I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


7. Chapter 6

I chuckled to myself as he still hadn't found me yet, he continued  to search up and down the beach looking hopeless. He even chuckled up trees and in-between the tree line. I caught myself smiling as I watched him strip of his shirt, getting hot in the midday sun. i don't lie to stare but  when someone like Louis Tomlinson is on the beach, shirtless, looking for you, how can you not? As he turned back around and started pacing down the other end of the beach, I slowly began to close my eyes, a quick five minute nap won't do anyone any harm, I thought to myself.


I was quick to wake up when I felt myself being suffocated, the air to my brain was limited as something was covering my mouth, blocking my airway. I started swatting my hands in front of me in the process I began hitting something, I wasn't aware of what it was until it spoke.


"Hey, ouch!" He complained. I tried to respond but his hand was still over my mouth so it came out more muddled then anything. I stared at him wide eyed. 


"Found you" He smirked. I moved his hand away from my mouth and regained my breathing.


"i thought you were some caveman trying to kill me" I sighed.


"You look cute when you sleep"




"Who goes to sleep playing hide and seek?"


"You were taking ages." I complained. "How long have I been in here?" I asked trying to move yet Louis towering body wasn't allowing me. He had his knee's either side of my leg and face right up in mine as I leant back against the cave wall.


"Maybe an hour?" He asked rhetorically.


"You're seriously bad at his game" I smirked.


"If you hadn't had fallen asleep you would have known I gave up ages ago and you could have come out" He smirked.


"I was enjoying my nap." I retorted grinning right a thin.


"I noticed." He grinned back, staring straight into my eyes.


"After this?" I asked changing the subject.




"Are just gonna for.." I attempted to ask.


"Forget each other?" He finished for me. I nodded feeling slump in my throat as id I was about to cry. "How could I forget someone like you?" He grinned.


"So you're not gonna forget about little ole me when you're back to being Mr. Worldwide sensation?" I asked staring down at my hands as my things twiddled with each other.


"I wouldn't dream of it! He grinned pulling my chin back up.


"You're not just saying that to make me feel better are you?" I asked staring straight into his eyes.


"of course I'm not. Natasha, I'm glad we got stuck on this island together, it may not be the most convenient circumstance but I've enjoyed every second of it. Even when you're playing pranks on me, rolling your eyes at me or just being plain sarcastic."


"Hey" I whined, still smiling.


"I'll promise to keep in contact and visit you"


"Promise is a big word"


"And I'm a big boy" He grinned.


"If you say so" I mocked.


"Well you can be the judge of that" He winked.


"Louis Tomlinson you're unbelievable" I replied laughing followed by his own laugh.


"I know" He grinned. Silence fell around us as we both stopped talking and laughing. I bit my lip as our eyes still remained fixed on each others. I couldn't help but notice they were a bright green with a hint of blue, he was happy and so was I. The gap between us was vanishing as we both sub consciously pulled towards each other like a set of magnets. His hot breath was tickling against my lips. I trapped hold of his shirt. A part of me did wish he hadn't put his shirt back on but the other half knew I wouldn't be able to control myself otherwise. I took in his scent as out lips were just centimeters away, my eyes closed along with his as our heads crept closer and closer. I opened my eyes just to check I wasn't dreaming and he was still there but something in the distance in the corner of my eyes caught my attention. I quickly pushed Louis of me as I stood up and ran out of the cave. Louis was left to tumble as he was left without a leaning post.


"Natasha?" He asked running up behind me, confused by my actions.


"Look" I pointed towards the sky at the horizon.


"Is that…"


"A helicopter" I beamed.


"I told you someone would rescue us." He shouted as he picked me up and spun me around.


"C'mon" I shouted to him as I ran down the beach towards our help sign. "Jump up and down, wave your hands, go crazy" I laughed.


"Nothing abnormal then." He joked as he continued to jump up and down next to me. His hand grasped mine as we waved with the other ones. The helicopter began to approach us rather rapidly. "We're saved" He grinned, delighted.


