I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


35. Chapter 30

Natasha’s POV


“You would seriously rather spend your last day on Earth with the BCC One News presenter than anyone else?”

“I find them quite interesting.” Louis grinned, eating some more of his homemade sandwiches.


“I don’t understand you sometimes.” I replied shaking my head at him.


“You’re one to talk.”


“Meaning?” I asked, raising my eyebrows at him.


“I would rather be stuck in a never ending maze than try and figure out what goes on in your brain.”




“So do you like my specialty sandwiches?” He questioned, changing the subject.


“They’re okay.” I smirked, chewing on another mouthful to my delight.




“Says who?” I winked, swallowing the remainder of the sandwich.

“You can’t lie to save your life.” He smirked back to me.

“Thanks.” I sarcastically replied, rolling my eyes at him.


“You have some Nutella on your cheek.”


“What, where?” I quizzed, rubbing my face eagerly, Nutella wasn’t a good look on me.


“Let me get it.” He offered, already leaning over the small picnic spread out on the recording room floor. Ad his hand reached out towards my face I closed my eyes, it was natural instinct as I first thought he was going to poke my eye, but I was greeted by something completely different to his finger.


“Did you just lick my face?” I gasped, snapping my eyes wide open.


“Yep, and you taste good by the way.” He smirked again, still remaining in the name position.


“Thanks?” I chuckled.


“You know what tastes goo with Nutella?”


“Most things.”


“Marshmallow.” He grinned.


“You are all the marshmallows.” I stated, staring him straight in the eyes.


“Who says we can’t share?” He wiggled his eyebrows at me before leaning in. I finally clicked onto what he meant, what an interesting way to mix two things, although I wasn’t going to complain. As his hot breath tingled against my face I couldn’t help let a smile appear on my surface. I closed my eyes, matching his as my mouth parted slightly, I could almost taste the marshmallow when something made me jump out of my skin. My eyes darted open to see Louis literally millimeters away, as much as I didn’t want to, I knew I had to, I placed my hand against his chest, pushing him away. His eyes shot open as he retreated, he looked hurt but I did it for a good cause.


“What’s wrong?” He asked sincerely.


“I had my phone in my back pocket.” I admitted.


“And?” He questioned, his eyebrows knotting together.


“It started ringing on vibrate.” I chuckled as I pulled out of my phone.


“Who was it?”


“Always ruins the moment.” He muttered so I couldn’t hear.



“Nothing.” He sulked.


“Um, I have 18 miss calls and at least 30 texts….”


“Someone’s popular.” He scoffed.


“I don’t think either of us are very popular at the moment…” I replied vaguely.



“It’s half four.””


“And…CRAP! Sound check!” He shouted with a sense of urgency as he began to gather up everything.

“So how dead are we going to be?”

“ I wouldn’t want to be pessimist in this situation but…we are so dead.” He replied as he pulled out of the room and back towards the door.


“So this is what this corridor looks like.” I chuckled as we ran down the hall.

“Yeah, I love what they’ve done with the place.” He mocked in a girly tone.


“Hey!” I shouted, whacking him playfully. “I didn’t get to see it before since you decided to tie a blindfold around my head.”


“Everyone likes to be blindfolded.”


“Says who?” I scoffed as I pressed the ground floor button on the elevator.


“Says me.” He grinned proudly as the doors slid shut and we cascaded down the elevator shaft.



“Do you think anyone noticed we weren’t there?” I asked hopefully as we crept down a corridor leading to the dressing rooms.


“There’s only one way to find out.” He replied as he sucked in a deep breath and pushed down on the door handle leading to the boys´ dressing room, I just prayed none of them were getting changed, that was an image I could live without. I squinted my eyes as the door slowly crept open, releasing  an ear shrieking creak, amongst the silence around us the door could have woken the town over, that being if anyone actually slept at five in the evening.




“I think they noticed.” Louis whispered into my ear, I  had to bite down on my lip to stop myself from bursting out laughing.


“Out.” Louis chirped calmly.


“OUT? You go out without telling anyone where you’re going, miss sound check and come back and say you were just out?” He yelled.


“Yup.” Louis coolly replied.


“I can expect this sort of behavior from you.” He sighed, pointing at Louis in the process. “But you.” He growled, pointing his stumpy finger in my direction. “You’re lucky you’re here in the first place, at least act like you want to be in this position.” He snarled as he pushed his way out of the room. I stood there with my mouth hanging open, did he really say that? I wanted to be here more than anything else in the world.


