I'm Royalty, So What?

I'm actually really bad at writing these things so read on. Please?


2. Hello new lifestyle I'm Miley

I pulled my luggage as Demi whined behind me. I ignored her. But it was beginning to get really hard cause she just kept going. "Would you just shut up for 3 seconds?!" I snapped. "Aunt Aniston!" Demi screamed running with her luggage and handing them to our aunt. I rolled my eyes. "Hey darling!" She cheered when I reached them. "Hey aunty." I smile, hugging her. We leave the Airport driving to her house. Demi went on and on about the horrible air service. Aunt Anniston and I just nodded and let the girl vent, she had to do it sometime just glad she's doing it now and not when I'm trying to relax or something. When we finally settle down in the house Demi still whining about the lack of maids and butlers. Sometimes she can be a little spoiled brat. But hey she's family. Believe me, I've got it tested 100% related. It's been a good 2 hours and Demi's still venting. Aunt Aniston went to run a few errands and I'm still listening to her, it's getting on my nerves. Right when I'm pretty sure I'm about to burst the doorbell rings. "I'll get it." I sigh relieved. "You wouldn't have to if this hell hole had servants." She hums. I roll my eyes at her opening the door finding 5 very good looking lads. "Uh, hi?" I say, not sure of what to say.

"Hi. Um is Jennifer here?" A curly haired boy asked, he was British. "Harry. You can't just say that. We're around royalty!" A bald one scowls. They all bow. I raise my eyebrows. Demi came to the door and grinned when she found the boys bowing. They all stood up straight again. "Finally, some recognition!" Demi says. I scoff, walking away. "C'mon on in boys." She opens the door wider as they step in. She shuts the door as they take a seat on the couch. I watch them from the kitchen looking through the window that looks into living room. Demi takes a seat down on the loveseat as the boys squeeze onto the couch. "What brings you guys to this humble abode?" She questions. I scoff, maybe a little too loudly cause the boys turn t me. "Since we got here you've been whining about the lack of helpers." I roll my eyes biting into an Oreo. "Yeah, she doesn't have a single maid! But she has three kids so they should be very easy to convince." She smiles. "Um, yeah if you don't mind me asking your majesty, but where are the kids?" The curly one asks. "Oh, they are at a friends house they should be home soon." She smiles. They nod. "What brings you here?" She leans forward interested. She was acting exactly how our proper etiquette teacher Ms. Hogginkiss taught us. "We babysit." The blonde answers not making eye contact. Demi nods, unsure of what to say next. "So what's your names?" I ask. Demi nods so hard I thought her head would fall off. "Well I'm Harry, this is Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall." He smiles. I was about to say something when Aunt Aniston's kids walked in, backpacks in hand. They shut the door. "MILEY!" They both shout running in the kitchen to hug me. "And Demi!" Demi cheered standing up. "Yay." They all trailed of not so happy. "Hey kids!" Liam cheered standing up. "Yes! You're back!" Luke cheers running out of the kitchen with the others. I walk out too. "C'mon Liam and Niall, I have to kick yer butts in COD again!" Luke shouts pulling the two boys with him but not before Niall snatched the Oreo box from me. "Don't take it seriously princess." He winked. "C'mon Liam and Zayn! We have a movie marathon calling our names!" Emma laughed running off with the two boys following close behind. "C'mon Louis! Tea party starts soon!" Charlie the youngest giggles. "OH NO! We better get moving then!" Louis jokes picking the little girl up as she laughs her head off. Demi and remained standing there. I nodded. This will be a great time! Hint my sarcasm.  

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