Flowers and Snakes

People didn’t believe Voldemort when he told the world he had changed. Not even the news that he had fathered a child with his life partner Quirrell changed their opinion of him. So when Avalona starts her education at Hogwarts she decides to keep her parentage a secret from everyone except her closest friends. A gifted witch, she quickly excels, first academically and then physically as she becomes the second youngest seeker in history after Harry Potter. But her path isn’t going to be easy as she discovers new powers, figures out who her friends really are, and learning to find happiness in the darkest of places.
(Technically a HP and AVPM crossover, but it’s mostly HP- only AVPM reference is Quirrelmort)
My first Movella! 


3. Waiting for September

It took me half an hour to find Quirrell, and even then, it was him who found me. I had hurried to Flourish and Blotts where I had left my bookish father on the hunt for Jane Austen novels in a wizarding bookshop- a hopeless cause, I’m willing to bet. The shop was tiny like most of the shops in the Alley, and was also crammed with slanting bookshelves all crammed with heavy tomes, and stacks of books lying about on the floor. When I got there, however, there was no sign of him or my new school books, and I was laden down with a number of large brown paper-wrapped parcels containing my school supplies. I managed to search every square inch of the shop depsite this hinderance, and even knocked on the door of the Men’s toilet which startled a wizard so much that he squeaked. Yes, he squeaked.

After ten minutes of fruitless searching, I decided to wait for Quirrel somewhere. Somewhere obvious. I left the bookshop and made my way to the small cafe on the corner opposite Willow Wands. It was easy to grab a table with two chairs, and I ordered a frozen Pumpkin Juice from the kind lady at the counter, stacked my parcels on one chair and sat gratefully on the other.

My glass was half finished when Quirrell finally came into view, exiting the Owl and Pet Emporium with a large, domed metal cage covered in a ragged cloth. I waved to him as curiosity prickled at the back of my mind. Was the cage for me? But why would he but me an owl when he knows about my allergies? Unless it didn’t contain an owl and it was empty, or it wasn’t for me. He couldn’t get here soon enough.

Sadly, after Voldemort’s return to the living and wizarding society, my fathers weren’t very popular, and I noticed that Quirrell, without a hood or cloak to hide his face, was recieving some rather nasty looks from fellow witches and wizards all along the tiny street. It almost broke my heart when he met the eyes of a sneering witch, and brushed it off as if it was nothing. He finally reached my table and set down the books on the tabletop and looked down at me.

“Sorry I’m late, but I had something important to get. And here it is!”

Quirrell pulled the cover off the cage in an extravagant flourish, and presented the contents to me. I gasped sharply as I saw the animal inside. It was a Raven, huge, black and majestic. It’s eyes were round and deep and met mine without wavering. I was instantly smitten.

“Oh my Wizard God- Quirrell, I love it! How did you ever think of getting me this?” I asked, opening the cast iron cage door and sticking my arm inside. The bird stepped onto my wrist and I withdrew my hand, effectively getting the Raven out of the cage.

“Well, you didn’t think your father and I would let you go away to boarding school without means of communication did you?” Quirrell tentatively stretched a finger towards my raven and stroked her head gently. I laughed at his nervousness. “And we knew that you couldn’t have an Owl, so I decided to look in the pet shop for an alternative. This is a female raven from Scandanavia and was trained just as an Owl would be- and Professor Mcgonagal has given it the all-clear, so don’t worry!”

“Thank you Quirrell! I think I’ll call her Kera, you know K-E-R-A.” I said, my voice barely above a whisper. My fingers ran along her elegant feathers before popping her back in her cage. “I guess we’d better get back- I want to show you and Dad my wand!”

I put the cover back on the cage, tucked my wand box under my left arm and grabbed as many other packages as I could with my free arm, just managing to grasp Quirrell’s arm with my hand. He held my books, caudron, telescope and the other parcels. Shutting my eyes quickly, we apparated back to the front room in a blur of nausia and swirling colours. We arrived with a loud pop, which caused Voldemort to come rushing in from the kitchen.

“Oh good, you’re back. I’ve just put three Quorn roasts in the oven and some potatoes and yorkshire puddings too. It should be ready in about half an hour.” I noticed that he was still wearing his flowery apron, but now he was wearing a dark shirt and jeans underneath instead of just a dressing gown. “Did you get everything you went for?”

I stepped forward and set down my parcels and cage and embraced Voldemort. I grinned up at him.

“Yes, and I’m so excited! Quirrell bought me a Raven so I can write to you two, and I named her Kera!”

My parents both laughed and we all hugged again until I was sandwiched between them, unable to breath. I pushed my way out laughing... and then realised that they were kissing. Um, just eww?!

