I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


4. Chapter 4

"Are you asleep?" Louis voice rang through my ears. He was lying back on the sand, with one arm around my waist and the other playing with my hair. My head was lying on his chest, going up and down with his heartbeat.


"Nope." I replied wide awake. I had to fidget around since my previous position was starting to hurt. I was leaning even more onto his side now with the front of my body. Just as I for comfy I felt something hard in his trousers. I quickly stand up from where I was sitting, holy damn that was awkward, I thought. I could feel my cheeks going red. I dashed to my feet and brushed the sand off not looking at him, at all.


"Hey where are you going?"


"I'm hungry." I replied not looking directly at him.


"Oh, I have some food." He responded. I quickly spun on my heel to face him as he pulled something out of his trouser pocket. "You keep carrots on your trouser pocket?" I quizzed as relief flushed over me.


"You mean you don't?"


"Uh…no." I replied, my eyebrows knotting together.


"Well you should." He beamed biting some raw carrot which was probably disgusting atet it had been in the sea.


"I don't like carrots." I sighed.


"WHAT?!" he squealed.


"They are disgusting."


"Don't listen to her, she's crazy." He whispered to the carrot.


"Says the one talking to a carrot." I muttered raising my eyebrow at him.


"A carrot doesn't have an attitude."


"Is the sun getting you? Do you have a heat stroke?"


"No, I just love carrots."


"Yeah I gathered that." I replied rolling my eyes at him. "Hey where are you going?" I shouted at Louis as he began to walk away.


"Off to find you royal highness some food." He replied sarcastically


"I can't get my own food you know." I responded catching up with him.


"And what are you going to eat?"


"Leaves?" I grinned snatching on of a tree.


"You're going to eat leaves?" He asked walking towards me.




"Are you sure you don't want that juicy fruit up there?" He asked looking upwards.


"How do you know its not poisonous?" I asked, my eyes following his up to the fruit.


"Well yo just have to eat it, if you die I'll know its poisonous." he joked.


"Gee thanks."


"Give me a boost."


"Excuse me?"


"Give…me..a..boost" He repeated if I din't hear him.


"I heard you the first time."


"Then help me up." He demanded.


"Don't you trust me to climb a tree?"


"I don't' trust you at all." He grinned before leaping onto the trunk of the tree and attempting to climb up.


"Having fun with that?" I asked when he came sliding back down again.


"It's slippery."


"Of course it is." I smirked.


"If you think you're so clever you try it."


"Okay." I grinned before turning to look at the fruit in front of my eyes. I scooted along a branch before I was able to reach it.


"Don't fall!" Louis shouted up to me.


"I wasn't planning to." I retorted.


"Good, because I don't know first aid." He mocked. I shook my head at him reached for the fruit. It slipped easily off tis branch and into my hand.


"Do you want one?"


"Sure, why not?" He grinned. I reach out for another and grasped it in my spare hand.


"In coming!" I shouted throwing them downwards.


"Watch it woman!" Louis shouted as he dodged the incoming fruit.


"My bad." I smiled whilst I slid back down.


"Of course it was Tarzan." He laughed while rubbing my head like a dog. I swatted his hand away before picking up the odd looking fruit.


"Dragon fruit." I stated taking a bite.




"It dragon fruit." I replies chewing on the fruit.


"A dragon isn't going to fly out at me is it?"


"1. Dragons hatch from eggs. 2. This isn't a Harry Potter film." I replied before taking another bite. "It's good trust me." I added before helping him bring his own arm to his mouth accompanied by the fruit. I watched him intensely as he took a bite, waiting for a reaction.


"Mmm…that is good." He scoffed before taking another bite.


"Yep." I smiled before turning my attention back towards my fruit.


"Well at least we know we won't starve."


"Until all the fruit runs out…" I trailed off.


"Someone will find us before then." He said sounding optimistic as we walked along the beach. The sun was slowly beginning to set, I don't' know in what part of the world were we but the sun wasn't up for very long.


"You don't know that. How do you know anyone's even looking for us?" I replied deepening his mmld.


"I'm Louis Tomlinson, of course they'll be looking for me." He chucked.


"The famous card? That's low." I replied shaking my head.


"But still, they must still have to do some sort of search party and stuff."


"Maybe." I replied quietly.


"I suggest we get some rest, the sun is going down."


"Yeah." I sighed.


"And then in the morning we can find some rocks and make a `SOS´ sign along the beach, like in all the films." He grinned as he wrapped his arm tightly around my shoulder. "And then someone is bound to find us." I din't understand how he could be so positive all the time even in a situation like this but I wasn't complaining. it could be a hell of a lot worse. He somehow managed to distract me from the fact I had just lost my closest family and he didn't even try to make me feel better but somehow he managed to. Right now he felt like the closest thing I had to family.


"Should we collect some leaved to sleep on?"


"Yeah, I guess we could." He smiled before walking over towards the line of trees.


"What do you think is lurking in there?" I questioned gazing into the darkness through the trees.


"Hopefully Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory." He grinned. He clearly didn't want to think about what was actually in there. I din't want to know either it would scare me ben more than I already was but I was just intrigued.


What id there was a tribal village that would want to eat us for dinner if they found us making a hime on their island?


"No too shabby." I replied dusting my hands off as we stood over our leaf bed we had made.


"Should we test out the mattress?" He grinned at me and then winked.


"Oh yeah totally" I replied sarcastically as I slumped down onto the bed of leaves.


"A normal teenage girl wouldn't deny a night with Louis Tomlinson" He replied before lying down next to me.


"Well then, I guess I'm not normal" I responded staring at the stars.


"You sure aren't" He muttered.


"Did you see that?"




"The shooting star" I replied pointing at it as is slowly dies out across the night sky.


"Did you make a wish?"


"Sure did" I replied before closing my eyes.


"What did you wish for?"


"If I tell you that it might not come true" I hummed.


"I won't tell anyone" He said as he rolled onto his side.


"I'm still not telling" I grinned as I rolled over to face him.


"Are you cold?"


"No" I replied but right on cue a shiver ran though my body.


"Are you sure about that?" He laughed. He wrapped his hoodie over both of us. It didn't cover me completely and we did have to move right next to each other but it gave me a little warmth. "Better?"


"Thank you" I yawned


"Maybe tomorrow I can get to know you a bit better?" He asked he scooted even closer to me, his arm slowly draped itself over my waist.


"Sure" I replied yawning again.


"Good night Natasha" He whispered before his lips lingered onto my forehead leaving a tingling sensation throughout my body.


"Night Louis" I whispered back before resting my head against his beating chest slowly falling asleep to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

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