I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


44. Chapter 38


“Ready as I’ll ever be.” I grinned at Louis as I turned to face the stage for what could be the last ever time.
“Good luck.” He whispered as he planted a sweet kiss on my cheek before letting me wander onto the stage, a familiar place now, a place I could be myself and express myself how I want to.
“How you going London?” I cheered into the crowd. An uprising roar of screams filtered around the room giving the bass speakers a run for their money. “Ready for a kick ass show?” I chuckled into the microphone as the crowd went crazy, I didn’t even want to get used to this feeling, it was indescribable.
“SLICE SLICE PIZZA!” The whole group shouted as we were all huddle in a circle backstage as we did our last group ritual, most performers do this before the show. One Direction? They do it after the performance; clearly they aren’t normal, although I think most fans knew that already.
“I can’t believe it’s actually over.” Niall spoke as he ran his fingers through his swear ridden hair.
“You’ll soon be on tour again.” Their manager replied, patting him on the shoulder before sauntering off to do some managerial stuff.
“I never though six weeks could go so fast.” I admitted as we all began walking towards the exit, back to the tour bus, which was out home for only a mere couple more hours.

“And just think you didn’t originally want to come.” Harry grinned, elbowing my side.
“What was I thinking?” I joked while staring at him with crazy eyes until he swatted at my face, clearly creeping him out.
“Stop it.” He chuckled.
“Creeped out?”
“Uh yes?!”

“Good.” I grinned.

“I’m hungry.”
“Nothing new there than Niall.” Liam replied to him, earning a subtle whack around the head. I was going to miss the constant banter between the boys, how they were practically family and treated me just like a sister, although not Louis, that would be weird dating our sister.
“What time do you think we’ll get home?” Zayn questioned.
“Probably around-”
“SHIT!” I shouted, cutting Liam off from answering the previous question.
“Natasha?” Louis asked, a concerned face appeared in fron of mine.

“Shit shit shit.” I mumbled as I jogged down the corridor to the exit way ahead of the others.
“Natasha?” Someone called out but I carried on charging towards the door. How the heck could I forget something so important? Sometimes I can be so obvious to the world. I pushed open the door and sprinted across the tarmac to the bus, luckily it was unlocked and I climbed straight aboard. I flung everything off my bunk, which hasn’t been slept in for weeks, sharing a bunk turned out to be a lot comfier than I had originally thought. I eventually found my shoulder bad, which I carried around sometimes, mainly to carry stuff inside the venue. I pulled out my laptop and impatiently waited for it to switch on, tapping my fingers next to the mouse pad gave me hope it would work faster, unfortunately technology doesn’t work like that. As soon as the start-up music played a smile arose on my face although it flattered when I remembered why I was on it in the first place. I carried the MacBook over to the table and crashed down on one of the sofas.
“Natasha, what’s going on?” Louis panted as he stormed down the bus.
“Can’t talk, got to sort this.” I rambled as I flicked onto the Internet, staring intensely at the screen.
“Sort what?” He questioned as he joined my on the sofa, I ignored his question and continue to scroll through the Internet. “What are you doing?” He asked with a hint of humour in his voice.

“Looking for a place to live, in case you’ve forgotten, Jenna kicked me out.” I muttered in an impatient tone, I didn’t meant to be rude but I couldn’t live on the streets.
“You’re not going to find any estate agents open at this time of the night.”

“It’s London, there’s bound to be one.” I instantly replied as I scanned over flats and apartments I could afford from the money I had earned on tour.

“You don’t need to find anywhere to live.” He chuckled, trying to close my laptop.

“Louis.” I sternly spoke, swatting his hand away.
“Natasha.” He mocked as this time he succeeded in closing my laptop.
2If I don’t find somewhere to live in the next hour I’ll have to find a doorstop to sleep in.” I grumbled.
“You make me laugh sometimes.” He laughed as he shook his head at me.
“You’re not helping my situation.” I pouted at him.

“You think I wasn’t my girlfriend living half way across the city do you?”

“Natasha, I want you to live with me.”
“Like a wise 19 year old girl once said; butts are for sitting.” He smirked while resting his forehead against mine.

“You can’t use my own saying against me.” I tried to seriously reply but ended up grinning like a goof. “But Louis I’m serious.”

“So am I” He interrupted. I sucked in a deep breath before placing my hand against his mouth so only murmurs could be heard escaping his lips.
“I know you are but it’s not that simple. I’ve been living with you guys for the past six weeks the other guys are almost definitely going to want some pure guy time without a girl around all the time, you’re going to want your normal lives back, I don’t need to get in the way of your smoothly running lives.” I concluded, my eyes averting from his. “And as much as I could like to, it wouldn’t be fair on anyone.”

