Protect you

Faith and Nichole are 17 and finishing in high school. One night they go to a club and find out two boys of One Direction are there. When they are in danger and the boys come to the rescue they find out these two boys are not what they go as. What are they and what will happen? Read to find out~(You can also read this on wattpad :) Link: )


2. Chapter:1

*Faith's P.O.V.*

 "You look fine!" Nichole said sitting on the foot of my bed behind me. I was in my bathroom straight ahead from her fixing up my makeup and hair."No I am not trying to go to that club and look bad" I spoke back.She rolled her eyes probably assuming I didn't see "Don't roll your eyes at me!" I yelled at her. Nichole and I are like sisters so we are sassy and mean to each other but can make up without realizing it."I can roll my eyes if I want!" She shouted back. I decided to drop it before it became an argument, as usual; and put my makeup away. "Oh you're finally finished!" She procrastinated. I giggled it off and raised my eyebrows "Yep! Finally right!" We both laughed it off for a while as I put my heels on. "Well, it better pay off and get the guys attention because you spent like more time making sure you look good then putting it on." she chuckled to herself but I furrowed my eyebrows at her and spat "Did not!" She was grinning at me with her arms crossed and kept giggling "Did too!" "Whatever! Lets just go!" I grabbed my purse and went out the door. When we got there the line was long. It was cold and we were in mini dresses, since it was a club. We stood in line shivering moving up the line slowly. "Why is there so many people" Nichole snorted and I just shrugged still trying to support myself being warm. When we finally got in I was bummed to see it was not any warmer then it could be outside. "It's co-" I turned to talk to Nichole but I awkwardly just walked off after a girl giving me looks who I thought was Nichole. She left me in a club by myself! and she is all by herself. I found an area to sit down and chill so I sat down and tried not to panic. "Why don't you dance?" A sweet Irish voice said approaching me. "I ah-um don't feel like it.." I said back without even looking at the guy at all I just stared at the ground with my hand on my head. "What? Why come to a club if you don't feel like dancing?" "Because I just don't feel like it anymore!" I snapped back. Without even looking at him I could tell her jerked back. It was silent for a little bit then he put his hand on my shoulder "I'm sorry..Are you okay? Did something happen?" I was shocked he even would care what's going on unless he was pretending to care then pretend to listen just to get in my pants. "I'm fine. I just wanted to sit and be alone since I was left alone but you had to ruin that." I rolled my eyes hoping he would leave but he still sat there in silent. I think I made him feel like he did something wrong when he really didn't. "I'm sorry..You were being sweet and I just.." I looked up at him so I could apologize with eye-contact to see it was Niall Horan. "Holly-" He smirked faintly probably not surprised if I would act differently because he we a big star. "What was that?" He spoke.  "I was saying I'm sorry..I was a.well.bitch. You were being so sweet and trying to see if I was ok and I reacted like that I'm sorry."I got up in shame and started walking off but he grabbed me by the wrist stopping me. I think he would be the type to be in control because we barely knew each other and he would just grab onto me."Wait." He looked up at me with his beautiful blue eyes. "Yeah?" I spoke gently back. "Want to dance?" He smirked and I laughed and turned to him "Sure lets go big guy"I switched into holding his wrist and pulled him with me to the dance floor. They played Best Song ever and I couldn't hope but look at him and laugh. "Hey I love this song! Hey you know the blonde one is pretty hot if you met him he'd probably say..You're attractive"He winked at me. I blushed"I don't know..I think I kind of like the Liam one". I saw him frown in disappointment. I smiles at him "Awe I was only joking, I find interest in the blonde babe" He lit up and we just kept dancing and having a good time.

*Nichole's P.O.V.*

 I left Faith alone to go hide to tick her off.I was running laughing to myself like an idiot when I ran into someone. He held onto my wrist because I guess I almost his his face. I was starring back looking for Faith laughing then turned to him in shock."Careful Love, you're lucky you ran into a nice guy like me but next time.." I just kept looking in his eyes in shock..It couldn't be..Harry Styles."I-I'm sorry.." I glared at my wrist because he was still holding them up in front of us and we both turned red as he let go and I threw my hands behind me."I'm Nichole"I said putting my hand out. "I'm Harry" He shook my hand with a huge grin. "I know who you are" "O yeah! Sorry sometimes I forget I'm famous..I'm still shocked how famous I am." "Oh well you're pretty big and your fans remind you EVERY day so I don't see how you could forget." He laughed and nodded his head "Yeah yeah you're right." "So what brings you here, Harry?" He smirked looking down at the ground then looked back up at me "Oh I was just in town and had free time on my hands so I came down here" "You came here alone? Without back up bodyguards?" "Nope no bodyguards..Unless you want to think of Niall as a bodyguard when he's actually no help" We both laughed "Naahh I'm a man I can protect myself" "Says the guy who got mobbed by a bunch of young teenagers." He laughed "Hah real funny, REAAAL funny" "I know and I'm not even trying!" "You are so full of yourself." He charged. I choked back offended "Excuse me! Mister I'm so famous I forget how famous I am! You're full of yourself!" "What! I AM NOT!" "Whatever. I should've seen this conversation going downhill..I have to go find my friend." I walked off with my arms crossed and I glared back seeing him standing there but after I turned forward again I felt him following me. "Nichole wait." He put his hand on my shoulder and I turned around, "What Harry?" I stood there waiting for him to explain and he just sighed "I'm sorry..I was being obnoxious and rude..I guess I am full of myself you're not." He looked down and I uncrossed my arms "No Harry I'm sorry..You're not full of yourself, most celebrities are WAY over their head with themselves but..You're normal I like it" I smiled and he smiled bigger. "Harry!" A voice called . I turned to see Niall with Faith tagging behind "NICHOLE!" She shouted at me."Heeeyy..sorry I left you.." I said with sorrow and she just put her hand out in front of her "Safe it we will talk about it later." I nodded my head then looked at the boys. "What Niall?" Harry looked at Niall irritated. "It's time we have to go.."Niall said glaring at the clock to get Harry's attention there. Harry loked at the clock and his eyes widened "Crap..Um Nichole I have to go.." I furrowed my eyebrows "What?but...Ok it was nice talking to you." "You too." Him and Niall ran off in a rush leaving Faith and I so confused. "What! was that?" She asked me. "I don't know..Shit! I didn't get his number" "Awe I didn't get Niall's neither. Not like they really even care just wanted girls to flirt with and make feel special.." I nodded in agreement. "I just want to go home." I crossed my arms. "I'm not stopping you. I want to forget this night or I'll remember it as the night I let Niall Horan get away..He actually has the best personality ever." "I feel you..but lets just go." We went through the crowd and walked out the club.

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