Flowers and Snakes

People didn’t believe Voldemort when he told the world he had changed. Not even the news that he had fathered a child with his life partner Quirrell changed their opinion of him. So when Avalona starts her education at Hogwarts she decides to keep her parentage a secret from everyone except her closest friends. A gifted witch, she quickly excels, first academically and then physically as she becomes the second youngest seeker in history after Harry Potter. But her path isn’t going to be easy as she discovers new powers, figures out who her friends really are, and learning to find happiness in the darkest of places.
(Technically a HP and AVPM crossover, but it’s mostly HP- only AVPM reference is Quirrelmort)
My first Movella! 


6. Settling into School Life (an overview)

~~The next few weeks for me were, to put it mildly, exhilarating. I went to classes, all of which I shared with Stella and Andrew, and a few with Scorpius or Macy seeing as a few of our classes were mixed with other houses.
Potions and Herbology we shared with the Gryffindors; Astronomy and Charms we had with the Slytherins; Defense Against the Dark Arts was the only class we shared with the Hufflepuffs and the rest were purely Ravenclaw classes- meaning that it was just Ravenclaws in the class, not that other houses didn’t take them. In Astronomy I spent most of the time talking with my new friends Stella and Scorpius seeing as neither of them really wanted to talk to anyone else. Well, that and the fact that we made the pact. Once in a while, Andrew would wander over to us and crack a few jokes, which made us pretty companionable with him, but he also had a wider social circle than us. He was pretty popular with both the first year students and the older ones, which meant that he had lots of people to choose from if he wanted to ‘hang out’. But most of the time he seemed tied up and leashed to Shari. In fact, the only time I had had a full conversation with him had been on that first night.
Breakfast at Hogwarts took some getting used to. For one thing, the drinks and the majority of foods served were, unlike lunch and dinner, almost exclusive to the wizarding world. This wasn’t a problem for me, because my fathers always raised me on a mixture of muggle and magical foods, but it was always funny to watch the muggleborns struggle to get through their goblet of pumpkin juice (always and acquired taste) or gag halfway through their beetlejam on toast.
But the morning mail did take some adjustment. It wasn’t the fact that it was basically an owl blizzard that lasted for a few minutes and left me sneezing for the rest of the morning. Nor was it the unexpected falling letters and packages. It was probably the surprise on my schoolmates faces as Kera flapped down as perched on my shoulder as I read my mail- which she always did. On the first morning, she sat on my left shoulder and peeked at the letter she’d brought which was from Quirrell, with a tacked-on note from Voldemort. It had read:

Dear Avalona,
First of all, how are you? Did the journey go okay (which would be wonderful, but I’ve just realised that my baby is growing up)?
I had hoped that your father would write this, because I’m actually quite busy with work at the moment, not that he notices, but alas he flat out refused to write the whole thing. He said he’d write a note, but he obviously hasn’t gotten around to doing that yet.
Anyway, I shouldn’t bore you with the nitty gritty details of our home life. What I really want to know is what house you’ve gotten into. Have you made any friends yet?
But perhaps I’m boring you with questions. Maybe I’ll just shut up, then.
Hope you write back soon (we’re really going to miss you),

Quirrell xx

Hey Av!
Well, Quirrell has already said most of what I wanted to say
(here there was a note in the margin of the parchment where Quirrell had scrawled a partially legible note stating that he had given Voldemort the chance to write the original letter. Voldemort had drawn a :S face next to it) but I do want you to know that I am proud of you no matter which house you got into. Although between you and me, you’d be much better suited to Ravenclaw than Slytherin, because it’s much more your flavour (but don’t tell Quirrell I said that- he’ll think I’ve gone soft).
Write back soon Honey,
Dad xx

Yeah, he hasn’t gone soft at all- the Dark Lord always calls people ‘Honey’. I had written back that evening telling them that I got sorted into Ravenclaw and that I already had two friends beside Macy, one in my house and one in Slytherin. I hadn’t seen any harm in telling them that I was friends with Draco Malfoy’s son, so I’d put it in and got a note back from Voldemort saying:

Malloy finally got over Granger and had children did he? Well, at least he isn’t designing Dark Marks any more...

I didn’t have the heart to correct him on Mafoy’s name- he always got it wrong.
I made a habit of writing letters home the evening after I recieved them and sent them off right after that, and I usually recieved them on Moday mornings because I knew that Quirrell liked writing on Sunday afternoons- if Voldemort let him of course.

Lessons were also very interesting. My favourites by far were Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions and Charms because of the varied subject matter. I did very well in all of my subjects, especially in the first few lessons because of all my extra study over summer. I had waited all of my life to come to this school, and I wasn’t going to let any opportunity slip past me. As I have previously noted, al of my lessons were spent with at least one of my new friends, which meant that I was able to keep up with their lives. Stella and I were sharing a dorm (with Shari too, sadly, but her bed was the opposite side of the tower) and even though she wasn’t entirely normal, she was always up for a random conversation. Most nights we talked about magical creatures that most likely didn’t exist, but some nights our conversation bordered on gossip.
If our class was shared with the Gryffindors, I would always sit or work with Stella and Macy, and likewise when we were mixed with Slytherin, except with Scorpius.
Except, half-way through our second week at Hogwarts, when the homework load had gotten considerably heavier, I noticed that Macy wasn’t in our Wednesday Potions lesson.
It was the first event of the year that made me worry.
Until Quidditch season began.

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