I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


37. Chapter 32

Natasha’s POV
“I should have some videos up on YouTube soon.” I smiled at the firing who was firing infinite question at me.
“What’s your user name?” She proceeded to ask.

“I think it’s Natasha Dalton.” I mused.
“Is that your last name?”
“Yeah.” I chuckled.

“I like it.” She beamed.
“Oh, well thank you.” I grinned.

“Can I get a picture with you?”

“Of course.” I replied as we posed for a picture.
“So how did you know the boys?” Another fan asked as more of them gathered around. I bit my lip in hesitation, it wasn’t known to the world about a certain plane crash, Louis’ cover story was he was on a holiday with some family friends. I’m not entirely sure why the truth was never exposed but if it was to be revealed now, who would actually believe it?
“I happened to be preforming in a club where Louis was.”

“What’s Louis like?” A girl eagerly asked.
“A lot like you would expect.” I laughed. “Immature, funny, kind and totally in love with Harry.”

“They’re in love?!” A different fan spat out, she looked as if she was bout to hyperventilate.

“They’re the closet best friend I know.” I concluded.
“Oh.” She replied in disappointment.

“What’s Niall’s favorite cereal.” I was questioned by a girl.

“Um…” I pondered.
“I want to buy him some for the next show.”

“You’re going to the next show to?”
“I have tickets to five shows.” She stated proudly.
“Wow, you’re dedicated and I think it’s frosted flakes, I could be wrong. Do you have a twitter?”
“Yeah, it’s MrsNiallHoran.”

“Okay…” I responded making a note on my phone. “I’ll find out for you and tweet you.”

“You’d really do that?”

“Aww, I love you!” She squealed before wrapping her arms around me.
“No problem.” I chuckled lightly as I gave her a hug back.

“Do you know if Harry’s single?” A timid girl spoke.

“Single and ready to mingle.” A voice from behind answered for me, I didn’t have to turn around to see who it was.
“Well there you go.” I answered as Harry joined my side. “I thought you weren’t allowed to come out and sign anymore?” I whispered to him.
“What management doesn’t know won’t hurt them.” He whispered back with his significant smirk on his face. “So what’s Natasha been saying about me?” He grinned, while all girls didn’t stop screaming.
“That was hectic.” Harry breathed a sigh of relief once we were back on the safety of the bus.

“I was fine…until you decided to make an appearance.”
“You have to admit it spiced things up a bit.” He grinned.

“A bit?” I scoffed. “The police were almost called.”
“I was handling it fine.”
“Your shirt is in two pieces and you’ve managed to lose a shoe.” I chuckled.
“I was going for the rugged look.” He joked.
“I see…”
“Have fun?” Liam chimed in as we appeared in the front lounge.
“Define fun?”

“You know Harry, you really shouldn’t have done that.” Liam warned.
“It’s over now anyway.” He shrugged.
“I should keep you on a leash.” Liam tutted.
“Hey! I’m not Niall! I can look after myself!” Harry joked.

“Hey! I heard that!” Niall shouted as he walked into the small lounge area.
“Have you guys seen this?” Zayn questioned as he sat up.
“What is it?” Louis replied, leaning over to read what was in his hand.

“Apparently, I’m dating Demi Lovato.” He beamed.

“Are you?” I questioned.

“No, I wish though.” He chuckled. Everyone else joined in the small amount of laughter as we all took a seat around the table.
“Hey Niall.”

“What’s your favorite cereal?”
“Choco Pops, why?”
“No reason.”
“Okay…” He warily replied as I began typing away on my phone. I sent a tweet to the fan earlier, hopefully that would make her happy.
“We should play a game.” Zayn suggested as he slung the magazine across the table.

“Hey is that me?” I rhetorically asked as I snatched the magazine up. “Did they really have to use that photo?” I muttered as I scowled at the picture.
“What are you going in that photo?” Louis laughed as he peered over.
“I’m pretty sure I was in the middle of eating an ice lolly and they caught me at the wrong moment.” I cringed as I looked closer at my now famous `derpy´ face.
“I’m sure that’ll bing plenty of fans.” Harry cheekily responded.
“Yes, and every picture of you is amazing.” I replied sarcastically,.

“I’m Harry Styles, of course it is.”
“So modest.” I said as I began shaking my head at him.

“What’s the article about?” Louis quizzed.
“It’s just explaining I’m your opening act, nothing interesting. But seriously that photo?” I groaned.

“It could be worse.”
“Really?” I said as I peered through one open eye at Louis.

“Probably not…” he joked. I face palmed myself and sunk lower into my seat. “Don’t worry not everyone read this stuff.” He tried to sound reassuring.
“I guess.” I sighed.
“So, back to the game.” Louis responded.

