The Lovely Bad Ones

You may think im Cinderella but im not I have a simmilar story just not it. My name is Sophia. Im in a College were everything is music. Like if you could sing your popular. A lot of famous people got accepted. Let me get this clear I am famous just not on the front cover. When he ask me out, the player wants to play a game doesnt he? So that what he get.


3. Moving In.... Maybe is Not Do Great!!

Dani's POV

Do its been decided how im going confront Liam, aka the dick. Im glad I have Sophia and Leigh-Anne on my side.

"Lets go unpack shall we?" I asked. Everyone agreed.

Sophia's POV

"Les unpacked shall we?" Dani suggested.

Oh thank god she did that I was about to die!!!!

"We get the biggest dorm/house in the whole school right?" Austin asked

"Yup" We all said


When we got here it was HUGE!

"I'll be there to pack in a minute I'm going to explore."

There was a pool in the back a jacuzzi in the house. A GAME ROOM😵😵😵😵 I'm going to faint. I already love this house!! The master bedroom has a HUGE CLOSET (mine..) and one of those fancy bathrooms. But this house was a dream house

"I call the master bedroom" I yell. Everyone groaned

"God dammit!" Harry yelled (I think)

Austin's POV

(Shocker i know!!)

I cant believe im letting Sophia "date" Liam. Calm down Austin, shes helping her best friends!!! Plus I'm dating someone else so no worries too. So I won't get hurt and she won't. Okay maybe she will get hurt.

Liam's POV

Only one girl I haven't used yet guess who that is.... Sophia. I have to admit she's HOT and I would date her for reals like no cheating.

"I got the master" Sophia called out.

"Go dammit" Harry yelled out

"So Haz but she called it" Giselle said patting him on the back.


When Sophia ran back down she was excised.

"Guys this place is awesome...." Where are my bags?" Sophia said

"They're in the car" Zayn said

"Fine I'll go get them myself" she was complaining

"I'll help... Calm her down" Jesy said. We all laughed

"Comeon guys lets go help Sophia before she doesn't let us help her an carries every one of her bags down. And we all know she has a lot" Austin said



What a dick Austin is and I mean in the story


Still need that co-owner

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