9/11 Justin Bieber Fan Fanfiction


8. Chapter 6

~~[September 11th, 2001]
“So what do you want to do today on your day off from school kiddo?” My dad asked sitting my petite body on his lap. I had the day off school today; of course I was happy about that. But I didn’t know what I wanted to do on my day off so I thought of the first thing that came to mind.
“Can we go to the Twin Towers?” My voice rising with exhilaration and my eyes growing large.
“Um, I don’t know about that sweetie.”
“Please daddy? I’ve never been and I really want to go!” I gave my father the irresistible puppy dog look, the one that every kid gives their parents when they really want something. “Please?” I begged, taking his hand in mine.
He finally gave in to my childish way of asking. “Okay.” But I could tell there was some sort of resentment in saying ‘yes’ to me.
“Go get on your shoes kid, and we’ll get going.” He smiled at me.
Once I got my shoes on, I practically rushed my father. As you can tell I was a very energetic six year old.
“Where are you guys going?” My mom said walking into the living room, folding her hands in front of her.
“I’m taking Jessica to the World Trade Center right down town.” My dad confessed, tickling my sides making me laugh uncontrollably.
“The World Trade Center? Why? It’s just two big buildings with a bunch of offices.” She informed me, laughing lightly.
Truthfully The World Trade Center was the first place I could think of, and I just really wanted to go somewhere.
“I don’t know.” A smile forming across my lips.
“Alright, well you guys better get going before traffic starts getting worse.” She warned.
My parent shared a hug and kiss before we went on our way.
But little did my mom know that, that was the last time she’d ever see her husband alive.


“You okay?” My friend Megan asked; pushing the button on the elevator to take us down to the lobby. Flashing back to reality I spoke. “Yeah, I’m good.” “So how’s it going with you and Aly?” I enquired. That was a stupid question; of course it’s not going good, Aly just cheated on her brother. I rolled my eyes at my own absurdity.
“Still not talking to her. She keeps texting me apologizing and keeps try to talk to me, but I’m over her. She so fucking annoying.” Megan Spat.
I pressed my lips together in a firm line, peering down at my feet. Megan had every right to be upset with Aly considering what she did to Megan’s twin brother, Roy.
Hopefully they’ll get over it and move on soon because every time they’re in a room together, the tension is so think you can cut it with a knife.
We stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby where everyone else waited.
“Hey babe.” Justin said kissing me sweetly on the lips.
“Hey.” I smiled, my fingers intertwining with his, my hand fitting perfectly between his.

[4:00 pm]
My friends and I were strolling down the various L.A. streets. Me, on crutches of course because I sprained my ankle at trials. I love Los Angeles; it’s beautiful here I wish New York was more like this. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in New York City but you won’t see as beautiful sunsets and beaches like this in New York. California was just a breath of fresh air I guess, something new. But no matter what we did today, I couldn’t stop thinking of dad and the day of September 11th, 2001.



“Okay Kiddo, we’re here!” My dad spoke enthusiastically as he put his car in park. I smiled, clapping my small hands together in excitement. He took my hand in his as we walked into the lobby of the North Tower of the World Trade Center. We traveled up to the 89th floor by elevator.
“Hey Jess, do you want to go see if Uncle Danny is here at work today?”
“Yes.” I nodded my head.
My Uncle Danny; my dad’s brother works here in one of these many offices at the World Trade Center. My dad checked the time of his watch.
“Alright its 8:40 so he should be here by now.”
Exactly six minutes until the first plane crashed into the tower.



“You okay?” Justin asked looking at me, his eyes filled with concern. Snapping out of my trance, I nodded.
“Uh yeah I-I’m fine.” I stammered over my words.
“C’mon babe, I know you’re not fine. Talk to me.”
He was right, I wasn’t fine. My mind kept going off into its own little world replaying that day.
“I can’t stop thinking about my dad.”
Justin looking at me sympathetically and places his lower hand on my back.
“I keep having flashbacks of when he died. I witnessed my dad die, Justin.” Tears quickly filled my eyes at the memory.


The North Tower of the World Trade Center shook vigorously, my dad latched onto my petite hand tighter in instinct of protection. I heard ear piercing screams. The walls and ceilings rattled. About a minute later a part of the celling and other objects such as a desk, chairs etc. collapsed down landing on my dad. I moved back, terrified. Me being only six years old at the time, I had no idea what was happening, I was just in pure shock. I stood and watched as my father tried to obtain consciousness. Blood trickled down from the gash newly created on his head. He groaned in pain, little did I know he was dying. The building shook again I put my heads on top of my head to protect myself from anything that might fall on top of me. When I realized that nothing happened I uncovered my head. Sirens roared from the streets below us. For a few seconds the world fell silent.
“Jessica…” My dad spoke faintly.
His eyes fluttered with tears.
“Daddy?” I whispered, fear marked in my voice.
“I love you okay? Make sure you tell you mom and sister that I love-” He stopped midsentence.
His breathing slowed down and his eyes began to shut.
I let out an ear splitting scream, noticing what had just happened.
He’s dead.
Tears streamed down my once dry face as I stood place in front of his lifeless body.


Justin hugged my tightly. That was the first time I’ve ever told someone a detailed explanation of that day. I wiped my tears.
“I’m sorry.” Justin looked down taking my hands in his.
“If I wouldn’t have asked him to go that day, he’d still be alive.” I looked down at my hands.
“Baby, don’t blame yourself over something you had no control over. It wasn’t your fault Jess.”
I looked out into the distance thinking of how things could’ve been if my dad was still here. He would still be alive, my mom would have her husband and we would have a father.

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