"I know" I smiled whilst hugging his waist tightly his arm quickly enveloped me back bringing me into his famous bone crushing hug.





Once we were sat aboard the helicopter my whole body began shaking, I didn't like flying in the first place but surviving a plane crash didn't help with matters. I squeezed my eyes shut whiting this whole flight would just end. A warm hand slipped into mine offering me comfort, I opened my eyes and turned my head to look at Louis who was offering me a reassuring smile. We were sitting in the middle row of the helicopter covered in tin foil blankets, no matter how many times we told them we were fine they insisted that we had to wrap up warm, or in our case bake like a thanksgiving turkey. There was minimal conversation in the aircraft, the blades spinning around our heads were crating such a strong noise our voiced come out muffled and unrecognizable. Every so often louis would offer my hand a reassuring squeeze keeping my nerves at bay. I couldn't help but lean into his side feeling protected.


As we flew above the ocean, for what seemed like hours, I couldn't help think my family were lost in that dark ocean somewhere, probably never to be found. I bit my tongue to stop myself form tearing up. Louis was a good distraction, it was as if it was a vacation and the actual realization was in the back of my mind. But as we were flying back to dry land, hopefully, it hit me, what was going to happen me? I have no family to go back to, just an empty house full of memories. A small salt tear slipped out of my eye as it remainder closed, Louis thumb quickly brushed it away but it didn't make me feel any better. Louis had everything to go back for, his weren't like a family to me, I didn't have a career, I would occasionally sing and play the guitar in pubs and clubs but that was on the rare occasion. I was already eighteen which meant I wouldn't be put under social serviced, I was going to have to fend for myself, unless I moved to New Zealand. I didn't want to move, I loved living in England and everything it offered, but the rest of my family resided in New Zealand. I hardy see them or speak to them so I doubt there would be much hope of them taking me in anyway. The thought of them having to arrange a funeral, or 3 made my body shake even more.


After hours of flying, we really must have been in the middle of nowhere, land started to appear underneath.


"Where are we?" I asked Louis sitting up of him.


"I don't know, but I don't think I've ever been happier to see land" He grinned


"Where are we?" I asked Louis sitting up of him.


"I don't know, but I don't think I've ever been happier to see land" He grinned.


"Where are we?" I asked the co-pilot.


"Miami, Florida" He smiled as he turned around to answer me.


"Oh" I simply replied. Florida? Just thinking about having to get on another plane for 9 hours was killing me, jumping out of the helicopter door began to look tempting.


"Maybe you can meet Mickey Mouse?" Louis smiled, being his upbeat self.


"Yeah" I sighed, knowing that was never going to happen. 


I had no idea what was going to happen to me as soon as we landed. Was I just going to be left stranded in a strange country, not knowing anyone? The helicopter began making a descent making my stomach do a range of somersaults.


"I can't wait to see my boys" Louis grinned excitedly. I misled back at him the best I could, but I really wasn't feeling his excitement. But Louis promised he wouldn't forget me and just leave me, I just hoped he wouldn't go back on his promise.



-we got to Florida


"Welcome to Florida!" A lady greeted us as we stepped off the helicopter.


"Thanks" I muttered looking down at the floor. Louis hand was still firmly in my mine. He was looking around at the sights, which he would be bale to explore however I wasn't feeling the sights, what's the point of looking at something I can't have?


"We'll take you guys to get showered, cleaned up, give you some clean clothes and then we can discuss what's happening" A young man, wearing a Chanel suit instructed us as he led us down a plain, grey walled corridor. I thought Florida was supposed to be the sunshine state, they could at least brighten the place up a bit. We reached the end of the corridor and the man turned around to look at us.


"Louis, your clothes are in there, along with the shower, and various toiletries, along with a towel, just come out when you're ready" The man smiled. Louis hand slipped out of mind as he walked off into the room he was directed to, not even looking at me.


"And Natasha, yours is opposite" He replied pointing to door directly opposite Louis.


"Thanks" I mumbled before walking into a medium sized bathroom.


