I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


5. Chapter 5- Part 1

"Favorite animal?"


"Penguin" I answered quickly


"A penguin?"


"Yeah, what's yours?" I asked narrowing my eyes at Louis.


"I quite like sheep" He grinned


"Sheep?" And you thought a penguin was weird." I shook my head at him.


"I only like sheep because their curly wool reminds me of Harry" He smirked.


"Oh yeah, I'm sure he like being compared to a sheep." I smirked back.


"Smart" He muttered.


"Don't I know it" I grinned.




"Nope, girlfriend?"


"Nope" He laughed half-heartedly


"Really" He sighed "I've been single for almost 4 months now, you?"


"A year" I replied quietly.


"A year?"


"Yeah" I said staring into his eyes.


"How come? If you don't mind me asking"


"It's fine" I smiled slightly "When one boy treats you like trash you sorta avoid boys at all costs" I answered vaguely.


"Oh I see" He replied taping on his chin.


"How old are you?" I asked changing th subject.


"20, you?" He grinned


"You're 20!?" I asked my eyes bulging out of their sockets.


"Sure am, well it says that on my birth certificate" He joked.


"Sure as hell don't act like it" I smirked.


"So how old are you? 19?" He laughed.


"Nope, 18" I smiled.




"Yeah don't you believe me?"


"You just act fairly mature." He admitted.


"Thanks? I guess"


"So how far have you gone with a boy?" He smirked again, I swear he has one plastered on his face permanently.


"Well there was this one time we walked about 50 meters down the path that was pretty far."


"Funny" He rolled his eyes.


"Why do you want to know?"


"Because I'm interest and you're clearly hiding something" He winked.


"I'm not hiding anything" I replied getting up from the spot we were sat at on the beach.


"So how far have you really gone with a boy?"


"None of your business!" I shouted with my back to him as I began to walk away.


"I am assuming all the way then" He grinned as he caught up with me.


"So I was thinking we should find the biggest rocks first to make the help sign" I replied totally chafing the subject.


"So that's a yes?" He asked still not dropping it.


"I'm thinking we should do it all in capitals too." I replied totally ignoring.


"I'm just going to take that as a yes." He laughed at my pathetic attempt to ignore him "I'm not gonna judge you"


"I don't care about you judging me" I answered.


"Have I hit a nerve?" He asked prodding my side with his finger.


"Just help me lift some of these heavy rocks" I replied flustered from touch which also annoyed the hell out of me.


"Yes your majesty" He mocked.


"Do you think it's big enough?" I questioned raising my eyebrows at our creation.


"It covers half the beach, it bloody well better be" He replied rubbing his back.


"Did you hurt you back?" I asked feeling slightly sympathetic towards him.


"This rocks were heavy." He grimaced as he tired to move.


"Lie down" I commanded.




"Lie down" I repeated walking towards him "Just do it." I added as he looked at me on the sand.


"Not unless you want me to" I responded as I approached him.


"I'm good thanks" He mumbled. I was stood right next to him, even his back was toned, I couldn't help but stare. I didn't want to be like those other millions of girls who drool over him but I can see why they do. I licked my lips as I began to day dream, only to be shocked straight back into the reality. "Are you just gonna stand there staring at me, whilst licking you lips? You look like you're about to eat me" He chuckled


"I was thinking" I muttered.


"About me?"


"Of course not" I mumbled "Don't scream." I informed his as I sat down on top of him, this probably seemed rather weird right now.


"What are you doing?" He asked worried.


"Trust me"


"Just his once I will"


"Good." I grinned "I don't have any lotions so I guess I'll just have to go dry hand." I muttered to myself.


"What?" He asked trying to sit up, he didn't get very far since I sat on him.



"Lay down" I sighed.


"Bossy" He muttered.


"Do you want me to make your back better?"


"Yes" He muttered again.


"Okay" I replied before running my hands over his back. I gently ran my fingers over his toned muscled whilst I searched for the spot causing him bother. "Here?" I asked as O poked a place on the left seise of his back.


"Right there." He stammered out sure to pain.


"Okay, brace yourself"


"What.." He attempted to say but I knocked the wind right out of him as I massaged the area intensely. I was never a trained masseuse but I knew how to get a knot out. "Are you trying to kill me?" He sputtered out.


"No, but I can if you want?" I smirked although he couldn't see my face.


"I'd rather you didn't. I wouldn't be able to see your pretty face again." Good job he really couldn't see my face as I could fell my cheeks going a very prominent red color right now.




"Whatever you say." He sighed. I could tell he wasn't enjoying the pain but it would soon go away with the help of my magic fingers. "Are you done yet?" He asked getting impatient.


"Almost" I replied.


"Hurry up it's really hu.." Yet again he was cut off, not by me this time, by himself.


He let out a small scream as the knot softened in his back. Once he finally caught his breath back he was able to speak again. "Hey that does feel better" He said as he ran over my handy work. He spun over in the sand rapidly, he was so fast I didn't even move which made things lightly awkward. I was now straddling him, looking straight down into his eyes, I could have sworn they were blue yesterday but they looked a shade of green today. I titled my head like a confused dog bemused by his facial expression. 


"Do I get to massage you now?" He winked.


"Your eyes, they change colors" I said, ignoring him.


"They change depending on my mood." He admitted.


"What does green mean then?"


“Content, happy.” He listed.


"Oh" I quietly mumbled.


"So about my offer?" He asked wiggling my eyebrows.


"In your dreams Louis Tomlinson" I joked getting up off him.


"I'll be counting on it." He grinned.


"Are you always like this?" I asked standing up.


"This fun? 24/7" He grinned as if he was proud of it. He stood up next to me gazing at the horizon.


"Bring me the horizon." I muttered.




"Nothing" I replied smiling up at him.


"Do you want to go for a walk?"


"Sure, nothing else to do" I replied looking around.


We began to walk along the beach gently swinging our arms with the sound of the waved crashing against the shore. The sun was slowly setting, it was the type of scene for a date however this was far from it. We walked along in silence, our hands occasionally brushing against each other. Just like in the movies. After several time of brief contact Louis finally grasped my hand in his, I can't deny I wasn't waiting for it. When he finally took my hand a strange sensation shot up my spine and into the pit of my stomach. I looked down at the ground as my feet slowly kicked the sand away as my cheek began to flush. They had been doing this a lot recently, in fact more than ever before.


"Where in the world do you think we are?" I asked looking at Louis whose gaze was focused on the sun setting in front of us.


"I have no idea" He sighed turning to look at me "I'm just glad I'm here with you" He smiled. His comment took me by surprise, my lips partly slightly by the shock.


"You are?" I asked as his grip on my hand tightened.


"Yeah as much as you drive me crazy, I haven't had this much fun in ages. I enjoy your company Natasha" He admitted.


"You're not bad yourself, Louis." I grinned.


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