it all started with a kik (larry)

Louis lives in donacast with his 4 little monst- sisters and his mum jay he is in the coloset only his 2 best friends zayn and liam know that he is gay he isnt the most popular boy or a so called ''nerd'' he has friends here and there but not to much what happenes when one kik goes till giving each otheres numberes to skyping each other till meeting eachother! louis when he skyped harry he knew that this boy will turn his life upside down... while harry styles is builed for coming out he works in a bakery with his mum his dad left them when he found out harry was gay but anne never really cared when him and louis start off with kik and see eachother would he give louis a chance would he think that he will never leave him like josh? but.....who is josh are they together are they going to e together you need to read to find out


2. chapter 2

louis pov 

i saw who was it from and i gotta say im in love with the username 


ihaveanamayzinass;well hello there who would write a nick name like mine? and search it

HAZZAAA;well you wrote it sooo you would....

ihaveanamayzinass;thats alone because i have an amayzing ass!

HAZZAAA:...OR because you are to lazy to write your real name HA

ihaveanamayzinass;lets play a game 


then we played 21 qustions i knew that he is gay (lucky for u louis :3) where  his from his real name is harry not really his REAL name is harold but harry goes better with him he knew that i have 4 monsteres while he has only 1 big sister gemma his 19 im 20 no beggie i gusse we just 

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