I'm Royalty, So What?

I'm actually really bad at writing these things so read on. Please?


7. Just the way you are

Ashton's POV

She's beautiful. She looked as if she was crying. I bit my lip, she looked so adorable her jaw hanging open like that. Her eyes were a beautiful blue and her hair chocolate brown. Her cheeks were blotchy from all the crying, tear stained. She suddenly ran up the stairs and I heard the door slam. "I-I'll go get her." Selena frowned. "No, let me. I'll be dating her." I point out. "Ah, fake." She says sternly, I roll my eyes walking up the stairs. Way to rain on my parade, she's so cute and, UGH! I saw light shining from under the door. I knocked gently, twisting the knob to no avail. It was locked. That smart girl. "Hey Miley." I said my hand on the knob, my other on the door. "Ashton?" "Yeah it's me." I sighed. "Just leave." She sniffles. "But I don't want to, and I won't leave." I chuckle. "Please?" She asks politely. "Alright." I lie, I walk down the opposite side of the hall away from the stairs. I slowly walked into the broom closet and left the door cracked so I could see when she leaves. I saw her stick her head out slowly, looking both ways. She shut the door and it was a few seconds and she walked out. I crawled out of the broom closet. I slowly creped behind her, when I reached her I picked her up. She let out a scream. I laughed and pulled her into one of the guest rooms. I placed her on the bed and I laid down beside her. She laughed. I laughed along until she just stared and smiled at me. I did the same. "So, babe. You ready to start in a few weeks?" "Start what?" She looked confused. I laughed. "Dating." "Oh yeah! Sure!" She smiled. "You're adorable." I chuckled. "Your not too bad yourself." We both laughed. "Well, we better get moving before Selena gets thinking." I smile, sitting up. "Oh she had thoughts when you walked up the stairs." She joked. I laughed as we walked hand in hand downstairs. Butterflies filled my stomach. I felt nervous, as if I was going to embarrass myself. I think I'm falling for Miley.

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