9/11 Justin Bieber Fan Fanfiction



Hey! I thought it would be really cool to make twitter accounts for the character in the story and have you guys run the twitter accounts as like a role play! If you are interested in running a twitter account please comment below! It would mean so much to me! Or you can kik me my kik is bieber_topia I need 13 people to do this and you can choose the character you want to be! Just request which character you want to be and I’ll tell you if you got the role! This would mean so much to me!

Roles for twitter accounts:

 Justin Bieber (main character)

 Jessica Velastro (main character)

 Kelsey Velastro (Jessica's older sister)

 Aly Levi (Jessica's Bestfriend)

Cole Kennedy (friend)

 Roy Tanner (friend/ Megan's brother)

 Megan Tanner (friend/ Roy's sister)

 Joe Adams (friend)

 Carly Mathews (friend)

 Zac Williams (friend)

 Mason Anthony (friend)

 Chaz Somers (friend)

Ryan butler (friend)

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