I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


45. Chapter 39

Natasha’s POV

“You guys have a massive bed to share and yet you sleep on the sofa.”
“Go away Harry.” I mumbled into the cushion-
“I’m going anyways.”

“Where you going?” Liam questioned, appearing in the living room, where Louis was still fall asleep next to me.
“Just out.” Harry grinned as he collected his things.
“What time did you get back?” I quizzed.
“I just came back for a shower.” He muttered.
“You stayed the night were ever you went?” Liam asked.
“Yeah?” Harry responded as if was completely normal.

“When are you going to tell us where you’re going and who’s always ringing?”

“In due course, as for, has anyone seen my wallet?”

“In the kitchen.” Niall interrupted, yawning.
“Thanks.” And in a matter of second he was gone.

“What’s going on?” A sleepy voice of Louis rang through my ear.
“Good morning sleepy head.” I grinned down at him as I kissed him on the cheek.

“Where’s Harry?”



“Do you know where?”
“Not yet.” I replied, a small smile playing on my lips.

“You’re not up to something are you?” Louis asked suspiciously.
“I don’t believe you.”

“Can’t I be happy that I’m here?”
“Of course, but I’m watching you.” He replied as he left the room.
“Morning Niall.” I greeted the Irish boy who appeared half dressed.

“Mm, morning.” He yawned, crashing down onto the opposite soda. “What’s on TV?”
“I don’t know, I’m off for a shower.” I replied, chucking the remote at his bare stomach. I could finally relax when I reached Louis’ room, or could I call it my room to now? The door was slightly a jar, the room was already occupied.
“I have something to talk to you about.”
“Can I have a shower first?” I mused, already collecting my things.
“Sure, it’s nothing bad, don’t worry.” He replied. 
The got streaming water felt good on my skin. I was starting to miss the relaxation of showering without worrying who had used it before me. The cold air hit me as soon as I stepped out, sending shiver up my body. I grabbed a couple towels, wrapping one around my dripping hair and the other around my shivering body. I reluctantly dropped the towel, and slipped on some clothes, nothing special but comfy: polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=94606426
“Nice shower?”
“Louis, you made me jump.” I gasped as I clutched onto my chest.
“Sorry.” He chuckled. “I thought you saw me.”

“I was in my own little world.”

“Anything nice happening there?”
“Not as nice as here.” I grinned before subtly planting my lips on his, it felt good to just be able to kiss when we wanted around here without worrying about fans or paparazzi.
“Since when did you become all soppy?”

“I’ve always had a soft side.”
“But your sarcastic, confident, funny side takes over?”
“I wouldn’t necessary call it confident, but yeah, I guess I don’t like to show any weakness.”

“It’s not a weakness.” He responded, taking my hands in his.
“It is to me.” I weakly replied.
“It is because..:” He trailed off, not sure whether to continue his sentence.
“After that night I’ve never really felt the same.” I gulped-
“That’s understandable.”

“I just want to get over it.”
“One step at a time.” He whispered.
“What did you need to talk to me about?” I questioned.

“Oh yeah.” He replied, pulling away from me. “I had a phone call the other day.” He vaguely spoke.

“From who?” I asked, tilting my head at him.
“Fearne Cotton.”
“Fearne Cotton?” I repeated with a lot more emphasis.

“Why did she call?”
“She wants to know if you’ll go in for a interview and maybe play in the live lounge.”

“Fearne Cotton want to interview me?” I asked, barely taking in what I had heard. Fearne Cotton was a DJ on Radio 1, and not a late night show one either, she was popular, even I was a fan.
“Yeah, so I’ll take that as a yes?”

“I’d love to.” I grinned. “When is it?”


“You could have told me sooner.”
“I know how easily you get distracted.” He joked, doing his best not ot laugh at his own sentence.
“Ha ha ha.” My voice full of sarcasm.
“Do you want to play in the live lounge?”

“I’d love to but don’t you have to cover a specific song?”
“Yeah, there are five choices.”
“What are they?”
“They’re all in the charts.”

“So I probably won’t know any.” I chuckled as a piece of paper landed in my hands.
“You know that Call Me Maybe song.”
“I’d rather eat a cactus than sing that song.”

“That song just grinds on me, the lyrics don’t sit right in my brain.”
“You’re weird.”

“Charming.” I laughed as my eye landed back on the paper. “Could you imagine me singing Starships by Nicki Minaj?”
“Totally!” He gasped. “Or you could try something more you.”
“Chose one?”
“Which one?”

“Drive By.”
“By Train?”

“I love that song.”
“It’s the only one that I actually like out of the list.”
“I’m sure your rendition of Boyfriend would have been a conversation starter.”
“I think I’ll leave that to the Biebs.”

“Got a nickname for him have we? You not cheating on me are you?”
“Oh didn’t you know? Me and Justin, we go way back.” I joked.
“I can’t believe it.” He faked sobbed into his pillow.
“There there.” I calmly replied, rubbing his back as if he was really crying. “I’m sure the lady in Asda behind the fish counter is still singe.”

“Really?” He jerked up, a hint of happiness appearing in his eyes.
“Yeah, things didn’t work out with the guy behind the Deli counter.”
“So I have a chance?”

“Go for it!” I shouted as he ran out the room, for a minute I actually thought he was going to the local supermarket to chat up the fish counter lady but he was a very convincing actor. His head popped back around the door a couple second later. “Forget something?” I mused, wiggling my eyebrows at him.
“My girlfriend.” He grinned, grabbing hold of my hand and pulling me off the bed.
“What about Miss Asda?”

“Bit old for me.” He chuckled. “Hungry?”
“A little.”
“Liar.” He responded, poking my stomach causing me to squirm. “I know there’s a devil in there waiting to be feed.”

“The devil says fill me up with chocolate covered waffles and it will be satisfied for life.”

“Not sure about the waffles, but I can make  a mean Nutella on toast.”
“Nutella on toast it its.”
I literally devoured my breakfast in second I hadn’t relies how hungry I was.
“You know toast was invented about 6000 years ago.” Niall randomly spoke.
“What an interesting fact Niall.” A voice stirred, causing all of us to jump and turn around.
“Back so soon Harry?” Louis questioned, eyeing him suspiciously.
“Yep, just going my morning errand.” Harry smiled.
“Which is…”
“Just driving from A to B.” He vaguely replied.

“What the heck does that mean?” Zayn proposed.
“It means he was taking someone to work.” I concluded, without much thought in my answer.
“How the-”
“So you were?” I cut Harry off, pleased that I guess it right.
“Well there’s not point hiding it now.” Harry replied, looking shocked at my conclusion.
“So when do we get to meet the special lady?” Niall joined.
“Or man.” Louis added.
“You can meet them tomorrow.” Harry responded, not giving away their gender. “Haven’t you got some practicing to do?” Harry asked me.
“How did you know?”

“We’ve known ever since the phone call, Louis refused to tell you.”
“Hey! I didn’t know!” Niall replied, raising his voice.

“Because if we covered your mouth with duct tape it would become obvious we were hiding something.” Liam replied.
“You guys are all mean.” Niall sulked finishing up the toast.
“Mean? More like sensible.” Zayn joked, causing a stir of laughter.
“We’d better het going.” Louis informed me, dragging me up from the table as I placed the last mouthful in my mouth.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“To a studio, so you can practice.”


“C’mon.” He chuckled as he threw my shoes at me.

“You don’t like to tell me anything do you?” I grinned.

“I like to keep you on edge, surprising you.” He chuckled before his lips made brief contact with mine.

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