“Natasha, we don’t mind.”
“HOLY CRAP HARRY! Don’t do that!” I shouted, turning to face the curly haired boy who was grinning from ear to ear.
“Maybe if you took a second to breath for once you would have heard us come in.” He chuckled
“I’m having a situation here!”
“You get stressed out far too easily.” He laughed as he walked over, followed by the remainder of the boys. Niall had somehow managed to pick up a bag of Doritos on the way and was munching on them happily in silence.
“Wouldn’t you be stressed if you had nowhere to live?”

“But you do have somewhere to live. With us.”
“I can’t do that to you guys.” I sighed.
“Natasha, we agreed ages ago you could live with us.” Liam seriously replied.
“You didn’t think to tell me?” I skeptically quizzed.
“We just assumed we’d be bringing you home anyway:” Harry intervened.

“You make it sound like I’m a lost dog from an animal shelter.” I joked feeling slightly more confortable with the arrangement.
“Just one thing.”

“The walls aren’t soundproof.” He winked before breaking out into laughter. The blood from around my body rushed to my face, making me blush.
“Aww leave my Tash alone.” Louis cooed as he pulled me into his side, grasping his arms around me. “Ignore the big bully, he’s just jealous because no one loved him.” He whispered, no exactly quietly.
“And I thought we had something!” Harry pouted, looking sorrowful.

“It’s okay, you can seep in my bed tonight.” Zayn replied, patting him on the head, going along with the whole fake hurt act thing.
“Can I sleep in your bed then Liam?” Niall asked.
“No.” Liam responded before walking towards the back of the bus.
“Everyone else is sharing.” Niall whined.
“You’re no fun.” Niall mopped.
“You have your own bed.” Liam laughed in disbelief.

“It’s a big and I get lonely.”
“Just take a bag of chips, it’s like a match in heaven.” Louis said.
“Fine.” Niall sulked a he hugged his chips.
Bloody heel Natasha, I thought I remember you packed light?” Louis huffed as he hauled my suitcase, as well as his, into his bedroom.

“You insisted on carry it in.” I smirked before waddling over towards him.
“I didn’t realize you were taking the venue home.” He joked at the weight of my luggage.

“I’m sure an arena would weigh a lot more than my suitcase.”

“I beg to differ.”

“And anyway, I just bought a few thing along the way.”
“A few.
“Well it’s here now, so stop moaning.” I grinned before planting my lips on his.
“Why did you stop?” He pouted as I pulled away.

“I’m hungry.”

“Glad to know food comes before your boyfriend.”

“Always.” I joked before heading towards the kitchen.

“Make me a sandwich!” He called out down the hallway.
“Yes master.” I jested. The house was pretty quiet, it seemed everyone had gone straight to their own rooms.
“Where’s my sandwich?” Louis husky voice rang through my ears.
“It looks like either Niall has already raided the kitchen or you guys cleared it all out before you left.” I replied, turning around to face him.
“I think there’s a packet of popcorn on top of the fridge.” He pondered
“Why would it be there?”
“Liam hides it there from Niall, it’s for a movie night.”

“Do you want to watch a movie?”

“Sure, I’ll make the popcorn, you go find something to watch. There’s a massive rack of DVD’s in the living room.”
“Okay.” I yawed whilst slowly walking towards the lounge.
“Got one?” Louis asked appearing in the room with a bowl full of butter-scented popcorn.

“Yep.” I grinned, flashing him the case.
“I haven’t watched this in a while.”
“One of my personal favorite.” I replied, sitting on the soda next to him.
“I kind want t suit like Iron Man.”

“I don’t know, being a superhero looks cool and plus he can fly.”

“You’re already my superhero.” I responded, biting my lips.
“You know you’re irresistible when you do that.”

“What?” I obviously asked.
“Biting your lip, it looks seductive.” He smirked.

“Really? I do it when I’m thinking.” I laughed.

“Seductive thinking.”
“Keep it PG guys.” My whole body jumped at the voice behind us.
“Harry, why re you dressed up like you’re going out?” Louis asked.
“I am.” He stated proudly.

“Just out.” Harry answered vaguely.
“Don’t wait up.” Harry winked at Louis, before he had a chance to respond the front door was already closed with Harry on the other side.
“Where do you think he’s going?” I asked.
“Beats me.” Louis sighed.
“I think I have a hunch.”
“It’s his mysterious called.” I replied.
“At this time?”
“Doesn’t want to get caught during the day, plus it’s been six weeks since he’s been home, probably missing whoever it is.”
“But we’ve never seen or met anyone that he would possibly meeting.”
“You never know who it could be”
“I supposed you’re right. Are you tired? I can turn this off if you want.”
“No, I’m fine.” I replied, yawning.
“Somehow I don’t believe you.” He laughed softly.
“I don’t want to move.” I softly spoke.

“Me neither.” He replied, joining in with the yawning. “Night Tash.”

“Night Lou.” I replied, smiling into his shirt as the sound of Iron man still filled the room as we both made an effort to sleep on the sofa.

A/N Okay so this story is only missing 4 chapters until it's end. Keep reading until it's finished because I'm thinking of doing a sequel. If you want a sequel please comment.

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