9/11 Justin Bieber Fan Fanfiction


6. Chapter 4

[Chapter 4]

We all had finished eating and now going around the table telling the countless stories about my dad.

“I miss John so much. I remember when he used to take Kelsey and Jessica on road trips all the time…” my mom trailed off focusing on the memory of her late husband. I smiled remembering when he used to take us on “The adventure of a lifetime.” That’s what he used to call it. My dad was so corny sometimes. He took Kelsey and I took our beach house in the Hamptons every now and then, it was my favorite place to be as a kid. I haven’t been there in years the last time Kelsey and I set foot on that property was few days before my dad was killed. It was the last time we went there and we never looked back. I looked up at Hailey her eyes forming tears.

“Hailey…” I whispered.

She quickly stood up and ran upstairs.

“I’ll be back.” Walking up stairs and down the hall to Hailey’s room I opened the door slightly.

She lightly cried into her hands “Go away.” She whipped the tears from her cheeks.

“You need to talk to me Hailey, whatever it is you can-“

“I never got to meet him.” She weakly spoke.


“Dad.” My mom was eight months pregnant when my dad passed away. He was so excited to have Hailey, but ended up never getting the chance to meet her. And Hailey never got the chance to meet her father.

“He would’ve loved you.” I put my arm around her shoulder comfortingly.

“You think so?”

“Yeah, he always talked about how excited he was to have you. He even counted down the days till your due date. Dad said you would be his little princess.”

“What was he like.” I smiled this was the most Hailey’s said all week.

“He was really funny and outgoing. We all used to pull pranks on mom and laugh about it for hours after. He was the most loving and caring person I’ve ever encountered. I wish you would’ve had the chance to meet him.” I couldn’t imagine how Hailey was feeling right now. Yes, we all lost our dad but she never got to meet him. Why did this have to happen?”







“Are you going to be okay now?” I asked standing up.

“Yeah, thanks jess. I love you.” Hailey wrapped her arms around me pulling my into a warm embrace.

“You’re welcome. I’m always here for you kid.” She hated when I called her ‘kid’ and I only called her that to annoy her every once in a while.

“Don’t call me kid.”

“Whatever go to bed you have practice in the morning.” Hailey also does gymnastics, she does it because she claimed she wanted to be like me and go to the Olympics someday. I walked out closing the door behind me. I went down stairs releasing the now vacant dining room.

“Where’d everyone go?” I asked completely clueless.

“They left, you were up there with Hailey for three hours.” My head snapped toward the clock plastered on the wall. It was 11:30 pm damn time really does fly.

‘Justin said to call him, he had to leave.” Kelsey passed along his message.

“Alright. Well I’m going to go to sleep, good night love you guys.”

“Love you too.” My mom and Kelsey said in unison.













I’ve been sitting in my room for the past hour watching a marathon of Full House episodes. I head a light knock on my door.

“Come in.”

Kelsey came in and sat on the edge of my bed.

“Hey.” I greeted.

“Hey, what was wrong with Hailey?” concern dripping from her words.

“She never got to meet dad, that’s why.”

Kelsey’s head hung low.

“Oh.” I could tell she was at a loss of words.

Neither of us could even process what Hailey was feeling right now. We could imagine how she felt because she never got to meet him.

“We should do something to make her feel better.”

“Like what?”

“We should take her to dad’s grave.” She spoke momentously.

“What the hell Kelsey?! That won’t make her feel better!” I said in shock, was Kelsey serious right now?

“Well maybe it’ll work or at least give her some type of closer I guess.”

I raised my eyebrows not to fond of her idea.

“Well we can give it a try but if things get worse, it’ll be your fault.” I pointed my finger at her for effect.

Kelsey stood up. “We’ll take her in the morning.” I nodded my head.

I just hope this all turns out well.


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