“What sort of game?” Niall asked as he piled his usual amount of food in his mouth.

“Strip poker?” He grinned.
“Boring.” I replied faking a yawn.

“Well what do you suggest?”

“I don’t know.”

“Truth or dare?” He asked everyone.

“Too cliché.” I retorted.

“But it’s fun.” He whined.
“You’re twenty one.” I reminded him.

“Isn’t it a kid’s game?”
“We can make it interesting.” He smirked.
“Fine.” I gave in. “Is everyone playing.

“Try and stop me.” Harry beamed, it appeared it was his sort of game.
“There is no way I’m doing that.” I defended as I avoided the gazing stares.
“It’s a dare, you have to.” Harry smirked.

“What’s the penalty?”
“You have to preform on stage in you underwear next time.” Zayn reminded me.

“I think I’d scare the audience.” I joked.
“So are you going to do it?” Niall asked.
“Do I have a choice?”

“No.” Harry quickly replied.
“Fine, take your shirt off.” I commanded him. I rolled my eyes at him as he stoked his `abs´.  “I can’t believe I have to do this.” I groaned.

“You’ll be wanting more soon.” He winked, which earned a slap around the head from Louis, and me, which I found extremely amusing. “That’s cold!” He squealed as Niall squirted cream onto his bare chest. “Yum.” He smirked as he licked some of his finger. “Your turn.

“End my life now, please.” I whispered but so everyone could hear in which they laughed in response. As I start to lick the cream from his bare chest the fact that he was partially naked was erased form my mind, I was imagining it off an ice-cream sundae. As soon as the layer of cream was gone and my tongue made contact with his chest if shoft fifty feet up in the air. “Okay, done.” I rushed as I wiped my mouth with my hands.
“You missed a bit.”

“That’s all yours.” I offered Niall, although I didn’t actually expected him to lick it off Harry. Clearly Harry didn’t enjoy it too much as he began squirming, hitting Niall in the face in the process, sending us all into hysterics. “Yum.” I grinned at Harry.
“I think that’s enough of that.” Liam replied, trying not to laugh.
“I need a shower.” Harry informed us as he stormed off, someone didn’t like to be the center of attention.

“I’m off to bed now, hot date with Demi tomorrow.” Zayn flashed a toothy grin as he sauntered of to his bunk, joking of course.
“Good idea.” Niall yawned and followed him, with Liam in hot pursuit, leaving me and Louis the only ones sitting in the front lounge.
“Are you tired?”

“Nope.” I replied.

“Good, because I don’t’ fancy staying up on my own,” He smiled as he shuffled closer. “You know you get better every night.
“Thank you.” I blushed for the first time in ages as his arm found it’s way around my shoulder.

“You’re welcome and I mean it. You blow my mind, you always seem to win over the crowd an that’s sometimes hard for the opening acts, but you, you’re something different.”

“You’re making me blush.” I timidly replied as I covered my face with my hands.
“Cute.” He squealed as he pulled my hands away.

“What was it like preforming on the X-Factor?” I asked.
“Honestly?” He asked, I nodded in reply. “The greatest most terrifying moment of my life.”


“Yeah, these concerts now are a hell of a lot easier.”

“How so?”

“People are here to see us, not every other act and we’re not preforming to save our butts, we’re preforming because it’s our job and dream.
“Wasn’t it before?”

“Yeah, but during the X-Factor you get so wrapped up in everything it’s hard to concentrate on living the dream, you’re more focused on surviving each week.”
“If you did it again, would you do anything differently?”
“I’d enjoy it more. You’re not thinking of auditioning are you?”

“Heck no.” I laughed. “I think I’d get kicked out for being too lazy in the house.” I joked.
“Maybe so.” He chuckled. “Your hair is really soft.” He commented as he twirled a strand around his finger.
“Thanks.” I quietly replied as I sunk further into his grasp.
“I thought you weren’t tired?”

“You’re comfy.” I smiled.
“You make a good teddy bear.” He replied, yawning in the process.
“I though you weren’t tired?” I grinned looking up at him.

“I guess a comfy position and a nice conversation is enough to put me to sleep.” He laughed lightly.
“Night Louis.” I subtly spoke as I closed my eyes, making no attempt to move.

“Night Natasha.” He whispered as his lips lingered on my forehead and his grasp around me tightened as he moved his arm down to my waist, pulling me in closer. I felt safe like this, like I was being protected and I didn’t ever want to leave.
AN/ Just a little something for you guys since I didn't update yesterday as promised. Sorry about that, ly guys. xoxo Tash

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