It felt so good being able to use a toilet again, that was one of the things I definitely didn't enjoy about being stranded. I pulled of my clothes, they were beginning to smell and cling in the shower rejoicing running warm water. The water that poured down the plug hole was a horrible brown color, made up of dirt and sand. My hair felt worse than straw, I lathered half of bottle of shampoo onto my locks whilst I washed all the sea water out. After I conditioned it, it felt a hell lot softer. I wrapped a towel around my hair and body before staring at the clothes they had provided. I was impressed with their choices, I was expecting a pair of shorts a crop top but instead they gave me this: www.polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=7...


"Take your time" Louis smirked. He was leant up against the wall opposite my bathroom, one leg bent up against the wall and his arms crossed over his chest. He was wearing a plain black white shirt and a pair of bright red chinos. His hair was swept to said and looked like a perfect mess. He looked flawless, I couldn't help let my eyes run over his body, I had never seem him dressed normally only in worn out clothes.


"Sorry" I smiled.


"It's feels nice to be able to brush my teeth again." He grinned showing his pearly whites.


"I know what you mean"


"Are you ready?" He asked holding his hand out for mine, which I gladly accepted.


"No" I replied.


"C'mon, what's the worst that could happen?"


"Nothing" I muttered shaking my head but I could already picture the scenario being played out in my head.


"So you're flight back to England is in a couple of minutes" The man smiled at me from across his desk. I would be flown back to England, my inheritance money form my parents would be done in England. 


"So there were no more survivors?" I asked for the seventh time.


"No, I'm terribly sorry" He sighed. "You're lucky you survived, it's very rare" He tried to conceal. His answer didn't amuse me, I didn't feel lucky, I ad just lost my family.


"Losing my family isn't what I could consider lucky" I snarled.


"Let's get you on that flight then" H replied pulling me out of the room ignoring my remark.


"What about Louis?" I questioned as he ushered me to walk faster.


"He's all taken care of" He smiled.




"C'mon, you'll miss you're flight"


"I don't want to go" I whimpered.


"You don't have a choice" He replied getting annoyed, this guy seriously has no emotion inside of him.


"Please?" I begged.


"You'll be fine" He smiled slightly, although it looked forced.


"Can't I even say goodbye to Louis?" I pleaded as he dragged me through the airport.


"He's long gone"


"What?" I croaked out, stopping in my tracks.


"C'mon love, he's got a busy life." He replied without even caring how I felt and pulling me back. I reluctantly let myself be pulled along towards the boarding gate, Louis had already forgotten about me. I was just a conversation keeper, nothing special to Mr Worldwide sensation. That stupid son of…


"NATASHA!" I turned around at the sound of someone shouting my name. I couldn't see where or who it came from. "NATASHA!" They shouted again. I saw people being pushed out of the way and commotion happening right in front of me, none other than Louis Tomlinson was running straight towards me, away from a guy in a suit just like the one leading me off.


"LOUIS!" I called back as I released the man's grasp from around my arm. I began running towards him as fast as my weak legs could carry me.


"Natasha" He puffed out of breath as he was inches away from me.


"Louis" I replied just as out of breath. His hand reached towards my jaw line and pulled me closer to him, his mouth soon connected to mine, moving in sync. My hands began to run through his hair as his hand moved to my cheek and the other to my waist. His breath was minty fresh, just like he beamed. His lips were soft and cherish able. His tongue glided through my mouth, as the kiss heated up. I din't want to let go but I felt my body being grabbed by someone else, our lips ripped apart too much for either of our liking.


"Louis!" I cried as I was being carried away by two men in suits.


"Natasha!" He shouted, he was trying to run after me but he was stopped by a group of men. Not matter how much he tried to break through he couldn't. They were four boys behind the meant trying to clam him down, I assumed his bad made but I wasn't sure.


"You promised!" I cried out. I never got the chance to hear his reply, I was shoved into the airplane without another word from anyone. I trued to get off but was constantly shoved down in my seat. The doors were bolted shut and take off began. I was on a plane, back to England, by myself. No friend, no family and no Louis.

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