My Life After My Death

Ever wondered what would happen after you died? Lexxington Blackthorn doesn't have to worry about that question. She's become something she never thought possible, but than again how can a witch not believe in other supernatural beings, and on top of that becoming parts of different catorgies? How about not remembering anything that happened before waking up in a forest? That ought to do it.

She's taking her life after death, one day at a time. Can't really blame the fact that her used to be predictable life, is not so predictable. Or memorable for that matter.


2. One Year Later

A year ago, I woke up, found a vampire, killed a vampire and questioned my sanity beyond the bounds I knew. What I didn't know was my sanity didn't need to be questioned as it was perfectly in check. Not only that but I am also a vampire, a  vampire and a witch. A spell gone wrong I believe, I'm not sure since my memory well, I don't have any memeries past that day I woke up. I've tried every spell I could find, asked every witch in the area - then I found they weren't witches and I was the only true witch in the area.

    People started to notice that I didn't change in apreance. One of the things I like about being a vampire and hate about it too. Not only that but the books were right about what happens to you. I was more beautiful, how I know this? I don't know. 
    No vampire has come after me after him, but I was not sure there were any vampires beside him there. My craving for blood is quenched but not by the source itself, I prefer to have blood bags than actually drinking from a human, they find to much joy in that. I did that one night I realized what it was I wanted, that I craved, needed. I took it from a boy who looked around my age. My bite obvously turned him on and well, he wanted a lot of things to go on in that alley, thank god nothing happened. 
    About a month ago, I realized it was time I moved. I found a town that I found as an ironic place to go - Salem, Massachusetts home of the first witches. The first supernatural thing that was introduced to America. Of course they were supposedly burned to death, so my guess is, us supernatural creatures aren't going to be coming out from the closet anytime soon. 

I went to a bank one day as well. They recongized me, and they called me Lexxi. I told them I wanted to check all my money out of the bank, they did as if it were a normal request. They gave me a new credit card claiming I lost my old one. They were telling the truth, the beating of their hearts told me so. Turns out not only was I a witch but I was a rich witch at that. I own a black credit card, from what I read after I got it, it meant unlimited spending. On top of that, I looked up the name on the credit card "Lexxington Rouge Blackthorn." She's an only child, he parents died when she was thirteen. I was also raised by my nanny till I turned sixteen - October 31st of last year, two months till my seventeenth birthday- when I got emancipated. Oh, and I live in this huge mansion. 
    About the time I realized I wanted to move, I sold the mansion, a few cars and motorbikes, which I cried for hours about. Now I'm on a private jet to the closet airport in Massachusetts, with two bags of clothes while the rest of my stuff got on an express shipment to my new home in Salem. 
    I have to go to school, which can't be hard right? I mean its just high school. If its anything like the school, I went in the other town, where my old friend didn't know what happened to me and why I was distant. This was different. I could start anew. I new reputation, new senery, new people, new home, new school, a whole new life were no one knows who I am, what I am. A fresh start. Not many get that. Plus, maybe there's a chance I could have friends that I'd exactually remember. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

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