Flowers and Snakes

People didn’t believe Voldemort when he told the world he had changed. Not even the news that he had fathered a child with his life partner Quirrell changed their opinion of him. So when Avalona starts her education at Hogwarts she decides to keep her parentage a secret from everyone except her closest friends. A gifted witch, she quickly excels, first academically and then physically as she becomes the second youngest seeker in history after Harry Potter. But her path isn’t going to be easy as she discovers new powers, figures out who her friends really are, and learning to find happiness in the darkest of places.
(Technically a HP and AVPM crossover, but it’s mostly HP- only AVPM reference is Quirrelmort)
My first Movella! 


1. Getting my Letter

It came on the 22nd of July at 7:18 am. I remember it clearly. It was a bright summer morning and I had woken up early in anticipation of receiving my Owl, as I had been doing every day since I had finished Muggle School. I sat bolt upright in bed and wiped the sleep from my eyes, as I gazed blearily at the sunlight streaming through the velvet curtains in front of my bedroom window. A gigantic yawn escaped from my lips, and I stretched my arms. I could hear Voldemort, another early riser, downstairs making coffee, and I decided to get dressed and join him. My legs felt stiff as I jumped out of bed, but I quickly shook them out and shrugged into jeans, a baggy white and blue striped T-shirt with three quarter length sleeves and a white jumper. I tugged a brush through my bushy chestnut hair and splashed water in my face from my private bathroom before opening my bedroom door onto the landing. The door at the end of the hallway was pulled shut, so I guessed that Quirrell was still asleep, and a glance at my watch told me that it was 6:15 am. Definitely not a time that I’d normally get up at in the middle of the summer holidays. The noises coming from downstairs grew louder as I hurried down the stairs and rushed through the living room to the kitchen. And what I sight I came across. I had guessed that Voldemort was making coffee when I woke up, but I never even contemplated that he might be re-arranging the food stores in a flowery apron whilst making breakfast. Voldemort hadn’t seen me come in as he was too busy labelling the spices and stacking them in alphabetical order, and I wanted to have some fun with him. I crept up behind him silently until I was just behind him and shouted a loud greeting.

“MORNING DAD!” I yelled, delighted when he jumped and spun around with a scowl on his forehead. He was wearing a white pair of wizard shorts and a navy dressing gown undone so that he was showing off his toned abs. “For goodness sake Dad, cover yourself up! Quirrell might want to see it, but I don’t!”

Voldemort, once he realised it was me, laughed gruffly and wrapped his gown around his body.

“Oh ha ha Av,” he replied sarcastically, motioning me to sit at the table and turning back to his cooking. “You’re lucky you’re my daughter you know, because otherwise you’d be on the receiving end of a nasty hex.”

I snorted unattractively as I sat on my favourite chair and played with a pot of pink carnations. Thanks to Quirrell, most of the flat surfaces in the house were covered in pots and vases of various flowers and plants, and each was labelled with their English and Latin names, thanks to Voldemort.

“What exactly are you doing Dad?”

Without even looking around, Voldemort replies:

“Frying breakfast, cleaning the work surfaces, and organising our spices. It’s the OCD sweetie, I can’t help it. I’ve already spent an hour tidying up our room because Quirrell can’t seem to put his dirty clothes in the hamper like I’ve asked him to millions of times!”

This made me smile, as I know that my obsession with keeping my books in alphabetical order and my room spick and span comes from him. I watched him in a daze, and before I knew it, a plate of toast, eggs, my vegetarian bacon, hash browns and mushrooms with a big dollop of ketchup on the side is set before me.

“Thanks Dad!” I said before tucking in, not caring that it’s before seven in the morning. Voldemort had finished his cleaning and labelling and sat across the table from me, eating an identical meal and warming a third in the oven. “Have any Owls come yet?” I ask eagerly, hoping that the answer is yes. I couldn’t wait to get my letter of acceptance into Hogwarts, and therefore a guarantee that I wasn’t a squib.

“Not yet Av, but I’m sure it’ll come soon.”

“Aw. Macy got hers weeks ago and she’s already got all her supplies. I can’t go round to her house without her showing off her wand- it’s not even that nice!”

