9/11 Justin Bieber Fan Fanfiction


9. Chapter 7





“Hey, how are you feeling?” My good friend Venessa asked, coming into sight.


“I’m okay.”


It’s a few hours later and we had come back to the hotel to get ready to go right back out again. We decided on going to dinner as some type of celebration of me making the Olympic team.


My dad was still on my mind at the moment, for some reason I just could shake off the thought.


“We’re about to get ready to leave, the reservation is at 9:30.” Nessa informed me.


Nessa was a nickname that I gave her back in the fourth grade and I guess it just stuck because that what everyone calls her now.


I checked the time on my phone and it was already 8:45.


I put on my shoes and grabbed my purse and we headed down to the lobby.




The car ride to the restaurant was filled with tension from non other than Megan and Aly. Considering that Megan hated Aly more then a Christian hates Satan.


This car ride couldn’t be more awkward.


I inwardly prayed that dinner would go smoothly and would be drama free because we all know damn well that if Aly says the wrong thing, Megan will be the first person to do something.




We’ve been at this restaurant for about an hour now and nothing bad has happened. Thank God.


After a few minutes I found myself going into a daydream.


I remembered the horrific scene as if it happened yesterday.



September 11th, 2001


I cried for what seemed like hours. It was mind boggling that I just witness my father die.


I couldn’t even help him.


Was I next?


What if I die?


I didn’t know and the unknown was driving my six-year-old mind absolutely insane.


I didn’t what to die. I was petrified.


I used that collar of my shirt to cover my nose to keep the smoke from seeping into my lungs.


That something that I learned in school incase of a fire.

I guess it came in handy.


I fanned the smoke away from my face the best I could but the smoke grew thicker by the minute making breathing unbearable.


I knew that I had to get out of here if I wanted to live. I turned around looking at my father’s lifeless body lying on the debris-covered floor.


Tears threatened to spill from my eyes. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye, but I had to.


I jumped sacredly when I heard the door to the office had been kicked down.


Two firefighters appeared through the thick black smoke.


One of them picked me up. “You’re going to be okay.” He reassured me.


The other firefighter walked over to where my dad’s body was. He checked his pulse.


“He’s dead.” He spoke quietly. Defeat and sadness covered his face.


The room fell silent for a moment.


The building rattled again. The firefighter that held me, held onto me tighter in an act of protective instinct.


“We need to go. Now.”


He began to run with me trying to find the nearest staircase so we could get out safely.

The toxic smoke became more suffocating than it was before. I felt light headed. Before I knew it the world was fading before me as my eyes started to close.




“Hello? Earth to Jessica!” Kelsey waved her hand in front of my face.


“What?” my eyebrows knitted together in confusion.


“You’ve been in another world all day. Are you okay?”


“Yeah, I’m fine.” I lied. I’m not fine; I’m far from it. Kelsey looked at me with concerned eyes, she knew I wasn’t fine but decided to let it go.


I really wanted to just go home and get some rest even though I knew I was going to have some long, sleepless nights ahead of me.


“What did you just say?” Megan said cocking her head to the side, in a very daunting way.


“I said, you’re brother needs to let go of what I did and get the fuck over it. Its not like I can take it back.” Aly folded her hands in front of her on the table, in a way that made it seem so nonchalant.


And the drama begins.


“You know what?” Megan stood up, holding her glass filled with water. She jolted it across the table and all of the water landed on Aly.


Aly gasped, completely surprised that Megan just threw her drink at her.

We all went silent.


“The next time you want to talk about my brother, do yourself a favor and keep you’re fucking mouth shut.” And with that, she turned around and walked out, Roy followed her out to calm her down.


We were still quiet trying to take in what just happened.


But soon a laugh erupted from non-other then Zac and that turned into uncontrollable laughter. Quickly we all found ourselves laughing, except Aly.


I looked across the table to where she sat quietly, biting down hard on her bottom lip trying to hold back the tears.


She got up and left going toward the bathroom and I went after her.


I peeked my head in the door. “Aly?”


There she was, pacing back and forth.


“What?” she spoke coldly.


“Are you okay?”


“No. She through a drink in my face. I wasn’t really expecting that.”


“Well it is Megan we’re talking about here. You should’ve known that she was going to retaliate.” I stated. She knew I was right, if someone would’ve said something along the same lines or worse about my sisters I would’ve done the same thing. “But you should apologize to her before you get another drink thrown in you’re face, or something worse.”

Aly laughed. “I will. I’ll talk to her tomorrow.”




I sat in my hotel room with, Aly, Kelsey and Nessa.


“Its so crazy saying that my sister is going to the Olympics.” Kelsey cooed in a proud tone.


“I know it still doesn’t seem real” I smiled. “I wish dad was here to see it all happen.” I fumbled with the bottom of my shirt thinking about what it would’ve been like if he were still alive. How things would be so much different and how things would be better.


“He’s proud of you Jess.” Nessa persuaded. “I bet he’s looking down knowing that he raised a champ.”

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