“Ignore him, he doesn’t work well under stress.” Louis reassured me, rubbing his hand in circles on my back before walking over to the food table. I continued to stand where I was, not quite sure what to say or do.


“He’ll be over it soon, he’s always though on the new people.” Liam confortable me as he left the room with his phone ringing, my guesses were his girlfriend of his mum.


“So did you have fun toady.” Harry winked as I flopped onto the sofa next to him.


“Did Louis wear you out?” He whispered into my ear. I slapped his around the face, not hard but enough so he back off. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He smirked as I opened an eye to kook at him.


“Shut up Curly.” I yawned, placing a hand over my mouth.


“That’s all the proof I need.” He stated proudly as he began typing away on his phone.


“Aww his Tash tired?” Zayn mimicked as he swung my tired arms in the air.


“Zayn.” I whined as I tired to curl up in a ball, ready to fall asleep.


“No sleeping, you missed sound check you naughty girl, you need to warm up.” He joked, as he pocked the end of my nose. I swatted his hand away as I remained in a sleepy state on the sofa, trying my best not to actually fall asleep.

“We’re of the get snacks, anyone way anything?” Niall chimed in, of course that first thing I would hear him say in a while is about food.


“Toffee and chocolate covered popcorn.” Harry responded.


“Natasha?” Louis quizzed.


“Ill take a filet stake, medium-rare, with a side order of chips and salad with a knickerbocker glory desert please.” I smiled sweetly at him as he stood over me.


“So a packet of skittles and mountain dew?” He laughed as he followed Zayn and Niall out of the room, he already knew my favorite snack which made me smile, as they say in Zombie land, “Gotta enjoy the little things.”


“So, are you gonna spill the juicy gossip now or what?” Harry shot straight in there as soon as they left the room. He bounced along the sofa until he was practically sitting on my stomach.


“There is nothing to tell.” I replied truthfully.


“Stop hogging all the spicy secrets.”


“So no makeup sex?”


“No!” I huffed, hitting his arm.


“So what did you do?” He sighed, leaning back so his head was resting against my stomach whilst the rest of his body hung off the sofa.


“We went out and had a picnic inside.”

“You went out…but had a picnic inside?” He asked, clearly confused by my statement,


“Yup.” I replied, not giving anything away.


“Yeah…I’m not quite following.” He replied, poking my stomach.


“If that hand gets any higher I’ll bite it off.” I warned.


“Sorry, is that reserved for Louis?” He chuckled.


“Harry!” I laughed as I wacked him again.


“Harry!” I laughed as I wacked him again.


“You have a thing about hitting me don’t you?


“You have a thing about eating all up in my business don’t you.” I joked.


“I’m just curious.”


We went to recording studio and had a picnic.” I finally gave in.


“Strange place to have a picnic, I would have though a park would have been more suitable.”


“We didn’t go there to have a picnic.” I laughed with him.


“I know.” He grinned, flashing his `heart breaking´ smile as some fans like to say. “So did you record anything?”


“I was tricked into singing one of your songs.”

“Tricked? I bet you were dying to sing it.”

“That’s debatable.” I winked at him.


“I knew it! So what else did you sing?”


“I actually sung some originals and tried to cover Somewhere in Neverland from All Time Low…”




“Louis had different ideas.”

“Oh really?” He smirked, his eyebrows rising suggestively upwards.


“He kept changing the pitch, I went from sound like Morgan freeman to an extra in Alvin and the Chipmunks.”


“Nothing abnormal then.” He joked.




“So are you ready for the show tonight?”


“Do I look ready?” I asked sarcastically whilst yawning.


“Yeah, you could dress up a bit.” He kidded.


“Right in the feeling!” I gasped, holding onto my chest as if I was holding onto my last breath.


“I know were it hurts most.” He grinned proudly. “Now up, you have a show to do.”


“So do you.” I replied, swinging my legs over the edge of the sofa.


“But I showed up for sound check!” He shouted as he ran out the door, I shook my head at him as I clambered to my feet, ready to put on a performance.



Despite the fact I was extremely tired after a long day, my mind wouldn’t rest. I couldn’t stop tossing and turning in my bed. I’ve turned over some many times my duvet is now completely wrapped around me and I look like a human burrito. I sighed for the tenth time in the past 5 minutes as I managed to wriggle my hands free. I couldn’t take being wrapped up any more like a snack so I carefully, slid out of my bunk and attempted to land gracefully on the floor.


