How it All Started

This story is about 2 best friends. Nate has lots of friends, he could be considered popular. This story was also before One Direction became famous, you will catch on to why that makes a difference in the story when u read on. Izzy and Lillian are arch enemies, Lillian wants Nate but Nate wants Izzy. How will things end up in the end. Will Lillian win Nate or will Nate win Izzy? You will have to read to find out.

Letter from me,

Parts of this story is true for me but most of it isn't true. I do have a best-friend named Nate, that's all I'm telling you for now. I might leave notes throughout out the story. Hope you enjoy this story. This is my first one so sorry if it sucks! This is also my story on wattpad and missliterati.


4. Chapter 3


     I see Grant walking my way.
     I yell "Hey" with a wave.
     He waves back. He comes up to me and gives me a  big bear hug, I hug him back. I can feel his warmth and surprisingly clammy hands on my lower back. 
     We finally pulled apart after getting lots of funny looks by the passing by students.
     "Ok now tell me" I say while crossing my arms and tapping my foot on the hard concrete floor.
     He mumbles his answer and shoves his hands in his pockets while swaying in place. He's nervous.
     "I didn't hear you" I say getting slightly annoyed that he can't just tell me.
     He kisses my cheek and says, "You." He blushes a light shade of pink.
     I stand there with my mouth dropped open. He laughs to himself.
     I finally muster out a "Are you serious?"
     He replies "Yes I'm serious. I have liked you since the first time we hung out, your personality is fun and loving. I know you probably don't like me how I like you bu-"
     "I like you too Grant"
     "Will you Be my girlfriend by anych-"
     I cut him off with my answer "I have to think about it. I don't want our friendship to be over. I will get you my answer as soon as I choose what to do ok?"
     He replied with a frown "Ok."
     "Well I better head off to class" I finally got out when the first bell rang.
     "Yea me too"
     "I will text you during class."
     "Ok" he starts walking away backwards but trips over his shoe lace I laugh and help him up.
     "Be a little more careful" I say while laughing.
     "Right sorry um.. Text you later" 
     "Yea text you later" I quickly kiss his cheek and run off to my next class math.
     I walked off to language arts class with a huge smile on my face. I didn't care what people thought all I cared was she likes me back...

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