DONT CALL HER THAT! just piss off Goyle!" Malfoy yelled at Goyle. He ran off down the corridor.

"So what do we do?" Malfoy asked as they too ran towards the fight.

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