The Heart Bleeds

The witnessing of a heart wrenching situation causes Draco Malfoy to make a drastic decisions. One that could haunt him for the rest of his life.

Written for the Fandom competition


2. The Cottage on the hill

We landed with a thump. The smell of salt and the wetness of sand hit me like a brick wall. I opened my eyes and hauled myself onto all fours and looked around.

We were on a beach somewhere, the tide was out and the wind was blowing. I looked to the left and saw Harry and my mother moving around, pulling themselves up onto their feet.

I looked to my right and regretted it instantly. Dobby was stood there, his shoulders hunched over and his tiny hands clasping his stomach. He looked down and then up at me as he moved his hands away to reveal Bellatrix's knife protruding out of his stomach.

"Harry" I said quietly, my eyes transfixed on the house elf's body. Harry looked up and ran forward and dropped to his knees beside the elf. I got up and stood by my mother. Hermione was also there kneeling up with Weasley standing behind her. Silently we stood there watching the little elf. He fell back into Potters and arms and lay there looking up into his face. We watched as the colour vanished from the elf's eyes. Hermione began to cry, and so did I.

After burying the elf, which we did the muggle way we solemnly walked into the little cottage that stood on the hill.

The inside of the cottage smelt like fresh cooking. The walls were white and decorated with tiny shells. Hermione slumped down onto the sofa and rubbed her eyes. Weasley went over and joined her by placing a hand upon her back and rubbing it. I stood waiting in the doorway, waiting to be noticed. My mother was in the garden with Luna, doing the gardening and Harry was still sat by Dobby's grave.

Fleur; who's house it was, walked up behind me and whispered in my ear.

"Thank you for saving Ha'ry and his friends" She said in her beautiful French accent.

"It's alright, I would like to think they'd do the same thing" I said looking at Hermione.

"Will you help me with the plates?" She asked and I nodded, following her into the kitchen.

"It's a beautiful house you have" I said looking around at the neat little kitchen.

"Thank you, it was Bill's auntie Muriel's but she left it to us when she passed away" She said handing me two plates. Then I followed her into the dining room where we set down the plates and began to eat. I was sat next to Hermione who kept brushing her arm against mine, sending a ripple of shivers through my spine. After we had finished we all left the table without speaking. I was to be sharing the living room with Ron, Harry and Dean. Hermione would be in the spare bedroom with Luna and my mother. The Goblin was to take the other room , Olivander in Bill and Fleur's. And Bill and Fleur in the attic.

During the night I got up to get a drink of water, and wasn't surprised to see Hermione sat at the kitchen table, her legs crossed wearing nothing but a tiny vest top and shorts. She was shivering with the coastal sea breeze. I chuckled to myself as I walked over and wrapped my jumper around her shoulders. I sat down next to her and held her hand.

"Hello" I said to her and she smiled

"Hi" She replied in a quiet voice. She cocked her head to one side and looked at me. She scrunched up her forehead and bent her head.

"Why did you save us?" She asked looking back up at me.

"I didn't want you to die"

"I mean Ron and Harry" she said giggling.

"The said they could keep me and my mother safe if I helped them escape." She nodded in understanding and looked down at her lap again.

"But I mean after everything that happened last year. You were terrified of the dark lord and now you're not?"

"I will always be terrified of the dark lord, but recently I have been able to forget him" I said looking at her.

"How?" She asked looking confused.

"You. Look I know it sounds cheesy and out of character but I think we had something special but then I ruined it by running to the dark lord and I'm sorry" I looked at her but bit my tounge as my feelings came out. She smiled at me and held my hand.

When we went back to sleep she was in my arms like she used to be.

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