“Now honey, don’t get jealous. I am absolutely certain that you’ll get your letter, and as soon as you do Quirrell will take you to Diagon Alley and when you get back we’ll get ice cream to celebrate.”

He must have seen my sceptical expression because he added:

“You are very powerful- let’s face it, you’ve been doing simple wandless magic since you could toddle, and you’re a great flyer. Hogwarts will definitely have a place for you.”

I made a non-committal noise in the back of my throat and took a large bite of my hash brown, when we heard a loud bump from the stairs and a few moments later, Quirrell appeared at the kitchen door. He was still half sleep as he stumbled towards the coffee machine and switched it on.

“Morning darling!” Voldemort greeted him cheerfully, and got up and wrapped his arms around his partner’s waist. Quirrell didn’t push him away, but I could tell he wasn’t really awake enough to enjoy it.

“Hey, Dad? Give Quirrell a bit of space, he just woke up.” I suggested. “He’s still wearing his Pyjamas!”

I don’t know why, but I’d always called Quirrell by his last name, even though we shared it, as that’s what Voldemort always called him, and I’d call Voldemort 'Dad'. I guess it’s because it would be more acceptable to call him Dad in public that Voldemort. Even in the muggle world, that name seemed to carry a bad omen.

He backed off, but not before pecking Quirrell on the cheek and directing him to a chair at the table, assuring him that he’d take care of his coffee. He also fished his breakfast out of the oven and placed it on the table in front of him.

“I’ve just been telling Av that her Owl is bound to come soon.” He told him, earning a slight grunt in reply. Quirrell never was a morning person, and I felt bad for having woken him up so early. In fact, he didn’t wake up properly until he had gulped his way through two cups of coffee and wolfed down his whole breakfast. Then he was quite happy to reassure me about Hogwarts, and tell me everything about the wonders of Hogwarts.

“- And the feasts, Av! You haven’t lived until you’ve had a Halloween feast in the Great Hall- the food is like nothing that I’ve ever tasted-“

“Is that you insulting my cooking Quirrell? Because if it is...” Voldemort threatened jokingly.

“No, no Voldemort, of course not. I’m just saying that the food at Hogwarts is wonderfully unique.”

I tried to feel hopeful at the prospect, but with each passing without an owl arriving with my letter I was thinking more and more of my being a Squib, despite Voldemort saying that I was very gifted in wandless magic already.

“Well, I’ll never find out if I don’t get to go.” I said miserably.

“Av don’t think that way. Your letter will be here before you know it!”

As if on cue, a Great Grey Owl flew through the open window with a letter in its beak and landed on the table, tipping over my plate of beans. My allergies reacted immediately and I started sneezing violently as it dropped the letter on my lap and flapped out again, leaving Voldemort and Quirrell frozen in mid-banter. They both looked at me as I picked up the letter, still snuffling, and fumbled to open it. I knew without even looking at the address on the front or the seal on the back that it was what I had been waiting for all summer.

The wax seal crumbled under my fingers and I slowly pulled out two sheets of parchment inscribed with emerald green ink.

Voldemort stood behind me and leaned over my shoulder.

“Read it aloud.” He murmured in my ear. We all knew what it would say, but I guess he wanted to hear his only child get her Hogwarts letter. I took a deep breath and started reading.

Dear Miss Quirrell,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been given a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find attached a list of necessary books and equipment. Term starts on the first of September. I will await you owl by no later than midday, thirty-first of August.

Kind Regards,

Amber Lethwaite

Deputy Head Teacher and Head of Ravenclaw House


We were all silent for a couple of minutes until I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I set down the parchments on the table and squealed, surprising Quirrell and Voldemort immensely. I squealed for about five minutes straight whilst jumping up and down, running around the kitchen and hugging my dads.

“So you’re happy then?” Quirrell asked, smiling down at me as I hugged him. I nodded violently in reply. “Well we’ve got some shopping to do. Go and get changed into your robes and meet me by the fireplace in ten minutes.”

I didn’t need to be told twice- I was clambering up the stairs in a flash.

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