How it All Started

This story is about 2 best friends. Nate has lots of friends, he could be considered popular. This story was also before One Direction became famous, you will catch on to why that makes a difference in the story when u read on. Izzy and Lillian are arch enemies, Lillian wants Nate but Nate wants Izzy. How will things end up in the end. Will Lillian win Nate or will Nate win Izzy? You will have to read to find out.

Letter from me,

Parts of this story is true for me but most of it isn't true. I do have a best-friend named Nate, that's all I'm telling you for now. I might leave notes throughout out the story. Hope you enjoy this story. This is my first one so sorry if it sucks! This is also my story on wattpad and missliterati.


3. Note

Sorry for the wait. I just haven't been on because I have school and dance and church and homework to top it all off. I am pre writing these on my school iPad so sorry if there are any spelling errors. Let me know if anything gets confusing! Hope you have enjoyed the book so far! Love you guys!

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