I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


10. Chapter 9

"Fuck!" What a nice way to wake up in the morning. "Natasha you left your guitar lying around in the hallway again"


"Sure, come on in, it's not like I was sleeping anyway" i sarcastically grand into my pillow.


"I'll start using you guitar as a door mat if you don't stop leaving it lying around out there." Jenna moaned.


"Sorry, I was just really tired last night I forgot to move it" I defended.


"Why've you got it out anyway, have you got a gig?" She asked perching on my bed.


"No, it was just outta tune" I sighed turning over being blinded by the brightened in the room.


"Oh" She replied. "You really need to clean up"


"I know"


"Are we still on for shopping today?"


"Sure, give me 10 minutes" I smiled.


"So I'll see you in an hour?" She joked.


"Most likely" I laughed as she left the room. I opened my closet and took this out an Abercrombie red shirt one and some shorts on. I looked at the mirror and placed some toms on. www.polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=7...

I wrestled the tangles in my hair before giving ip and putting in into a bun. I shoved a tooth brush in my mouth whilst doing my make up at the ams times, it wasn't the best solution for saving time but it worked none the less.


"There, not too bad" I grinned at Jenna who was eagerly waiting by the front door.


"20 minutes, I was expecting a lot longer" She grinned.


"what can I say, I'm low maintenance" I joked.


"Next joke?"


"Shut up" i laughed smacking her arm lightly.


"So I think we shout hit up Hollister and Fat face first" I groaned in response.


"I'd rather not" I moaned walking out the door.


"It's not gonna kill you to go in them"


"You have a great figure. Why do you hide it user these jean shorts and and a short sleeved shirt?"


"Because we're going to town, shopping. Nothing fancy why do I need to dress up?"


"Do you not want to find a boyfriend?" I couldn't help but laugh at her question. 


"What? Well for a start, who said I wanted a boyfriend?"


"You haven't said that but I know you do" She winked



"This pink dress would accentuate your eyes"


"Excuse me?" I asked almost cocking on my mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks.


"See it really brings out your eyes" She replied ignoring my comment and holding it up against my body.


"It also brings out my breakfast from my stomach" I muttered.




"It makes me want to throw up"


"Just try in on" She pleaded.


"I'd rather wrestle a crocodile"


"You'd do that anyway"


"Good point"


"Please" She continued to beg.


"I'll try this, and only this and then can we go home?" I replied defeated.


"Fine, but you're buying it no matter what"


"Yes, with all the money I'm rolling around in" I called out to her sarcastically as she followed me to the dressing rooms.


I swung the curtain across and sat down on the stool and slid my phone out of my pocket. I decided to sit and play draw something whilst Jenna thought I was trying the dress.


I slid the dress on and smoothed it out. "Hey Jenna, is there supposed to be a belt with this, it doesn't look right" I commented but got no reply. "Jenna!" I called again, still no response. "Jenna?" I asked. I could hear her talking to someone, she didn't know anyone who worked here could here so who the heck could she be talking to? "I'm coming out, prepare your eyes" I warned before slowly pulling the curating back. I looked around and couldn't see her.


"Over here" She called out. I spun around on my heels, instantly regretting it. She was with this guy, when he turned around it was Louis.


"What are you doing here?" I snarled.


"Shopping." He answered sarcastically.


"Well I'm leaving, see you at home Jenna" I replied before stropping back into the dressing room. As soon as I closed the curtain Jenna swung it back open and stormed in.


"What is wrong with you?" She hissed.


"What is wrong with you?!" I repeated.


"He's just shopping" 


"Why are you talking to him? You know I hate him after what he did to me"


"Yeah, but he didn't do that to me"


"Oh gee thanks, you're a great friend" I muttered sarcastically.


"Just because you don't like him doesn't mean I can't"


"You're only saying that because he's famous"


"Take that back"




"Take it back"


"Make me"


"Bitch" She growled. I almost scoffed at her response. "I'm off to hand around with my new friend" She added leaving the room. "Later" She snarled sliding the curating across in anger. I was in complete shock. I can't believe she did that, although this wasn't unusual, Jenna suffered from a bipolar disorder, it's hard to deal with but we normally make it through the rough patches.