 I gagged and decided to go and put my new uniform on to show them when they had finished. Somehow I managed to carry all of my new stuff upstairs and I was even able to balance Kera’s cage on my shoulder. I slipped on the top step and only just managed to keep myself from tipping over for the second time today. In my room, I set Kera on the top of my chest of drawers and she croaked slightly, endearing herself to me even more.  After a few minutes, the parcels were all spread out all over my bedsheets and I had neatly stacked all of my books at the foot of my bed. I wasted no time in tearing open the brown paper containing my uniform.

~~~ // ~~~


Three days later, I was bored. I’d skimmed through all of my books, learnt a few spells that didn’t require special teaching, and bonded with Kera, but I was still bored. Quirrell was usually out all day working at the local college teaching mythology to teens and young adults, and Voldemort did try to keep me occupied, but September was taking ages to come around. I was restless, and it was horrible. My wand was never far from the waistband of my jeans or the belt of my robes, and I used it at all oppertunities- it turns out that the Farie Fire core was very responive to me.

I lay on my front on my bed with me head at the foot end poring over a book of fantastic Beasts, with my wand tucked behid my ear like an artist’s pencil. The book I was reading was called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander- Qurirrell told me that it had been a set text in the year he had taught at Hogwarts, and apparantly it had been one ever since. I was half-way through reading the chapter on Acromantula (giant spiders who enjoy eating humans, apparantly) when Voldemort tapped on my bedroom door.

“Come in!” I yelled, flipping my book over so I could keep my page. He pushed my dark green painted door open and came into my room. I sat up and folded my hands in my lap as he walked over to my window.

“How’s the study coming along?” he asked, gazing out onto the sleepy village street. There was no one around at this time of morning as most people were either out, or still sleeping. I yawned, slightly affected by my late night watching the stars the night before.

“It’s great. I’ve been teaching myself some simple spells since I got my wand, and it’s really cool.” I paused, wondering if I should show him my newest spell. “Would you like to see?”

Voldemort turned to face me, intrigue upon his face. I was his only child, and I wanted to do him proud seeing as I was only here because he had given up all he’d ever known.

I plucked my wand and brandished it in front of my face. Kera was happily preening in her cage on the dresser, the iron door locked shut. I pointed my wand at it and said:


Sparks flew from my wand and the catch on the door slid across causing the door to swing open. Kera squawked and jumped out of the cage, flapping to land on my shoulder. Turning to Voldemort, I grinned. I’d been practising this trick all day. Part of me expected Voldemort to be unimpressed with my performance, but he smiled kindly at me instead.

“Well done Avalona! Most witches of your age can’t do that until at least their second term.”

“Really?” I asked, stunned. In the book it had said that it was a basic spell to be mastered by every witch and wizard before starting school. “But the book says-“

“Oh forget what the book says- no normal young person studies before starting a new school. Not that I’m saying I’m not proud of you! I, uh, just, um...” he trailed off looking very flustered and embaressed. “I just wanted to say that I’m proud of you.”

I smiled and realised that, although he was very free with voicing his feelings around Quirrell, he almost never did so with me. Tears threatened to spill out over my eyelashes but I blinked them back and threw myself into Voldemort’s arms.

“Thanks, Dad.” I whispered into his shoulder, hugging him tight. Voldemort hugged me back, but I got the felling that he was a little uncomfortable so I pulled back whislt grinning my head off. I got a gruff laugh from him in reply, but his eyes sparkled.

“Well, in  five days you’ll be off to Hogwarts. I’ve spoken to Mrs. Cornflower, and we’ll be taking both you and Macy to Kings Cross Station becuase they’re off to Egypt that afternoon and won’t have time to drop her off and get to the airport in time. Macy’ll come over here at Ten o’clock and we’ll leave at half past- does that sound okay with you?”

I nodded, happy to know that I wouldn’t have to board the Hogwarts Express on my own, rather I would be going with my closest friend.

“Will Quirrell be able to come?” I ask.

“Yes, he’s managed to get the day off by claiming it as a religious holiday.” Voldemort laughed good-humouredly. “Those muggles will believe anything you tell them. It quite endearing really.”

This may have sounded odd coming from the old Voldemort, but since he had come back from the dead the second time he’d been a lot more tolerant of muggles and muggle-borns. He would even go to the town centre just to interact with them.

“That’s great dad.” I sat back down on my bed and picked up my book again, hinting oh-so-subtly that I wanted him to leave.

“Okay, okay I’ll get out of your hair!” he laughed and made towards the door. “Dinner’ll be ready in an hour. Don’t study for too long.”

Laughing, I told him I wouldn’t and he left.

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