I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


43. Chapter 37

We went out so I changed into this: polyvore.com/tash/set?id=112463353
“Aren’t you worried someone will see us?” I questioned Louis as we strolled through the local park in which every city we happened to be in.
“It’s a school day.” He grinned as he swung out intertwined hands back and forth.
“We should have bought some bread.” I mused, staring into the distance.
“Why? Are you hungry?”

“No, I want to feed the ducks.” I chuckled.
“How old are you?”
“Age doesn’t matter, remember?” I joked as we ambled towards the children’s play park just like your average young adult/teenage couple could do.
“I bet I can beat you to the swings.”
“Who’s the kid now?” I questioned, my eyebrows raising a considerable amount upon hearing his threat.
“Meeeeeeee!” He squealed like a five year old as his hand slid out of my grasp as he charged towards the awaiting swings which were completely still due to the lack of breeze, British weather can be so temperamental.
“I think that three year old in his pram is giving you questioning looks.” I spoke sitting gown on the swing directly next to him.
“He’s just jealous that I’m a big boy, I can ride the big kid swings!”
“Yes, he’s turning green with envy.” I joked sarcastically as I began to slowly swing back and forth, gradually getting higher form the ground. “So found anything out form Harry yet?”
“Nope, he’s not normally this secretive.”
“Hmm…do you think it’s because maybe someone knows this mysterious girl?” I pondered, it would explain a lot.

“I don’t know to be honest.” He sighed. “We don’t even know if it’s a girl.”

“Seriously? I think it’s pretty obvious, if it was his mum I would be very concerned about their mother, son relationship.”

“What makes you say that?”

“He is always so happy and distant at the moment, would he seriously be day dreaming about his mum?”
“Well this is Harry…” He trailed off, now deep in his own thoughts.
“That would be so weird.”

“I’m sure we’ll find out soon, he can’t keep it a secret forever.”

“I guess, what if it was a boy?” I asked, digging deep into my own thoughts.
“He’d still be the same Harry.”
“I know, but do you think he’d be worried about telling us?”
“I guess it could explain why he’s keeping it a secret.”

“Only time will tell.”

“Anyway…” He spoke, attempting to change the tone of the conversation, or at least the subject. “I actually wanted to talk to you about something…”
“Is it bad?” I asked timidly, my own swinging now faltering.

“Depends on your opinion.”
“Oh, okay.” I uneasily replied.
“About our relationship. I’m not exactly an ordinary twenty-one year old, I’m quite a public figure.”
“Public figure? Teen idol? Teenage heartthrob stealing the hearts of many fans.”
“That being my point.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m not sure if I want our relationship publicized.”
“Oh.” I replied, a flush of relief washing over me. That whole speech sounded like a break up, and I just don’t needed that on my plate right now.
“What? You didn’t want to tell the world or anything did you?” He asked.
“I don’t mind.” I smiled at him. “I thought you were going to say something else.”
“What did you think I was going to say?”
“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.” I spoke.
“So you’re okay with this?”

“Sure, whatever makes you happy and I really don’t mind, I like my privacy.”
“Phew, I thought you were gonna be upset that I didn’t want to show our love, it’s not like that, I swear.” He rambled on. “I am proud of you being my girlfriend, I’m no ashamed or anything, it’s just-”
“Louis, I get it.” I chuckled planting my lips onto his to finally get him to shut up.
“Maybe I should ramble more often.” He smirked as we pulled away.

“C’mon.” I commanded pulling his arm as he lurched off the swing.

“Where are we going?”

“Oh you know…just a stroll around the city, maybe visit a theme park or watch a film in the cinema, it’s not like we have a show to preform in two hours.” I grinned sarcastically.
“But it’s so peaceful here.” He whined, applying the puppy dog look to his face.

“I’m sure you can find a empty dressing room.” I suggested much to his displeasure.
“What happened to the fun Natasha?”
“Hey! I’m still here, I just need to pee and I’m starving.”

“There’s a bush over there…” He suggested, rolling his eyes towards the hedge line on the edge of the park.

“I’m not peeing in a bush!” I protested.
“A dog would.” He smirked as he avoided looking at me.
“Are you comparing me to a dog?”
“Well…” He joked as he began to sprint away, very fast.
“Louis Tomlinson you better run for your life!” I called after him, hot on his tail.
“You’ll never catch me alive!” He jeered as he galloped like a horse towards the metal gates locking in the park.

“Are you sure about that?” I questioned before jumping straight onto his back causing us to make an impact on the ground. As soon as we landed he was quick to flip over causing me to straddle him, although I could use this as payback.
“I could get use to this.” He mused, winking at me, trying to contain his laughter.

