The Eternal Moon

"A Werewolf is a creature of our darkest. But what few know is this: they're real." A small English town harbours a shady past, and something forgotten about for years is coming to light. Unfortunately for Jackie Everest all it takes to get mixed up in the horror story is an oddly eccentric boy obsessed with cats. With a catastrophic lunar event just around the corner, Jackie has to be brave and separate fact from fiction.

The Eternal Moon is rising. The Family is returning. Jackie has no idea what's coming.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Eve watched the people below her exit the church. Everyone was laughing and smiling, either walking to their cars or the bus stop down the road. Some stood in groups chattering away and having a laugh, others carrying sleepy children home.


Father Eric and Father Jason were stood at the doors, saying goodbye to everyone who was leaving. Eve wondered vaguely where Deacon Richard was; he was fairly new to the parish but she hadn't seen him that night.


Savouring the silence she held momentarily, Eve let her thoughts drift as her eyes moved from the scene below to the moon hanging in the sky, as if watching over them. Eve thought it seemed bigger that night, though she couldn't be sure. When she was a young girl, she'd wanted to be an astronaut, and the dream had followed her into her early teens. Her plans however - or whatever they would have developed into - were put to a halt when her relationship with her Mother began to fall apart. In mere months, she lost what she considered to be her life's work and for years had no idea what she wanted to do with her life.


Things started looking up for her, however, a few years ago when she found she had a talent in writing, and started a small business from her computer, which provided her with barely enough money to live on, let alone spend on luxuries. Yet, after all her life had turned into, she was still able to attend church as an alter server, and she loved it.


With one last look at the world below, Eve turned away from the window.




Jackie chewed her nails as the car neared its destination. "So, Jackie! First day at school. Bet you're excited, eh?" Her Dad sent a look at her from the rear view mirror.


"Hardly..." Jackie grumbled, trying to shake off the fatigue she felt passing over her in waves. "Why couldn't I have had just one more week off? I was being very productive."


"Darling, sitting on the couch and watching re-runs of Keeping up Appearances isn't what most people would productive."


Jackie would have made a half-hearted, snappy retort but it was at that moment her Dad's car reached the bus stop. Jackie's heart began to thump as she started to panic. "Are you sure this is the right bus stop?"


"Of course it is. Now stop being silly, and get out of the car," Jackie's Dad replied. "Oh, and have a good day at school. Remember, the bus number is 220, and don't lose the change I gave you for the bus fare."


"I'll try... see you later Dad!" She waved at him as he drove home, his new job started next week. Jackie walked over to the bus shelter, unsure of what do. A feeling of horror shot through her as she realised that the bus shelter was deserted, which wasn't comforting - there weren't even any middle aged people staring at her in suspicion She sank onto one of the plastic seats. Staring off into space, Jackie tried not to think about worse case scenarios where she would be left sitting there for hours on her own, which - in turn - caused her to think about it more.


"What's bitin' your tail, then?" Jackie jumped in her seat and swore as she gathered the courage to look at the figure above her, panic levels reaching an all time high.


The boy looked familiar. His mop of black hair made his childish face more prominent, in a strange style that left his forehead bare but covered his ears completely.


"Colin, right?" She asked after a moment. Was his name Colin? Or was it Connor? Carson? Something similar, anyway.


"She remembers my name!" The boy appeared to squeal to himself. "No-one's ever remembered my name before! Maybe this girl won't freak out when I... oh look at, I gotta go, see you later!" With that Colin sped away at an almost inhuman speed, not even bothering to finish his sentence.


"Er, do you know him?" Jackie turned to see a boy in school uniform staring after Colin, eyebrow raised.


"Sort of. Not really. I'm Jackie. New girl in town and the like."


"I figured. The name's Andrew. Welcome to Reedson, the town where absolutely nothing ever happens. Ever." Andrew tried to mask the apprehension in his voice at the last part of the sentence. The last thing he needed was someone getting close to him and then being ripped away.


"That's a bit dramatic." Jackie smiled. The boy's unruly brown hair bounced in the low breeze. The boy looked worn out, like he'd stayed up all night.


"Thank you. I'm top of the class in drama, you know?" Andrew took a small bow. "Only subject I'm good at, to be honest. D'you have a favourite one?" Andrew slunk into the bus seat on Jackie's left side, a warm smile plastered on his face.


Jackie barely to think before the answer found its way to her mouth. "Music, by far. I - play the trumpet."


"We'll then, you'll be pleased to learn the learn the school has a brass band, if you prefer working with others. One of the boys in the registration room next to mine is in it."


"Nah, I'm more of a soloist, myself."


The cars passing by suddenly became a whole lot more interesting as the two fifteen year old's fell into an uneasy quiet. "So... Is it just you and me who get this bus?"


"No, you're just early. Way early, earlier than me. And trust me, that's saying something." Andrew replied, and Jackie nodded, beginning to relax more. "We're the only ones in Year 11, though. Providing you are in Year 11."


Jackie nodded and Andrew smiled. "Well then, I hope to see you around. Now, I really have to finish my Art homework for Mr Trent, he'll have my neck if I haven't done it." Jackie nodded and responded by pulling out her iPod, which Jackie had come to appreciate as an extra limb.


Andrew looked up from his sketch book at the girl next. She was pretty, but not his type even if he had been looking for a relationship (which was out of the question for the time being).




