My Life After My Death

Ever wondered what would happen after you died? Lexxington Blackthorn doesn't have to worry about that question. She's become something she never thought possible, but than again how can a witch not believe in other supernatural beings, and on top of that becoming parts of different catorgies? How about not remembering anything that happened before waking up in a forest? That ought to do it.

She's taking her life after death, one day at a time. Can't really blame the fact that her used to be predictable life, is not so predictable. Or memorable for that matter.


1. Epiloge: The Day I Woke Up

Light fell across my face, it seemed to be coming from every direction. I opened my eyes, at first my vision blurry, but as I blinked my vision became more clear and focased. I looked around to find myself in the forest. I sat up from where I laid, I looked around for movement or a person near by. I saw and heard nothing. I tried to remeber how I got here but nothing came to mind. Nothing what so ever. 

I started walking toward one direction but than movement caught my attention. I looked toward where I saw it. I heard a russle of a bush behind me, had me turning around in break-neck speed. A man. That is what I see, a man. I gorgeous man in his thirties but his features told me he was horrid kind of man. His eyes were black holding only the emotions of bloodlust and just plain lust. Ewww. I looked down at myself and realized this lustful gaze was because I was naked. I rolled my eyes. 

He made a move towards me. I raised an eyebrow and cocked my head to the side. "May I help you? I don't appreciate peeping toms." It's not a lie, I'm finding this uncomfortable. He chuckled and this time was infront of me in an instant. 

"Well, a girl as beautiful as you, shouldn't be in the forest with no clothes on and not expect- what is it you said- 'peeping toms'." He had a brandishing french accent. Double eww. I moved to take a step away from him, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me closer to him. "Ah, ah, ah. Where do you think you're going, lovely. I haven't had my fun yet."

He slammed me into a tree. I felt anger boil up inside me. I pushed him off me and he flew at least twenty yards from me. He got up from where he fell and came runnning back in speed I was pretty sure no human could have but than again I did throw him far away that was clearly impossible for someone as small as myself. He slammed me against the tree again. He chuckled, shaking his head. My anger asn't gone away and it wasn't the only thing building up inside me. Than he touched my chest, his finger tips trailing downward and I burst. Magic filled the air and all I could think of was the end of his existance. I tree branch floated behind him and in a matter of seconds, he was decapitated, then a pile of ash. 

I stood there shaking, unbelieving of what just happened. What am I? Who am I? What was he? And how the hell did I end up here? Where is here?

Something in my mind clicked. Unbelievable speed, un-natural strength, cocky attitude and his idea of fun. I thought back to what he looked liked, his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, lips... Teeth. His teeth weren't normal they were... they were like a serpents. Fangs. He practically screamed vampire, but that can't be right. Vampires don't exist. They can't exist, I mean, they can't right? 
    I looked around me and I realized I still wasn't dressed. I will worry about my sanity when I have clothes on... maybe. 


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