“Me too.” I attempted to flirt, winking back at him as I put on my sexiest smile, without looking awkward. My mouth brushed past his but moved towards his ear, sending a small but warm breath down his neck. “You might want to think twice about calling your girlfriend a dog.” I whispered into his ear before bouncing to my feet, running away at a rapid speed, grinning like a crazy person from ear to ear.
“HEY!” A voice from faraway summoned my attention, I turned around, still jogging, to see Louis trying to catch up, looking a mixture between confused and astounded. I couldn’t stop laughing, I couldn’t even breath with all the laughter coming out, only to be jumped on by a hefty boy. “That wasn’t very nice.” He whined.
“You called me a dog.” I pouted as I turned my head to face him.
“I was joking, I didn’t think you would take it seriously.” He sincerely replied, looking worried as he awaited my reaction.
“I know, I was winding you up, but it was an opportunity to have some fun of my own.” I smirked, watching his eyes grow happy again.
“That seriously wasn’t very nice.” He pouted, his pupils growing increasingly as he looked into my eyes for sympathy.
“I know.” I chuckled.
“You owe me now.” He replied, poking the end of my nose with his finger.
“Oh do I?” I smirked, raising an eyebrow up at his suggestive face.
“Yep, yes, you definitely do.” He grinned before closing the distance between our faces, locking our lips together causing fireworks to explode inside.
“Harry is making tacos if you want some.” Niall informed us as we walked into the venue, although it looked like he already consumed most of the tacos alone.

“Is there any left?” Louis joked at Niall’s expense.
“Good question…I’m still hungry.” Niall replied, obviously to Louis’ comment.
“You hungry?” Louis asked turning towards me.
“Starving.” I spoke and just on cure, my stomach made the loudest grumbling noise you could imagine.
“I guess you really are hungry.” Louis chuckled form beside me. “C’mon before Niall eats the rest of the tacos.”
“Where do you think he stores all this food?” I asked as we walked in step down the corridor.
“His stomach still amazes me, at first I thought it was nerves but nope, he is literally hungry all the time.”

“He should have looked at becoming a food taster.”

“I’m not quite sure he actually tastes the food he eats, I’m pretty sure it’s in the mouth, swallow, next bite.”
“I’m surprised he hasn’t got permanent hiccups.”
“You got permanent hiccups?” Harry chimed in as we entered the food room, the apron he was wearing was doing little for his manly appearance but he certainly looked the part of a chef, all he needed was hair net and a white hat and he would be sorted.

“No one…yet.” I laughed as he stood looking clueless at my responsive. “Don’t worry, carry on with what you’re doing.” I grinned at him.
“I’m watching you two.” He replied, pointing at me and Louis with his wooden spoon. “No funny business in the food room.” He joked.
“I can’t promise anything.” Louis smirked before nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck causing me to squirm and giggle like a little girl.
“Louis!” I whined trying to pull away.

“Your hair smells nice.”
“I detect a strawberry based shampoo with a coconut enriched conditioner with a small amount of hairspray.”
“Uh Zayn.. that’s slightly worrying you know that.” I stood looking at him with wide eyes as he looked proud of his correct statement.
“Well maybe you should use your own hair product.” He winked.

“I ran out, you guys didn’t buy me any when you went grocery shopping.” I defended.
“It’s fine, don’t worry, I’m just winding you up.” He chuckled.
“May I ask why you use women’s products though?”
“It makes my hair shinier.” He grinned, running a hand through his luscious locks as he referred to them as.
“Sure.” I joked as I watched him fix his completely neat hair in case of any flaws, which in his case would seem like a crime.
“Taco for m’lady.”

“Why thank you sir.” I mocked Louis’ accent as I accepted the taco form his hands, careful not to spill any. “Harry didn’t do a bad job.” I commented as I chewed on more of the delicious delicacy.

“I heard that!” harry shouted from across the room.

“It’s goo to have a husband who can cook.” Louis spoke as he finished his own food. “That’s why I’ve got Harry.” He smirked as he ruffled Harry’s curls much to his displeasure.
“Would you like any more dear?” Harry questioned, staring aimlessly into Louis’ eyes, playing along with the act. I shook my head at the two of them; their friendship was definitely one to be desired.
“Yes please babe.” Louis winked before smacking his lips onto Harry’s check.
“Does it not concern you that your boyfriend is cheating on you?” A voice filtered through my ears from the side of me.

“I wouldn’t call it cheating, they just have a very, very friendly relationship.” I emphasized as I turned to face Liam who was watching the couple in front of us wipe taco sauce form each other’s faces. “Did they click as soon as they met?”
“Yep, within a day you would have thought they were long lost best friends.”
“I guess something’s just happen for a reason.” I smiled. “How’s your relationship doing?” I asked, me and Liam have a great friendship, we can have a sensible conversation which is nice every once in a while, it’s refreshing. He’s a very understanding and helpful, I can see why everyone in the band approaches him if they have a problem.
“Great, things just keep getting better.” He smiled, looking truly happy.
“Glad to hear it.” I smiled back at him.
“So are going to tell them that we have a show soon or am I?” He questioned, his eyes flickering back towards Harry and Louis who were now sat on top of each other.
“Maybe a few more minutes.” I suggested.
“Yeah good idea, I’m sure Niall will have fun getting to get ready.”
“Rather him than me.” I laughed along with him.
“Preach!” He replied high fiving me in the process. “I’ll guess I’ll see you later then, if you don’t speak to you before you go on, good luck.”
“Thanks, you too.” I replied as I entered my empty dressing room. The coldness of the room ran up my spine causing subtle shiver. I was going to wear this for the concert: polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=84772379
 I grabbed  a jacket of the rack and before resuming the social networking position of, laptop on lap and feet up on the sofa until I was called to the stage, this was pretty much my preshow ritual, and after show ritual and most other past of the day ritual.

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