I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


6. Chapter 5- Part 2

"Louis!" I whined again, yet he still chose to ignore me. "Louis get off my foot." I complained, he grunted in response and twitched his nose. He was awake, he was just being annoying. "I'm going to get naked" I chirped.


"You are?" He asked sitting straight up, realizing my trapped foot from underneath him.


"No you idiot" I replied standing up.


"Don't tease me like that" He moaned.


"Next time you fall asleep don't use my foot as a mattress."


"Next time I fall asleep don't put your foo t underneath me." He shot back.


"Ooo some's getting smarter" I winked.


"I've been around you for too long." He joked. "Hey what are you doing?" He quickly called out to me as I walked toward the sea.


"Going for a swim, I font see any showers around here." I asnered sarcastically.




"Is that all you even think about?" i asked raising my eyebrows.


"No.."He chuckled.


"Typical boy." I murmured. I quickly threw off my shirt off to reveal my black bra, and then my trousers, leaving me stood in my underwear. I threw them onto the sand, far enough away from the sea the water felt refreshing against my pores as I delved deeper into the ocean.


"Are you not worried about the killer seaweed." I said as I rolled my eyes and swam into the deeper depths of the water, so it was now surrounding my back. I turned around to face the shore. Louis was now knee deep into the water, creating a massive splash with every step he took. He had managed to remove his trousers before entering too. We were both in the middle of nowhere in our underwear. Could this get any weirder? I began to tread water, waiting for Louis to catch up.


"You know, if no one finds us within a month, we should populate the island." He grinned wiggling his eyebrows at me.


"Louis Tomlinson, what are you suggesting?" I asked raising my eyebrows at him.


"Don't deny you don0t want a bit of Louis Tomlinson." He winked.


"You disgust me" I grinned splashing him, whilst he was temporarily blinded I decided to make things slightly more fun-tertainging. 


I took a big gulp of air before disappearing under the surface of the water. I swam behind Louis so once his sight was back he wouldn't see me. I opened my eyes cautiously, they began to get used to the salt infused water rapidly making it easy for me to see. I swam deeper towards he ocean floor, stopping when I could finally put my feet down. I had to stop myself from laughing at my evil plan. luis must have gained his sight back as he was spinning in a circle, most likely searching for me. However I was directly underneath him. I reached out my hands and gently tickled his foot. He quickly jerked it away, after he stopped kicking wildly. I reached back up and grabbed a hold of his legs. I pinch his calves. I was trying to act like a shark, I couldn't tell if I was any good at it but he was certainly freaking out. His legs were trashing about, sand was rising from the sea bed and his arms, above the surface were going wild. As much as I caught my breath back I let out  several howls of laughter. Louis sat on the shore, looking like he was about to cry, he didn't even notice me approaching him.


"Your face" I stammered out, still laughing. My stomach was hurting from not being able to breathe.


"You" He growled before standing up.


"Shark attack!" I screamed as I reached the beach.


"I hate you!" He shouted before heading towards me. I was still trudging to breathe from laughing so my getaway wasn't exactly successful. I tried running along the shore but I had to stop and double over to catch my breath back. I turned around only to be hit with a strong impact. Louis rugby tackled me to the floor. I was lying on my back as he stared down at me. I could sense anger in his eyes as they turned a deep shade of blue, but I could also tell he was trying to refrain back from smiling. He was trying to act mad in front of me. I was totally oblivious to the fact he was straddling me as we both remained only in our underwear. "That wasn't very nice" He said, sounding annoyed.


"I don't play nice" I smirked.


"You're a nasty piece of work" He snarled taking me by surprise. 


"What?" I asked confused placing my cloth on.


"You're just plain mean" He answered only missing to place his shirt.


"It was just a joke" I tree to decent myself.


"Stay away form me." He growled before storming. Someone seriously couldn't take a joke, I thought myself.


"Louis, wait!" I shouted after him, jumping onto my feet.


"Leave me alone!" He angrily shouted back. It was weird seeing him angry he was always lively, I din't like this side of Louis Tomlinson.


"Please listen to me." I replied standing still sounding sincere. I looked at him as he walked away with pleading eyes, my face dropped when he didn't stop. "Please" I whispered. I didn't think he could hear me but his feet stopped pacing and his body halted. I slowly approached him, cautious of every step I took. "It wasn't meant to upset you" I sighed. "It was just a joke, I guess my humor went to far this time" I continued, he still didn't say anything. "I'm sorry, I don't want to argue, I don't' want to be stuck here alone, in fact I like spending time with you." I admitted.


I was beginning to feel hopeless, he didn't even flinch or react to my words from what I could tell. I picked up my clothes which were lying helplessly next to me on the sand and began to walk away. My feet slowly traced though the sand, I was begging to feel a huge ounce of regret. I was so annoyed with myself I let out an ear shrilling scream when two arms enveloped me in a hug.


"Two can play that game." He whispered in my ear. I turned around in his arms to see him wink at me, i let out a gasped before play hitting his arm.


"I genuinely thought you hated me, I can't believe you did that" I tried to sound annoyed but I couldn't  help but grin. He was a little prankster of his own.


