I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


36. Chapter 31


“So um... I wanted to ask you something.” He responded, I watched him intensely, not in a creepy, in a more of an observer way as he twiddled his thumbs and darted his eyes around the room. He was either agitated, nervous or both. “I wanted to ask you if-”



“Sorry for the wait, but here you go.” As per usual whenever something needed to be said or heard they were cut off, this time by the waitress who was apologizing for literally taking minutes to prepare our food. Although I know how these places work, the food is already cooked, it just need plating up.


“Thank you.” I smiled politely as she placed my plate in front of me.


“Thanks.” Louis muttered, not looking overly pleased but it didn’t seem to faze her.


“Enjoy!” She beamed as she skated off. I eagerly picked up my knife and fork, ready to devour the platter in front of me as my stomach grumbled, far too loud for my liking.


“It’s good.” I commented as I swallowed some of my hash brown.


“I’ve tasted better.” He replied in an unimpressed tone of voice. “A certain placed called Best Intentions.” He grinned.

“You do realize I never actually made anything here? I wasn’t trusted near a spoon, never less a bread knife.”

“I never really noticed the food there, just the person who served it.” He smirked.


“You’re so cheesy.” I chuckled.

“And yet, you can’t resist.”


“Hmm…” I subtly agreed as we continued to eat.


“Why are they called hash browns, they’re not even brown?”


“I don’t know, it’s just a name I guess.” I answered half-heartedly, I wasn’t concerned about food names right not, I was preoccupied by previous conversations which were yet to be concluded. I tapped my finger lightly on the table, hoping he would get my message.


“I guess.” He replied, breathing deeply. “Is it me or is it hot in here?” He questioned, looking around at the open windows whilst fanning himself.


“It must be you.” I chorused.


“I’m so got.” He muttered, wiping the sweat off his brow, it took a lot of inner strength to reply with a yes, yes you are extremely hot and not in the temperature sort of way. “Maybe I can try again now?” He chuckled nervously as his finally regained his composition.


“Try what?”


“I need, want to ask you something.”

“I’m listening.” I smiled reassuringly as I placed my hand in his, which was reached out across the table. His grasp tightened around my fingers as he took a deep breath.


“I don’t really know where to start.” He laughed softly.


“At the beginning?” I joked.


“I should have seen that coming.” He grinned. “Anyway, I was wondering if you-”


I’m gonna live my life

No matter what, we party tonight

I’m gonna li-li-live my life

I know that we gon’ be alright.


I sighed and leant back into my seat as Louis’ obnoxiously loud ringtone cut him off. He mouthed a sorry towards me, in which I smiled at him, I wasn’t annoyed or angry at him, but I was desperate to know what he wanted to ask.


“Hello?” He questioned down the line. “Yeah she’s with me. We went to get breakfast. No we’ve finished now. Get your own breakfast.” He chuckled. “Okay, we’ll start heading back. Oh and tell Niall there’s some extra chips in the back lounge cupboard. No, I told you we’re done, we’re not bringing anything back. Okay, see you soon.” He sighed as the conversation continued. “Love you too.” He whispered into the phone. I raised my eyebrows up at him skeptically. “Harry.” He stated.


“Ah yes, your true love.” I joked as we made out way towards the exit. “I didn’t know that was your sort of music either.”


“Catchy song and I’ve got nothing against Bieber, you?”


“Nope, he0s living his dream like I’m living mine.” I smiled at him.


“Nice of you to sound optimistic for once.” He joked as I whacked him playfully against his stomach.


“So what did Harry want?”

“He missed me.”

“Really? That was it?”


“No, actually apparently we have a radio interview in an hour which I wasn’t aware of.




“Yeah, sorry about having to cut our breakfast date short.” He nervously replied as he scratched the back of his head.


“Date?” I repeated as I look up at him.

“Well yeah, if you want it to be?”


“Sure.” I beamed.

“So have you checked twitter recently?”


“No, why?”


“I was just curious as to how many followers you had, that’s all.”


“Oh well last time I checked it was a little over 7000.” I admitted.


“When was the last time you checked.


“Yesterday morning.”


“You’ll start catching up with me soon.” He chuckled.


“Ha! Doubt it.” I laughed.


“You never know what the future holds.” He smirked as we stepped back onto the hectic bus.


“Oh Natasha, how I’ve missed you dear.” Harry gasped in an exasperated British accent as he flung his arms around me.

“Oh Harry, how I could have gone a few more years without seeing you.” I mocked back.


“I’m offended.” He gasped as he stepped back.


“I’m joking, you know I couldn’t live without my gay best friend for that long.”


“I’m not into men.” He defended.


“Oh really?” I smirked as my eyes darted towards Louis.


“That’s different.” I grinned.


“Do you want to take this outside?” He questioned whilst rolling his sleeved up, like he actually wanted to fight.


“Bring it on.” I cheered before running out of the bus with him in close pursuit. “So why did you really want to go outside?” I asked once we were out of earshot of the bus.


“How’d you figure that out?” He quizzed, falling in step with me.


“It wasn’t hard.” I grinned proudly.


“Anyway, now that we have discovered that I suck at lying or covering for something, did you have a good breakfast?” He nudged me, smirking in the process.

“It was okay.”

“Okay?” He repeated.



“So did you guys talk about anything?”

“Nothing interesting really.”





“Do you know what’s up with Louis?” I asked, closing my eyes as we walked closer and closer towards the main venue for tonight.

“What do you mean?”


“He was acting weird this morning.”


“Fidgety and stuff.”



“But why?”

“It’s not my place to tell.” He winked

“Harry.” I demanded.

“Seriously, just be patient.”


“But I don’t even know what I’m being patient for.”


“Wow, for a smart girl you’re pretty dense.” He laughed as he patted my head like a dog.


“Thanks.” I replied rolling my eyes at him.


“Seriously, time will tell soon enough.”


“Where’d the serious side of you come from?” I scoffed.


“Just like your serious side, he pops every now and then.”


“Were you listening to my conversation with Zayn?” I asked, eyeing him suspiciously.


“No…” He grinned like the Cheshire cat, I gasped at his response. “Catch me if you can!” He shouted as he sprinted off towards the door to the venue. I held back a laugh as I proceeded to chase him, which probably wasn’t the best idea straight after breakfast.


AN/ Sorry its too short. Had to do it on my phone again. Keep reading. Xoxo Tash :)

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