I'm Royalty, So What?

I'm actually really bad at writing these things so read on. Please?


4. Maybe not

Miley's POV

I was beyond done with Niall. It's been a month and we've been at each other's throat. But here's the thing I don't wanna be at his throat. Unless I get to leave love bites on it. Yes, I fell in love the blonde beauty. But, he clearly hates me. Like a ton. At the castle they didn't teach me how to tell someone you love them. Well, Greg would've told me in our snack time. Or maybe one of our helpers. Demi on the other hand, is wearing her heart on her sleeve. She's been heartbroken multiple times. I lost count after five. I hate seeing her cry. I mean she's a great girl so I don't see why so many boys are doing such things to her. But, yeah. Life isn't as easy as I thought it's be. "Hey fucktard." He smiles, sitting across from me at the table in the kitchen. That smile was the smile I wanted to wake up to, his arms wrapped around me. Calling me beautiful not a fucktard. "Oh, hey." I mumble, looking down at my cereal. "What's wrong? Out of insults fucktard?" He laughs. An army of butterflies attack my stomach and I feel my cheeks get hot. "Are you blushing?" He presses. I get up, nervous. I get really nervous around him. I place the bowl in the sink. "Why so quiet?" He raises his eyebrows getting dangerously close. I pursed my lips. Don't lean in. "Am I to close for your liking?" He smirks. "No." My voice cracked. He smiled. He moved closer, our foreheads were touching. Don't do this Niall. Please! "Now?" He teased. I looked him in his eyes. They were so beautiful. I looked down at his lips for a split second. They were beautiful. I wanted them. "You want me don't you?" He whispered. His voice had this serious tone but a joking side to it too. "W-what?!" My voice went high at the end. That was totally believable Miley!

"Kiss me." He mumbled. I wasn't even sure if he said those exact words. My brain's just playing a trick on me. "Par-" He cut me off with his lips. It took me only a second to process this and I kissed back. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he had his hands placed firmly on my waist. His tongue swiped my bottom lip. I gladly gave him entrance as he slipped his tongue in my mouth. His hands slipped under my shirt, my hands entangled in his hair. I was enjoying this way too much. But I've wanted this so bad. He pulled away and attacked my neck. I moaned and I felt my knees go weak. Good thing he was holding cause I would have fell. "Niall." I moaned. I felt him smirk against my neck. He pulls away and smirks. "I knew you wanted me." He smiled. I gasped. He tricked me. I felt the tears forming in my eyes. I ran out of the kitchen and out the door. I can't believe he'd do such a thing to me!         

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