The Eternal Moon

"A Werewolf is a creature of our darkest. But what few know is this: they're real." A small English town harbours a shady past, and something forgotten about for years is coming to light. Unfortunately for Jackie Everest all it takes to get mixed up in the horror story is an oddly eccentric boy obsessed with cats. With a catastrophic lunar event just around the corner, Jackie has to be brave and separate fact from fiction.

The Eternal Moon is rising. The Family is returning. Jackie has no idea what's coming.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three

The large boy returned to the class ten minutes before the end, with Andrew in tow. For the rest of the lesson, the two sat together at the back of the room and skimmed the text book on Mrs Leeds command, something about the different theories of the creation of the universe. 

Andrew smiled at Rye, his body a mix of emotions. "Thank you. For coming after me, and saying what you did. It helped a lot you know?" 

Rye made to reply but was interrupted by Andrew. "Look, I'll see you tomorrow but right now I have Drama club to get to. Could you do me a favour and show Jackie where she has to go?"

Rye blinked at Andrew's abrupt request but nodded anyway. It was only when the path to Andrew was already blocked by three dozen or so other teenagers that Rye realised he had no idea who 'Jackie' even was. 

Rye looked around him in a calm manner. If he didn't know who Jackie was, he could guess. Not the red head who was still packing her things away, she'd been there from the start of the year.

Ignoring the foreign (yet not uncommon) voice that appeared in his head when he looked at her, he moved his gaze towards several more girls, each scan followed by a slightly perverse comment from the inner pickings of his mind. His eyes landed on a girl standing by herself watching everyone else. Jackie? 

Well, there was only one way to find out - ask her. But just as his arm touched her shoulder he felt the dreaded sensation of losing control of his body. 


Jackie packed her school items into her bag and looked up in search of Andrew, only to find he wasn't there. He must have left before the rush. Jackie wondered if she should be miffed, but figured she could find her own way to the bus stop. It wasn't as if his life fully revolved around her. He'd only known her for round about seven hours, after all.

She zipped up her bag and just as she was about to sling it around her shoulders, she felt someone touch her. Her bag went flying as she made a yelp of alarm. Impossibly fast, a hand shot out and stopped the bag mid flight. It's owner looked down at her smiling.

"Miss Jackie, I presume?" Jackie looked up. It was the boy who went after Andrew. He was massive, towering above her by at least a tough foot. He spoke with a deep voice, his words appearing to echo as he spoke them.

His hair was as strange as his size. It was blonde, but here and there were large clumps of black. Jackie couldn't tell if it was dyed or not. It reminded her slightly of her friend Zeke back in London who's hair seemed to change colours daily. Her friend Samantha used to joke about it being a superpower.

Jackie felt a pang of regret. She hadn't spoken to them since she'd arrived in Reedson. 

"Uh, yeah. That's me. Jackie."

She stood there awkwardly as the boy looked her over. "Look, I need to get to the bus. Thanks for grabbing my bag." Jackie started walking away when she felt heavy footsteps behind her. 

"Hasty, are we? I like hasty girls,"

Jackie didn't stop walking but her pace slowed a bit. The halls still had a slow trickle of students who stayed behind the crush. Jackie sent a glance at the boy, chewing the inside of her cheek as a nervous habit. "Are you trying to flirt with me?"

The boy, who was one step ahead of her now smiled. "Perhaps I am. Or perhaps I just want you," The way the word, 'want' rolled off his lips in a strange, almost possessive way made her skin crawl.

"Well, first of all, dude, you might want to tell me your name before you get down on one knee," Jackie didn't even know why she was having this conversation.

"Of course, how silly of me," His voice was laced with a sickly sweet, obviously fake voice, "My name's C- ow!" 

"Your name's 'cow'?"

Jackie looked at him with concern for a moment as she followed a boy wearing a sun hat even though it was currently Autumn through the open doors of the front entrance. What she saw made her suppress a giggle. The boy was cradling his mouth and pouting. Pouting. 

"Bit my tongue," He said when he heard her giggle, "My name's... Rye. You have a cute laugh, you know."

Jackie groaned as they passed through the gates, "Please stop hitting on me. It's annoying." Before Rye could answer though, Jackie saw something which almost gave her a heart attack.

Hearing the noise of a plane, she'd looked up instinctively, only to see Colin on top of the school gates. The eight foot tall gates. 

She wasn't the only one staring either. Looking around, she spotted several groups of people gaping up at him. 

Colin spotted her staring, open mouthed, and grinned, waving and in the process tottering off the edge towards the ground in front of her. She gasped in horror, and heard others doing the same.

But instead of succumbing to gravity and breaking multiple bones, Colin landed in a crouched position before standing up and dusting himself off. There a stunned silence which was broken by someone clapping. A load of others joined and Colin bowed, not used to the attention before everyone resumed what they'd been doing.

Jackie stared at the boy in front of her and shook her head. "Colin! So good to see you again." Jackie looked from Colin to Rye. She'd almost forgotten the latter was there in the commotion.

"You two know each other?" Jackie asked.

"Not exactly. I mostly stalk Rye because I think he's a wolfie." Colin replied, massaging the back of his neck. 

"And I mostly just use R- my pet bunny to scare him away." Rye nodded.


"Anyway, forget the cat boy, let's go do something fun. I'll show you the movies!"

Jackie frowned, "Why'd you call him cat boy?" It seemed a little rude. She wondered if his ears were pointy or something. 

"I already told you, Jackie the Jaguar! I'm part cat, and anyone who's anyone knows it!" Colin'a never fading seemed to grow bigger. "Besides, I own fifteen cats. Well, technically I own ten cats, four kittens, and a human trapped in cat form."

Jackie's lips twitched slightly. "Is that so? Interesting." She looked away from Colin and saw something which made her nauseous.

There across the street, the 220 bus was rolling away from the bus stop.

Without her on it.

Her Dad was going to kill her. "Shit, shit, shit!" She panicked. She turned her gaze back to Colin only to find he was no-where in sight. That boy was weird. Sweet and cute, maybe, but weird all the same.

She turned her gaze to Rye, "I missed the bus. On my first day! My parents will kill me!"

"Don't worry, you're too beautiful to ride the bus anyway. You can ride me instead!" 

That was it for Rye - with one last desperate push he was back in control.

Jackie glared at him and he shivered. "I said you could ride with me instead," he tried to fix his words with haste. "My Dad gives me a lift every day."

Jackie eyed him with caution. She was sure that people weren't supposed to take rides from strangers.

But, he's just a boy, what harm could he do really? A niggling thought passed through her head.

Jackie looked up.

"That'd be great. Thanks for offering." Her parents would burn her alive later, but at the moment there wasn't anything else she could do.

So a ride with Rye it was.

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