I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


9. Chapter 8

Natasha's P.O.V.



"It has been a year already. I miss you all like crazy, I know you're watching over me, but it just isn't the same. I tempted to join you guys, but Jenna keeps telling me it will get better, I'll believe that when I see it" I spoke softly, a small tear escaped me eye. "I can't stay long, it's getting dark, but know I'll always love you, I miss you so much" I cried. I placed a flower on each grave, how I wish I didn't have to do this and I could just run into my dad's arms and he'd tell me everything was going to be just fine. The rain started pouring pretty heavy as grey clouds covered the sky, the tears running down my face melted into the rain, I was soaked completely. I was about to stand up, considering it was getting dark and the graveyard was a fair distance out of town, until the cold touched my shoulder. My hole body froze, I remained completely still not sure what to do next. My eyes grew wide as the hand remained on my shoulder, I could feel my body shaking under their power.



Louis P.O.V.

-my house


"You're favorite person in the whole wide world is home!" I called out through the hallway of our apartment.


"Hey" Harry replied sliding out of the study room on a chair with wheels.


"How was Kendall?" He asked raising his eyebrows.


"She's fine, as usual" I replied.


"Shame" He muttered.


"I heard that."


"Sorry." He replied holding his hands up showing his innocence.


"What is you problem with Kendall?"


"Nothing. Why are you all wet?" He mumbled turning back to the desk where this MacBook was open.


"It's raining, pretty heavy out, I decided to walk home too after dropping Kendall back off."




"Because I wanted thinking space" I admitted.


"Thinking about what?"


"Nothing important" I lied.


"Sure" He replied shaking his hand.


"What'cha going?" I asked leaning over his shoulder.


"Just laying down some beats for a new song"


"Awesone" I grinned.


"What are you so happy about?"


"Oh nothing.." I grinned


"Seriously, waht is up with you?"


"Where are the others?" I asked ignoring his question and standing up straight again.




"I would have never have guessed." I replied sarcastically.


"I think I heard something about per peri chicken"


"Nando's" I stated.


"Niall" Harry stated.


"Iron stomach guy more like" I muttered.


"So why are you so happy?" He asked again not dropping the fact I had a huge grin on my face.


"Well…" I giggled like a girl.


"Spill" He asked chewing on his pencil looking sophisticated sat at his desk.


"I bumped into someone" I grinned.


"Who?" He asked eagerly, probably thinking it was someone famous.


"Natasha" I grinned jumping up and down.


"Like I said before, who?" He asked nothing his eyebrows together.


"Natasha" I repeated, he cocked his eyebrow up at me still completely lost. "Natasha, stuck on a deserted island, survived a plane crash."


"Oh" He muttered before turning back to his laptop.


"Oh? Is that it?" I asked dumbfounded.


"Well what do you want me to say?"


"You could at least show some emotion"




"Because…" I trailed off not knowing how to answer.


"Look, she probably doesn't remember you, you haven't spoken to her in like a year, you didn't keep in contact, why are you so happy?" He questioned in a bed temper.


"Geez sorry, what's eating at your nerves?"


"Nothing" He muttered. "Did she say anything to you?"


"Uh, sorta of, not much" I mumbled.


"So are you going to see her again?"


"I don't know, I know where she works."


"So you're going to stalk her?" He asked raising his eyebrows.


"I wasn't but thanks for giving me that idea" I grinned.


"Don't" He warmed. "What about Kendall?"


"What about Kendall?"


"She isn't going to like her boyfriend running around after another girl"


"I'n not running around after her, I just wanna see how she is"


"But you kissed her, you know how girls are when you kiss them and leave them"


"No….I don't actually"


"You haven't watched enough click flicks"


"And you have?" I asked with ah int of annoyance.


"Look, girls don't like that sorta of thing, you're lucky that she even gave you the time of day"


"Well that makes me feel a lot better" I muttered sarcastically and dragged my body out of the study.


"Only trying to help!" He shouted after me.


"Yeah, thanks a lot" I muttered under my breath slumping up to my room. Would Natasha really ignored because I kiss her and left? It's not like we were dating or anything.



Natasha's P.O.V.




"Hey, I bought a tub of Ben and Jerry's each." The person behind me spoke.


"What the hell, Jenna don't do that" I shouted over the rain before gripping her in a tight hug.


"Hey what's all this about?" She asked putting her hands on my shoulders.


"It's been a long day" I sighed.


"You can tell me all about it over a  rerun of friends." she smiled


"What are you even doing here?" I asked as we walked towards the car.


"Well I noticed a storm coming and I knew you would be here, I couldn't leave you here all by yourself"


"Thanks." I smiled.


"No problem, it's the least I could do on a day like this" She smiled back giving my shoulder a tight squeeze.



-my house


"They're clear on a break!" I shouted at the TV.


"They can't here you" Jenna chuckled.


"Whatever" I mumbled filling myself up on more ice cream.


"So are you going to tell me what happened?"


"How do you know something happened?" I asked borrowing my eyes at her.


"You're fidgety" She grinned.


"Am not" I protested.


"Look at your hands, you fingers are tapping and you haven't even noticed" She commented. She was right as I looked down at my hands, my fingers were indeed tapping to an unknown rhythm, it was like I couldn't even control them. "So what's up?" She asked again.


"Just something that happened at the diner"


"You didn't get fired did you?" She asked sounding alert.


"No" I replied shaking my head. "Okay, is was more like come one happened at the diner" I admitted staring aimlessly at the tub of `New York Fudge Chunk´Ben and Jerry's.


"Oh really? Who?" She ask excitedly. "Was it Josh?" She grinned wiggling her eyebrow.


"What's wrong with Josh?"


"Are you really asking that?"


"Point got. So who was it?"


"You know I survived a plane crash and was stranded on an island.."




"Well I was stranded with.."


"You saw Louis again?" She asked on the edge of her seat answering for me. I simply nodded. "What did he say?"


"Not a lot. I walked away"


"What? Why?" She screeched in my ear.


"Because of what he did. Or should I say what he didn't do."


"And that was…"


"He promised he wouldn't forget me, he would keep contact and help me through the struggle I was going to face."


"He has a busy life" She reasoned.


"I thought he felt something though. Why else would he kiss me?" i asked, my voice beginning to shake.


"Boys will always be boys. Hunny, if that's what he did he doesn't deserve you attention. I was just one siting, you won't have to see him again.


"Yeah.." I sighed.


"Unless you want to?"


"No." I finally answered although I didn't reply confidently.


"That's alright then, c'mon let's get you to bed, you're soaking" She smiled pulling me up from the chair.


"Thanks" I mumbled before walking into my room.



I needed sleep so badly but every time I closed my eyes I only saw one face, his.

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