The Lovely Bad Ones

You may think im Cinderella but im not I have a simmilar story just not it. My name is Sophia. Im in a College were everything is music. Like if you could sing your popular. A lot of famous people got accepted. Let me get this clear I am famous just not on the front cover. When he ask me out, the player wants to play a game doesnt he? So that what he get.


2. Fist Day Back

Sophias' POV

It felt good beening back! The worst part about being the most popular girl in this school, I get check out a lot! I just want a normal life sometimes. Oh my god is that Austin?

"Austin" i called out

He turn around "Hey Babe" He gave me a peck my lips and then put his arm around my waist.

" I missed you" I say

"I love you and you know that Sophia Heart!" He made a heart shape with his hands. I laughed.

" You know I will always love you Austin Carter Mahone"

Then I see Danielle, Zoe and Gisselle. I drag Austin with me. " Hey guys" I scared them after they flinch we hug. I went back to Austin and holding his hand. I see the One Direction crew. Harry and Zayn check me out as I flick them off.Liam walks towards Danielle.Little did Liam know that she knew he was cheating.

"Hey baby" She said hugging Liam. She wants me to pretend to date him so she could confront him. But then I told her about Austin. She said she asked him and that he doesnt care as long as I dont kiss him, I have thought about it and I made sure it was okay with Austin. When the first concert. I was going to sing to him while Dani and the other girl (Leigh-Anne) sang with me.


---------------------------------------------------Authers Note---------------------------------------------------------

Short chapter sorry.

Should I continue? Proably will no matter what!!!

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