I'm Royalty, So What?

I'm actually really bad at writing these things so read on. Please?


3. Day 1 of a new life

I stretch hopping out of the Queen bed. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and get ready for the day. I was to lazy to wear anything serious so I wore my blue onesie and a pair of ankle socks. I walked out my door gently closing it behind me, walking downstairs. I smile noticing I'm the only one up. Suddenly, there's sounds coming from the kitchen. As a reflex I go into my stance that our karate teacher or sensei or whatever they call themselves taught me. I took slow cautious steps forward. I pushed the door open and there stood Niall in his boxers with a box of Oreos. He stares at me, wide eyed. I sigh, my muscles relaxing my arms dropping to my side. "You're up early princess." He smirked. I groaned leaning on the counter, as he stood across from me against the fridge. "Don't call me that." I grumble. "Why? isn't that what you are? Princess." He taunts. I send him a cold hard glare, he smirks in return. "That is not who I am. It's just a title that I go by." I mutter. "Whatever you say." I frown at him, he smiles. You know he's pretty cute. "Cute onesie." He mumbles. "Sexy pair of boxers you got there." I tease. He blushes, looking at the ground. I walk closer until we're nose to nose. "But I'd like it better if they disappeared." I flirted. He blushed as his jaw dropped. I leaned in and he started to. That's when I turned the tables. I grabbed the Oreo box and ran out of the kitchen, but retuning to say one line with a wink. "Don't take it seriously babe."



I watched as she ran off a smirk across her face. That sly little snake. Well two can play at that game princess. Just need to sort one thing out. If I really like her. Cause I don't want it to get to the point where she'll hate me and I love her. I jog up the stairs and walk up to Miley's door. I knock gently. "Come in." She chirps. I walk in and there she sat watching SpongeBob. I smile walking over to the bed. She doesn't even notice my presence. I take a seat on the bed and she still doesn't notice me. I wonder why. I shake it off. It's now or never. "Miley." I call out. She turns to me. I quickly kiss her. I pull away before she can react. She stares at me wide eyed. I smirk. I felt nothing.  There's the okay now it's time to start. "What was that for?" She questions. I smirk. "Just needed a kiss. I clearly got that. So thanks. Princess." With that I walk out.

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