I handed the dress to the lady outside the changing rooms and wandered out the store.




"Leave me alone Louis!" I shouted not even turning around to face him.


"I just want to apologize!" he called back.


"For what?" I asked stopping in my tracks.


"For making Jenna get mad at you and ruining you day"


"Whatever" I replied and started walking again.


"Natasha, wait!" He shouted. I continued to walk, he didn't make me angry about today, he made me angry about the whole past year. "Are you just going to ignore me" He asked falling into step with me. I completely blanked him and concentrated on getting back home. "C'mon Natasha" He spoke waving a hand in from of my face. I swatted it away out of annoyance but he took this opportunity to grab my hand.


"Let go" I snarled.


"No, I don't think I will" He grinned.


"Won't your girlfriend mind?" I asked through gritted teeth.


"Nahh, she'll be fine with it." H replied still all Mr. Happy.


"Well I'm not" I grunted wiggling out of his grip.


"It's good to see you again"


"Bye Louis" I called out walking up to my front door.


"What?" He asked standing at the garden gate.


"Goodbye" I replied slowly making sure he understood.


"I heard what you said"


"Then why are you still here?"


"We need to catch up"


"No we don't."


"Fine" He replied giving in "See ya around"


"No you won't"


"Are you sure about that?" He asked smirking. I narrowed my eyes at him wondering what he was thinking. "I know where you live" He grinned pointing to the house and walking odd. That boy. I shook my head and walked into my house ready for an afternoon spent watching TV.



Two weeks after


Louis P.O.V.



"Nice one Einstein!" Harry yelled at me as we ran away from a crowd of screaming girls.


"Hey, it's not my fault!" I argued back.


"Who was the one that shouted my name=" He asked looking at me with raised eyebrows.


"I didn't think anyone could hear" I admitted.


"You scrammed it at the top of your lungs whilst pushing me around in shopping trolley.." He replied sarcastically.


"You did run over my foot!"


"It was an accident for the fifth time!" He shouted. "Where are we going?" He asked stopping in his tracks.


"I know a place

" I winked before grabbing his arm and pulling him along the street.


"I don't trust you" He muttered.


"You're still running" I smirked.


"Touché" He grinned.



Natasha's P.O.V.


"How dare you!?" I screamed at the TV.


"The TV can't hear you! How many times I have to tell you that?" Jenna chimed from the kitchen. 


"It'll hear me when I throw in on the floor!"


"What are you even going?" She asked walking towards the door.


"Playing a game" I replied in full concentration.

"Which is?"


"Call of Duty" I answered jumping to my feet in excitement. I used to play it with my dad. Every time I play it, it bring amazing memories.


"Square eyes" She replied in a sing song tone.


"Don't you have to go to work?" i asked pausing the game and smirking at her.


"I'd much rather stay here and watch you argue with the TV whilst jumping on the sofa, but sadly that sin't an option"


"See ya later"


"Have a nice day to you too" She replied sarcastically.


"We're out of cocopops!" I called out to her as she walked out the door. I didn't hear her response but it was probably emoting sarcastic. I said Jenna was bipolar, today was a good day. The argument two weeks ago was way behind us, as well as a certain brown haired boy. I decide to take a break before the next go and wandered towards the kitchen. I popped two sliced of bread into the toaster and routed through the fridge until I flung two cans. One was Mountain Dew and the other was Sprite. I heard the Xbox beep meaning someone was stating a game with me, I bypassed the toaster and ran straight into the living room. 


I was so close to king a whole team when a continuous knocking on the door wiped away my concentration.


"You're going down!" I shouted back towards the TV. I was leaning so far forwards on the sofa I was close to falling odd, this was such as close match. The knocking continued as was running my death streak "Go away!" I shouted not taking my eyes away from the TV.


"NATASHA!" Louis voice through the letterbox, did he honestly think I was going to answer the door for him.


"Nobody's home!" I shouted back.


"Nobody has a pretty big mouth!" He retorted. Someone had gotten smarted I thought.


"Get out, not air support!" I argued with the TV.


"NATASHA!" He shouted, I ignored him. "If you don't open this door I'm afraid I'm going to have to break it down!"


