The Eternal Moon

"A Werewolf is a creature of our darkest. But what few know is this: they're real." A small English town harbours a shady past, and something forgotten about for years is coming to light. Unfortunately for Jackie Everest all it takes to get mixed up in the horror story is an oddly eccentric boy obsessed with cats. With a catastrophic lunar event just around the corner, Jackie has to be brave and separate fact from fiction.

The Eternal Moon is rising. The Family is returning. Jackie has no idea what's coming.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One

The cage in the corner of the room was large, and the monster that it imprisoned was sleeping - or at least, it appeared to be. Andrew couldn't really tell when it was actually asleep. Andrew thought about his sister Colette locked not only inside of the cage, but in her own body without any control over what she could do. The thought made him go white with rage. His sister shouldn't be suffering this - it wasn't her fault, it was his! He was the one who made their family go camping, he was the reason Mum was dead and Dad was unstable. It should be him, not Colette!

On instinct, Andrew's hand crept towards the latch on the cage door, before he realised what he was about to release on to the world. "I'm sorry, but I can't." Andrew spoke quietly, his voice echoing off the walls of the large, cold room. "I can't let you go free. You're not you. You're... the monster. I'm so sorry Colette." The last sentence came out as little more than a whisper.

The creature was barely recognisable as human, and if he had been any other person, he'd have assumed it to be a wild animal of some kind, feral and deranged. He certainly wouldn't have assumed it was a werewolf. He also wouldn't have assumed that it's usual form was an eleven year old girl. But as it was, he had seen evidence for himself. He'd seen the darkness it could bring on people's lives. He couldn't pretend it wasn't real.

Andrew's eyes peered in at his sister. No - the monster inside pretending to be his little sister. At least for the next few hours or so, until she turned back and his family could keep up façade of being ordinary people with happy lives.

As if sensing Andrew was not going to unleash it, the monster lifted itself turning to Andrew with pleading, blood curdling eyes. "Andy..." It's eye's seemed to be saying, "Please help me. I'm scared." Andrew didn't move; she - it? - had tried this before, and the one time he'd given in to the temptation, he barely escaped becoming a beast himself.

He just walked to the deck chair leaning against the wall without another word. Leaning back, he pulled out his sketch book. It was going to be a long night, and he wasn't getting any sleep so he might as well do something useful with the hours to kill - anything to remind him that this was reality, and not just a never ending nightmare, no matter how much he wished he could wake up.


"Oh crap, did we remember to bring the DVD player, Dan? Dan!" Jackie's Mum called in a frenzied panic, the stress from unpacking starting to get to her.

Jackie turned up the music on her iPod, sighing in bliss as a Taylor Swift song began to soothe her nerves. Drifting with the music, Jackie once again scanned what was to be her bedroom for the foreseeable future. The walls of her new bedroom were a light blue, apart from the ceiling which was an oddly soothing cream colour, and the carpet that was a midnight blue which Jackie was quite fond of. Most of her possessions were still downstairs, packed up in the bags and boxes she'd put them all in back in London.

Jackie was still slightly apprehensive of the idea of moving from a busy city to a small, unheard of town for the sake of being near her senile grandmother, no matter how interesting she might be. Not that she disliked her grandmother. Her grandmother was just... over protective, a little bit weird, and embarrassing like no tomorrow.

However, she had to admit that moving was without a doubt cool, for want of a better word. It meant that she could recreate her life. She could do anything. She could get her ears pierced, she could dye her hair green, heck she could even get a boyfriend if she wanted to. Her parents and grandmother be damned!

Pins and needles began to creep up her leg, so Jackie placed her iPod on the chest of drawers, stood up, stretched and drew the blinds for the first time. Outside of the window was a forest, which pleasantly surprised her. After they'd settled down, she wouldn't mind living here. Clouds were drifting by in the orange and purple colours of the sunset.

Jackie walked away from the window and opened the door, glancing back for a second before walking out of the room and jumping out of her skin. "Agh!" She let out a strangled cry as she stubbed her toe on the corner of the door. "Shit!" Jackie looked down at her brother Jet, who rolled his eyes. "You know you should stop swearing so much Jack." Jackie's face flushed, her palms getting hot. "Yeah, I know. So did you want anything?"

Jet seemed spaced out for a moment, before wiping his eyes. "What-? Oh, yeah. Mum said to tell you Dad's gone to get a Chinese." Jet faltered for a moment, which made Jackie frown. Usually her little brother was alert at all times, but right now he seemed out of it. Come to think of it, he looked a little pale.

"Are you sick?" Jackie asked suddenly, putting her hand on Jet's shoulder, concerned for her brother's well-being. The boy flinched at the sudden contact, shaking it off. "Yeah, I'm fine. Whatever." He replied monotonously, which only confirmed Jackie's theory. Shaking her head, Jackie moved past Jet. The boy was stubborn at times and she doubted he would admit he was ill until he could barely drag himself out of bed the following morning.

