I'm Royalty, So What?

I'm actually really bad at writing these things so read on. Please?


1. A chance of a lifetime

I woke up in my usual silk pajama set. I stretched gently removing my soft sheets and swinging my feet onto the floor, removing myself from the king size bed. I padded across the floor and into my bathroom that could hold twenty people. I removed the eye mask off my forehead and placed it on the counter. I brushed my teeth and did my usual facial routine. I brushed my hair and walked out and downstairs. The hall long and wide filled with Marble walls and paintings placed in the perfect place and the right time, so each catches your eye. "Good morning Miley." One of our helpers greeted. "Morning Tina." I smile continuing down the hallway until I reached the large staircase that overlooked the entrance of the ballroom. I walked down the winding case and jump over the last three. I walked through the large room and down another long hallway and turning right into another hallway which lead to the kitchen. Once I arrived there, our kitchen staff was hard at work. I pulled up a stool to the little Island in the center. Our head chef Greg who was about 28, I believe, passed me a plate of eggs and bacon and a glass of apple juice. I thanked him, only getting in a forkful before my sister Demi entered the kitchen. This was a surprising thing to see considering I was the only one who ate in the kitchen. The others ate at the table. She sped over to me, and frowned. "I don't understand why you won't eat at the table." She grumbled. I swallowed the remaining food. "Is this what you came to bother me about or is there more cause I'm trying to eat here." I sass, taking a sip of the juice. "Mother says she needs to talk to us both. Now." She says, placing her hand on her hip. "Where?" I sigh, taking a bite of bacon and hopping of my stool. "Her study. Let us go." She says, walking off. I begin to follow her but take the remaining pieces of bacon with me then run out the door. It's a silent walk through the hallways and into our mum's study.

"Good morning girls." She greets, smiling. Demi sits across from her and I sit in the couch against the wall. "Morning mum." I smile. "Okay, so I'm going to get straight to the point. Your aunt wants to take you for a while and I want to know what you think." She says. "Which one?" Demi questions. We had many aunts. It was annoying when she didn't say who. "Aunt Aniston." She replies. Demi screws up her face. "Ew! No thank you! She doesn't even have a single butler!" Demi shakes her head in disapproval. I roll my eyes. She's as stuck up as it gets. "I'd love to go." I smile. Mum returns it. "Glad you can be open minded! Unlike someone else I know." Mum jokes staring at Demi. "I'm not going." She mutters. "Well, that's not my problem cause your going and if you argue I'm taking away your butler, and you'll do everything yourself." Mum smiles. I laugh as Demi gasps. She shoos us as she calls back Aunt Aniston! Some time away from all this is exactly what the doctor ordered! I needed the time away and I'm finally getting it! Hallelujah!

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