I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


8. Chapter 7

-A year later




"NO!" I grounded in pillow.


"Move your lazy butt outta that bed now or I'll cut off you Nutella supply"


"You wouldn't" I snarled.


"Wouldn't I?"


"Alright, I'm getting up" I mumbled throwing the duvet off myself.


"Good, because the rent won't pay itself"


Welcome to my life, to be quite honest I detest it with an extreme passion, I'm stuck in some stupid dead end job at a roller skating finer called `best intentions´I have no idea why it's called that, it makes as much sense as a chocolate fire guard. I live in a small apartment in central London, the rent is ridiculous , I share my `crib´with my best friend; Jenna. As much as she is my best friend,s he drives me crazy, she's like my second mom. I don't have a huge social life, but I'm never one to pass going out clubbing. That's practically it. Love life? What love life?


I threw the duvet off myself and slipped out of bet literally. I hopped and skipped over empty pizza boxes I hadn't had a chance to get rid of yet and made my way over to my bathroom. I turned the shower on, waiting for the water to get warm. I ripped off my pajamas and stepped into the shower, regretting my actions, the water hadn't heated up. I stepped out of the shower and threw on my extremely unappealing work uniform. 


"You're going to be late again" Jenna informed as she gazed at me over her newspaper.


"Thanks for that captain obvious" I rolled my eyes.


"If you lose you job I'm kicking you out"


"Always supportive I see" I replied sarcastically.


"We can barely afford to live here as it is, you could at least but a bit off effort in"

I'm stuck in a cycle and there doesn't look like there's a way out" I sighed.


"You don't know that, maybe it's waiting for you at work" She winked.


"Oh yeah totally" I rolled my eyes again.


"Go on, getting go." She laughed.


"I'm going" I answered holding my hands up in the air and walking towards the door.


"Oh, the flowers are being delivered this afternoon to the diner, so you'll be able to go straight there"


"Where would I be without you?" I grinned.


"Sharing a back alley with a homeless person?" She joked.


"Most likely" I laughed as I walked out the door.





"You're late" Dan the diner owner commented, whilst tapping the clock.


"Sorry" I muffled whilst walking into the staffroom to put on my dreaded skates. I felt stupid wearing them, I could skate easily but every single customer would comment on them and how a skating diner was weird. I tied up the laces and stood up, careful not to fall flat on my face; like I did the first time I wore them.


"Jenna said something about a flower delivery?"


"Yeah, that's okay right?"


"Sure, do you need to get off early or anything?"


"I'm only working until 6:00 today, I should be fine" I replied attempting to smile. Dan wasn't a bad boss, but sometimes he could be creepy. He was a weird stare, sometimes if he doesn't like a certain customer he'll stare them down until they leave.


"Okay, tabled need cleaning" He instructed throwing a wet cloth at my face.


"Gee thanks" I muttered skating past him.


I skated around cleaning tabled of dirty plated and cups. I skated around a little boy who had decided to throw his guts up in the middle of the diner.


"Nice" I muttered skating into the kitchen with more plates in my hand.


"Natasha, clean that up!" Dan called to me from the cashier.


"Me?" I asked skating back to the front of the diner.


"Your name's Natasha right?"


"Right now I wish ti wasn't" I mumbled.


"You know where the mop and bucket is" He joked before turning his attention back towards a customer.


"You know where the mop and bucket is" I muttered under my breath as I skate towards the store room. Whilst I was skating, avoiding the remains of the boy's pancaked on the floor, a girl in the diner gave out an ear popping scream. Along with her annoying friends, they were pretty much regulars, queen bee gossip queens I refers to them as. I didn't bother turning to see what she screamed at, she most likely broke a nail or the boy she `fancied´liked her Facebook status, which probably went along the lined of; Hangin wit da girlies xoxox <3. I trapped the mop and bucket before reporting to the scene as the crime, as I thought of it. I he'd my breath whilst cleaning up the vomit. I was close to being sick, I couldn't stand the sight of it, I wanted to wretch but I would probably lose my job, and like Jenna said. I don't want to end up sharing a back alley with a homeless guy. I put the mop and bucket back after cleaning them up and skated towards a table to clean up the plate but Dan shouted me, again.


"Natasha, wait the tables" He instructed without even looking up from his Sudoku puzzle book.


"That's not my job" I replied skating towards him.


"Rebekah's feeling dizzy, she just needs to sit down for a minute"


"But I'm useless at it" I whined really not wanting to do it.


"Look, you're shift is over in a few minutes, a couple of tables, you'll do fine"


"Okay" I grunted snatching the notepad and pen of the counter top.


"Can I take your order?" I said unenthusiastically at the first table.


"I'll just get a coffee not mil or sugar, thanks" he politely replied. Who goes to a diner for a coffee? The is a Starbucks right next door. Anyway I proceeded to take his order exactly how he asked for it and ran it through into the kitchen. I was anxiously watching the lock, it was so close to six. I was itching to leave.


"One more table." Dan spoke, he didn't even look ip form what he was doing. I sighed and skated towards my final table of the night. I held my notepad directly in front of my face, not even bother to look who I was serving.


"Can I take your order?" I asked in the same unenthusiastic tome as before.


"Natasha?" The customer asked.


"Who's asking?" I asked borrowing my eyes at my notepad, not sure wether to look at them or not.


"Louis, Louis Tomlinson" I pulled the notepad away from my face, he was right, it was him and he was with a girl. I assumed his girlfriend considering he had his arm around her waist and she was leaning into him. Before I could say anything the timer went off, my shift was over. I went away from the table, not bothering to take his order and went straight into the staffroom. I threw my skated off in total anger, he just shows up out of the blue, no contact for a whole year. I knew promise was a big word but he insisted he was a `big boy´oh how he was wrong. Just seeing his face made my blood boil, I was everything to him he said I wasn't.


"You alright?" Dan asked popping his head around the door, making me jump.


"Yeah, fine" I grumbled.


"It sounded like an elephant was in here"


"Just me" I sighed.


"Are you okay?"


"Yeah" I sighed again before pushing past him. I walked back into the diner and grabbed the flowers off the counter top.


"Natasha!" Louis called as I walked out, unlike last time he was calling my name I completely blanked him, he didn't deserve my attention.

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