Jackie was faced with a problem when the office worker handed her a paper timetable: namely she had no idea where to go. It was like a nightmare, trapped in a prison full of smelly hormonal teenagers and having no idea what to do.


If it hadn't been for Andrew appearing at exactly the right moment, then Jackie would have been stuck in a rather bad predicament. As it was, he happened to be leaning against a math classroom right outside the front office door, standing apart from what must have been his - and hers, she supposed - peers.


Andrew met her eyes and his eyebrows raised. Shifting awkwardly, she walked over to him. "Are stalking me, or is destiny suggesting something?" Andrew joked with a smile; at least Jackie hoped he was joking.


"Yeah... I am. Can you tell me where the heck I'm supposed to go?"


"Fine, just pass me your schedule."


For a while, Andrew scanned the paper. When he looked up, he smiled. "Well, this is your registration room, but other than that the only thing I've got with you is science, which frankly I'm crap at. I'll show you to each class though, if you want."


Jackie grinned. "You are seriously a life saver." Andrews smile flicked, but Jackie didn't see it. "Yeah. Oh look, I think we're going in."


The rest of the day was uneventful, apart from a slight incident when Andrew took her to her English class and got cornered by some girls who spent the rest of the lesson asking her what it was like dating Andy 'the loner'. It was annoying, and made it hard for Jackie to focus on annotating a scene from Macbeth. She spent her break in the dining hall, with Andrew, which only seemed to fuel the fast spreading rumours, and her lunchtime on the field just relaxing.


It was in science, her last period, that something interesting happened. The teacher, a smiling woman called Mrs Leeds told her to sit on the bench nearest the door.


"We're doing science theory today so try and get as settled in as you can." Mrs Leeds handed Jackie a red exercise book and called the class to attention. "Right then, Year 11. You should all listen carefully as anything I say could turn up in the exam." The woman turned to the board and picked up a pen.


"Before we begin the lesson, I'd like to share something with you. The universe is a -" The teacher was interrupted by a knock.


Striding over to the door, she opened it and a boy, a huge, huge boy, if he could even be called a boy, walked in.




"Why are you late?" The teachers enthusiastic voice became stern and authoritative.


"I had band practice, and Mr Peters kept me behind." The boy walked over to his seat, which happened to be right next to Jackie's."


Accepting the excuse, the teacher nodded and returned to the board to deliver her lecture. "As I was saying. The universe is big, very big, and it holds wondrous things. It holds the stars, including the sun, planets, and moons that orbit the planets."


She paused for effect.


"And in two months, the universe will pull another trick. In exactly two months, the moon will be permanently full for six to eight weeks."


There was a mixed reaction. Some people looked mildly interested, others flat out bores, and Andrew, at the back of the room, rose from his seat grabbed his bag and ran from the room.


Jackie blinked in confusion as whispers broke out across the room.


"What just happened?"


"What's up with him?"


"He's afraid of the moon!" A boy cackled just loud enough so everyone could hear.


Laughter echoed across the room, and Jackie felt an annoyed feeling grow inside of her. How these people could laugh was beyond her. There could be something wrong with Andrew.


The boy next to Jackie stood up. "Seeing as the rest of you are so heartless as to laugh about this, I'll go find out where he's gone, shall I?" He grabbed his things and left the room without so much as a look at Mrs Leeds, who seemed a bit flustered.


"Quiet down everyone, they'll be back soon."


Jackie couldn't help but see the look of worry the teacher shot at the door where to of her students had made an exit.




Andrew paced back and forth, frantic. The school gymnasium might not have been the best place to escape to, but at least it wasn't in use, which was more than he could say for the supply cupboards where he'd unwillingly spotted to sixth formers, though they'd been too pre-occupied to notice him, which he was thankful for.


Andrew couldn't speak, couldn't think, he could only breath because if he stopped he would have a mental breakdown, he was positive of it. This couldn't be happening, it was a scenario he'd come up with in his nightmares - so how was it actually happening, right there, in real life.


The moon would be up for over a month. Which in turn meant Colette would be stuck as the wolf. Which was bad, very bad, and he didn't want to think about what would happen with all the other people who could be werewolves. At least he had a way of containing Colette's wolf.


Forcing himself to sit down, shaking, he tried to calm himself, which was easier said than done. Mrs Leeds might have been wrong. But why would she lie about something like that?


Andrew was so caught up in his thoughts, he only noticed someone was there when the say down beside him.


It was Schizo Rye.


"Come to laugh at me?" Andrew growled, tears beginning to show.


"No. It wasn't funny. Well, maybe a little. Oh, shut up. But... Not helping!" Andrew waited uncomfortably until the oddity they called Rye ended the conversation with himself.


"Sorry about that. It's part of my disorder." Andrew nodded. Rye couldn't help it. No-one could. "So tell me why you ran out of lesson. I have a good enough reason to crap myself, but you - you're Andrew Summers. You're the happy go lucky loner everyone knows but no-one is actually friends with. Why did you freak out?"


Before Andrew could come up with a partially believable lie, however, Rye blurted out in a completely different tone of voice, "I told you earlier, Rye, his sister's a werewolf."


Rye inhaled sharply. One look at Andrew's petrified face gave the game away. "Well this should be good. I should explain myself."


Rye's calm exterior hid his inner thoughts, mainly being:


'Damn you.'

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