"Good luck with that little boy!" I shouted.


"1…" He began counting. I didn't think he would actually try. "2…" He continued. He's bluffing right? "3!" He shouted. I heard a loud bang, that was sound of Louis hitting a wooden door and not getting any result except for a bruised arm. "Ow" I heard him whine. I paused the game, reluctantly, before walking towards the door. "You try it then" I heard him say to someone, oh joy in his unexpected visit he's brought company.


"Fine" i heard the other voice speak. I opened the front door wide open, really wishing I hadn't. I flew to the floor with a strange boy tripling onto me.


"Ow" I winced as his elbow was jabbing me in the boob "Get off" I choked out.


"Sorry" He mumbled looking flustered as he helped me up.


"Getting elbowed in the boob is like me kicking you in the round tables"


"Sorry" He repeated.


"It's fine" i sighed "Why are you here?" I asked borrowing my eyes at Louis.


"Mobbed by fans" He grinned.


"Aren't you used to that Mr. Worldwide Sensation?" I asked sarcastically.


"Still sarcastic?"


"Still annoying?" I retired.


"Can we come int?" He asked shuffling around on the door step.


"Well you friend here didn't need an invitation" I smirked.


"That's Harry"


"Hey" harry responded.


"Oh, the sheep?" I grinned.


"What?" Harry asked confused.


"Oh did he not tell you? Apparently you hair remands him of the wo.." Before I could continue Louis hand covered my mouth muffling my answer.


"So can we come in? I mean can I come in?" He rephrased. I stuck my leg ip so the doorway was blocked.






"No password, no entry"


"That's not fair, Harry's in" He moaned. I just raised my eyebrows signaling I wasn't giving in. "Natasha in the most amazing person ever?"


"No but thanks" I smirked.


"I don't know, potatoes?"


"For a smart guy, you're pretty dumb"


"All Time Low" He grinned. I could help but let my jaw drop a little.


"You actually remember something?" I asked rhetorically whilst I reluctant let him in.


"Nice place" Harry commented as they followed me into the living room.


"It's really not" I responded. "How long are you gonna be here for?" I asked picking up the controller.


"Only an hour" Louis answered gazing around the room.


"Don't break anything" I warned.


"You're bouncing up and down on the sofa and you're warning me?"


"Shut it" I smirked before turning towards the TV. 


"You do realize there's a toast in you toaster that's ice cold" Harry spoke as I walked into the kitchen to see what meed they had made.


"Oh yeah, I guess I got carried away" I laughed. 


I heard the door open.


"Jenna?" I quizzed as she ran into the question.


"I have some good news!" She grinned with excitement. "I got you a g.." She started to finish but then she phased noticing I wasn't alone. "Why are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson in our kitchen?" She screamed wide eyed.


"Ignore them, they're not relevant. What did you get me?" I asked excited.


"HEY!" both of the boys shouted. I rolled my eyes at them before turning back to Jenna.


"I got you a gig!" She said excited jumping


"You did?" I asked surpassed.


"Yeah!" She giggled still bouncing around. "Why aren't you happy dancing with me?" She asked staining still.


"i haven't played in ages" I sighed.


"You're natural, you'll be fine" She reassured.


"When is it?"


"Tonight" She grinned.



"TONIGHT?!" I shouted.


"Yep, at some fancy club."


"Tonight?!" I repeated.


"5 song set, find something nice to wear, we leave at four fro sound check" I took a minute for all that to sink in. I'd never play din a club, most limey my biggest audience yet and i was nowhere near prepared.


"I have nothing prepared, what am I supposed to sing?" I asked panicked.


"Covers? Or you're originals"


"I don't know" I sighed.


"You're not just gonna pass up this opportunity are you?" Harry asked butting into the conversation. I totally forgot the boys were there.


"You don't understand"


"You'll revert it" Louis added.


"You'll do great, you always do" Jenna smiled.


"Fine" I replied going in, today just got slightly busier.


"Can we come?" Louis asked excitedly.


"No" I stated


"What? Why" He asked shocked.


"Because I said so." I huffed before walking upstairs to find something to war and something to sing.

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