The Heart Bleeds

The witnessing of a heart wrenching situation causes Draco Malfoy to make a drastic decisions. One that could haunt him for the rest of his life.

Written for the Fandom competition


3. The Dark Lords plans

The next morning Draco woke up at about 10am he groaned when he moved as the pain in his back from lying on the hard floor rippled through him. He looked around but couldn't see anyone. Harry wasn't there, neither was Ron nor Hermione. Confused, he got up and looked about. Bill and Fleur were sat at the table with his mother.

"Hey where is everyone?" Draco asked, their heads shot to him and stared blankly like they hadn't had much sleep.

"They left" Narcissa said getting up and kissing her son on the head.

"What do you mean they've left, where have they gone?"

"We don't know, last night Harry told me that they were leaving before we got up" Bill said from behind his mug.

"They cant have just left." Draco said storming out of the back door and into the yard. He walked around the garden and looked up at the sky.

He closed his eyes and thought of Hermione and how they had fallen asleep in each others arms the night before. He let a tear fall from the corner of his eye and down his cheek.

He didn't know when the next time he was going to see Hermione, with Voldemort getting more and more powerful the war the light side were planning was looming.

Hermione could be anywhere doing anything. She could be in danger. She could be dead...Draco pushed the thought out of his mind and shook his head.


260 miles north Hermione, Ron and Harry were making their way through Diagon alley towards the large white building at the end of the street.

As Hermione walked up the street disguised as Bellatrix Lestrange, she thought of Draco and how she had left him sleeping last night. She desperately wanted to see him again but she knew it would be dangerous to contact him now.

When Draco got back to the manor he went to his room and lay back on his bed. He ran his hands over his eyes and sighed deeply before getting up to splash some water into his face.

When he was in the bathroom, he heard his bedroom door open and close. He shut off the water and walked back into his room to find his father stood in his room.

"How dare you" Lucius said as soon as Draco walked into the room.

"Excuse me?" Draco said stretching smirking a little bit when he turned around.

"You ran away. And what's more you helped potter and his friends escape."

Draco looked at his father and nodded.

"That's right I did, I don't regret it"

"How dare you defile your father. The dark lord was to relive us of our sins but you and your mother ruined that chance." he said getting closer to Draco

"Father I never wanted this, you wanted to be a death eater. I never chose this path. I helped potter and his friends because I wanted to. Because I hated seeing Hermione being tortured by my aunt." Draco said getting even closer in his fathers face.

"How dare you give the mudblood a name! Are you my son?" Lucius said spitting in Draco's face.

"Her name is Hermione and I love her. I wish I wasn't your son" Draco retorted back. His father slapped him and marched out of his room in a whirlwind of robes. Draco sank onto bed and groaned. He didn't want to be a Malfoy and yet he was.

That night Draco lay awake for most of it.

The next morning Draco woke up to a slight shaking. He opened his eyes to see his mother lent over his figure shaking him awake,

"Draco my dear" She said softly as he sat up. Silently she handed him a newspaper. The cover picture was Hermione Ron and Harry. The headline read:




He skimmed over the article quickly. Apparently Hermione, harry and Ron had gone to Gringott's bank, Hermione used polyjuice potion to transform into Bellatrix lestrange and the three had broken into the lestrange vault and escaped on the guard dragon. That was the only bit that Draco was interested in weather Hermione had survived or not. It then said that the dragon had been sighted flying north. He wondered weather they were going to Hogwarts. He jumped up from his bed, startling his mother and ran to his wardrobe throwing on clothes as he went.

"I'm going to Hogwarts mother!" Draco shouted as he squeezed into a t shirt.

"No Draco it's too dangerous. Stay here. The dark lord is planning to go there anyway." his mother said.

"Mother I don't care about the dark lord. Im not my father."

"You will stay Draco" His mother shouted. He stopped and looked at her. She never ordered him about.

Draco stopped what he was doing and sat back on his bed.

"You don't understand. If I don't go she'll be killed."

"I know Draco. I understand more than you think, When we go with the dark lord you can go and find her. But for now you wait" Narcissa said sitting next to her son and taking his hand in hers.


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