Hopping downstairs two steps at a time, Jackie found herself in the living room, where her Mum was sitting watching television, having finally calmed down. "Hey Mum, you okay?" Jackie's Mum looked up at her daughter, and patted the seat beside her. "I'm going to watch that romance film with the blonde actor from Night of the Stars in it in a sec, want to join me?"

Though the couch looked tempting, Jackie declined. "Not right now, Mum, but how about tomorrow?" The brown haired woman smiled and nodded, before hesitating.

"Look darling, I'm so sorry we had to move so fast like this, but you know how it is with your Dad's mother." Jackie steeled herself, she'd been through this with her Mum time and time again, yet the older woman still seemed to be on a guilt trip. "Look, Mum, I've told you, I don't mind. This is going to be exciting - a whole new life!" She threw her arms around her mother, which seemed to startle the woman before she chuckled. "Nice to know you're so happy, chick. So what is it you want?" Jackie's Mum narrowed her eyes knowingly.

Jackie stuck out her chest in mock offence. "What makes you think I want something, mother dearest?"

"Well, two things. One, you only hug me when you want something and two, I'm your mother and I know everything!"

Jackie shook her head, sagging in defeat. "Fine, you caught me. I was wondering if I could go for a quick walk in the forest...?" Jackie looked at her mother pleadingly. "Fine, just don't go too far and wear your coat. Also, don't be longer than twenty minutes though or I'll assume you've been attacked by wild bears." Her mother's face was set in a disapproving stare. "Don't go too far in, stay in sight of the statues and don't do anything stupid."

Jackie broke into a grin, grabbing her coat and rushing to put her trainers on.


Around fifteen minutes later, Jackie began to regret her decision to go for a walk in a dark forest she'd only been into once before, with her grandmother when she was on holiday two years ago. When a thick, wet drop of rain fell on her nose, she turned around to go home. She began to stalk back the way she came, heading towards the two stone statues at the entrance that she could see just in the distance.


Jackie stopped in her tracks, before hurrying up. Maybe she shouldn't have spent the entire car ride reading Darren Shan books on her kindle. They just proved made her paranoid. Another twig snapped behind her. She broke into a run, only to hear footsteps echoing behind her with an almost inhuman touch. Sweaty and pumped on adrenaline, Jackie sped up her pace. A hand touched her on the shoulder, shocking her so much that she tumbled head first into the leaves below. Heart in her throat and head pounding, Jackie rolled over her body as best as she could. Her eyes were clenched shut in fear of whatever had stopped her.

Trying to gather her bearings inwardly, Jackie tried not to think about what was above, which made her think about it even more. Maybe it was a serial killer, or a ghost. Or maybe -

"Are you a wolfie?" Or maybe, just maybe, she needed to stop reading those strange e-books she kept finding on the internet. Upon further inspection, it wasn't a monster at all. It appeared to be a teenage boy who, for some reason Jackie could not comprehend, was dressed as a cat.

"Wolfie?" She asked, still shaking slightly. "What's a 'wolfie'?"

The boy stared at her as if she had three legs. "What's a 'wolfie'? What's a 'wolfie'! You live in Reed-son and yet you don't what a wolfie is? My, my people these days... A wolfie is a werewolf. Reed-son is over-run with them, you know? Not that they ever show themselves. But they're there. I can smell them! And looking at you you're not a wolfie, so I guess I asked a stupid question." The boy rambled on, losing focus and jumping in an odd manner that made it look like he was dancing.

He glanced down at Jackie. "You gonna stay down there forever, girl-who-isn't-a-wolfie?" He offered out his hand, what could pass as an unnerving smile plastered on his face. Jackie blinked for a moment, before reaching out to take his hand. She was pulled up with so much force, she thought she was either going dislocate her shoulder or topple over again. But before she could be sent sprawling on top of the boy, he steadied her and put his soft - almost alarmingly soft - hands on her shoulders.

Uncomfortable, Jackie squirmed under the boys grip, trying not to think about all the horror films she'd heard about but never had the guts to watch. The boy released her and she stopped, looking over the boy. He had to be around her age, but there was a certain innocent look in his eye which made him look years younger. "So... do you usually stare at people for half an hour? Oooh, does it mean I'm like your soul mate and we're going to get married next week and have seven hundred children by next February." Jackie frowned, not quite sure if the boy was on planet Earth. "Well, anyway, I'm Colin and I'll have you know I'm part cat."

"Of course you are, Colin. Look, I sort of have to go home now so see you around I guess." She shook some leaves off of her coat and faltered for a moment. "My name's Jackie by the way."

"Kay! See you Jackie. Jackie the Jaguar. Are you part cat too? Are you sixteen yet? Cause if you get cravings round your sixteenth birthday, you could be part cat! Or you're pregnant, but yeah. Well, bye!" Colin twirled round and sped off into the trees, laughing like a madman.

Jackie gaped, trying to find the right words, before she simply shook her head and began to walk towards her house. Hopefully not everyone would be as strange as Colin in Reedson.

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