"I got you to admit you like me." He smirked.


"i think I recall dying I liked spending time with you." I winked.


"Same thing" He grinned.


"In your case, of course it would be" I rolled my eyes.


"Your eyes will fall out if you carry on doing that"


"Damn, and then I couldn't look at all of this." I replied sarcastically my eyes panning down in his body.


"Don't deny you don't like what you see" He smirked.


"i hope, if we ever get off this island, that I'll see ou again"




"So when you're sleeping I can give you botox so you won't be able to do that stupid smirk again" I grinned.


"Rude." He gasped. "And I thought we were going to have a moment."


"Have you noticed the sun sets really early here?" I asked changing the subject.


"It's weird." He muttered as he sat down on the sand, he pulled me with him and I needed up sitting in between his legs as we both started out at sea.


"What are you doing?" I protruded.


"Braiding you hair."


"Do you even know how?"


"Hope" He chirped.


"I haven't brushed my fair in days, I bet I look like a have an afro." I sighed.


"It looks nice." He hummed as continue to play with my hair. "So Natasha who won't tell me her last name, where are you from?"




"Well I never" He replied sarcasticlly.


"I live in a small town near the east coast about an hour away from the sea side."


"Does this town have a name?"




"You won't tell me anything about you" He sighed.


"You know a fair bit about me."


"I want to know more, like do you have any special talents? What music do you like? Favorite film? Red or blue?"


"No special talents, although I play guitar, keyboard and drums." I like a lot of music" I replied all in one.


"Okay.." He trailed off.


"What?" I replied turning around to face him as he reaped my hair.




"So what's up?"


"I just.. I had thought. What if we never get off this island?"


"Louis, you're always optimistic, don't change that. And like you said you're Louis Tomlinson, of course someone will be looking for you." I smiled sweetly as I nudged his side.




"Butts are made for sitting."


"You have a comeback for everything don't you?"


"Certainly do." I beamed.


"Maybe we should go to sleep, it's getting kinda dark."


"Yeah, we need to collect more fire wood in the morning." i muttered whilst yawning. I was caught off guard by Louis lying back and my body naturally followed his. "You know you make a coney met tress." I joked.


"You don't make a very coney duvet." He mocked back as he gently pushed me off, however our legs remained entangled with each other, bringing us closer together. And honestly, I didn't mind one bit.



"Pig." I commented after Louis just belched so loud I could feel the island shaking.


"It's all this fruit."


"Well I'm sorry, but I don't see a Michelin star restaurant around here." I rolled my eyes.


"There is literally nothing else here to eat."


"There are bugs." I smirked


"Oh yum." He replied sarcastically.


"What do you want me to do, cu off my leg?"


"No that's alright" He grinned. "I'll just eat it still attached to you" He launched as he grabbed my leg and pretended to eat it. I quickly snatched my leg back when I acutely felt him bite me.


"Did you just bite my leg?"


"You look delicious." He smirked licking his lips.


"I don't know whether that's a compliment or just your stomach talking.." I responded, confused by this lanky boy in front of me.


"Wanna play a game?" He asked changing the subject.


"What sort of game?" I asked eyeing him suspiciously.


"A fun one." He grinned.


"You're not gonna tie m dup and eat my leg are you?"


"Dammit" He laughed. "I meant something more like hide and seek?"


"Hide and seek?" I repeated.


"Yeah, why not?"


"Because that's what children play at a party."


"Learn to live a little."


"By playing hide and seek?" I asked sarcastically.


"There's nothing else to do" He whined.


"Fine, but you're counting first." I grinned as I ran off before he could argue back.


"That's not fair!" I heard him shout.


"Okay then you count" I said.


The next thing I knew I could hear his voice spreading around the island as he coated, too loudly, up to a hundred. I scrambled along the beach, every so often turning around to make sure he wasn't peeking though his fingers. Luckily he was deciding to play properly, or he was very sneaky. I walked as fast as I could along the beach wondering where to hide. I didn't want to investigate further into the trees, it didn't look very inviting in there. Me and Louis had both agreed not to go in there on our own, who know what's lurking behind those big green palm tree leaves. I was starting to run out of beach, and I still hadn't found a place to hide. I sighed scratching the back of my neck as I spun around looking for anywhere to hide. I ad to do a second glance when something to the left of me, just along the tree line caught my eye.


"Perfect." I shivered to myself. I turned back around to make sure Louis was still counting.


"88-89-90.." He began to shout. I ran up the beach and slipped myself into the cave. I sat at the entrance not wanting to know what was hiding in the darkness the other side of me. I kept my breathing calm so I wouldn't freak out and run out screaming. I could see Louis perfectly from my little spot in the cave, however he couldn't see me at all. I grinned to myself, this had to be winning hiding spot. I flicked a rogue bug which was trying to eat my flesh off my arm.


"READY OR NOT HERE I COME!" Louis shouted. I watched him intensely as he released his hands form his face. He spun around, smiling like a goof as he tried to look for me. I don't think he expected me to actually take this seriously, was he executing me to hide amongst the sand particles on the beach?

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