“Mother fu- sh-, crap, fu-” I whispered angrily under my breath as I had managed to hump down onto a laptop charger plug which was left in the middle of the aisle. I squinted my eyes as the pain surged through my body, this was just as painful as stepping on Lego. I quietly crept towards the kitchen, my phone still had little life in it and I wasn’t in the mood to stand and scroll through twitter for hours.


“Can’t sleep?” My head snapped towards the direction of the voice as the lone skittle, which had dropped out of my hand rolled across he table.


“I’ve tired everything.” I sighed as Zayn sat down next to me. “Want one?” I offered the bag od candy towards him.


“In the middle of the night?” He questioned, unsure of my eating habits.


“Well I can’t sleep, so it makes no difference.”



“So what are you doing up?”


“Can’t sleep, I must have drank at lest 8 red bulls tonight.” He admitted.

“That probably wasn’t you greatest idea.

“I can agree with you on that.” He laughed lightly as I joined in, careful not to wake the other. “So you seem to be getting on with Louis, did you have fun today?”

“I did actually.” I smiled.


“Good, he wasn’t always the happiest bunny around Kendall, but things should start getting better now she’s gone.”


“I feel like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.”


“It feels like a weight has been lifted off all our shoulders.”

“She just made me feel like I couldn’t be myself.” I self-proclaimed.


“She had a way of doing that, none of us really liked her.”

“So I’ve heard.”


“Sorry to bring a damper on your night.”

“No don’t worry, I like having serious conversations now and then.” I smiled at him.


“Do you only get to see this side of Natasha at 2 in the morning?”


“She comes and goes, she’ll just pop up on you when you least expect it.”


“Well thanks for the warning.” He chuckled. “Fancy a game of Guitar Hero?”


“It would be my pleasure.” I grinned before we crept quietly down to the back lounge.



“No, I don’t want to buy your panda society pen.” I mumbled, unaware that I was actually talking aloud and I wasn’t completely asleep. The hand that was poking me before returned and pressed harder this time. “No, I like pandas but I don’t want a pen.


“Natasha.” A voice whispered in my ear.


“No pen.” I murmured.


“Natasha.” The voice rang a little louder as they shook my shoulder.


“Uh, what?” I asked in a sleepy voice, as I looked around at my surroundings, this wasn’t my bunk.


“Sleep well?” Louis asked as he towered over me.


“Um…” I trailed off as I removed the guitar hero controller form my grasp which I had appeared to have been cuddling with all night. I shifted slightly more and realized my legs were resting across Zayn’s chest, I moved slowly away from him carefully not to wake him.


“You hungry?” Louis asked as I followed him down the bus.

“I guess, why?” I questioned as I read the time on my watch, it was only half eight, no wonder I was tired, I had only gotten around 4 hours sleep. Mine and Zayn’s epic guitar batlle was never ending, we had nearly completed every song, although it would appear tiredness got the better of both of us.


“Good, because we’re going out to breakfast.”


“Okay.” I yawned as I rummaged through something to wear.

“I have something to ask you too.” He chimed as he walked off the bus, ready to go before I could even question him about it. I entered the bathroom to change from my pajamas: http://www.polyvore.com/pijama-natasha/set?id=66271887

To something more appropriate for breakfast: http://www.polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=83864236




“It’s weird sitting here.” I mused as Louis shuffled into the seat opposite from mine.


“How so?” He replied, scanning over the menu.


“We’re sat in a roller skating diner and for once I’m not the once cleaning up sick.”

“I’m sure one of the waitresses wouldn’t mind lending you a mop.” He not so subtly winked at me.


“I think I’ll pass on that.” I chuckled.


“So what are you getting?” He asked changing the subject conversation.

“Well I was craving pancakes but-”


“But this isn’t IHOP.” He chimed in.


“Have you ever been to one?” I questioned as I appeared less interested in food now seeing as this place didn’t serve one of my absolute favorite delicacies.


“Yep, they’re everywhere in America.”

“I envy you so much right now.”


“Maybe you’ll come with us someday?” He asked in a rhetorical sense.


“Maybe…” I sighed quietly, I doubt I would ever travel with One Direction after this brief UK tour, who knows where I’ll be after that.


“My mum rang yesterday.” He informed me,  his voice sounded uneasy and wary which matched his facial expression.


“Oh.” I mumbled, I didn’t really want to invade in his privacy so I allowed himself to open up if he felt like he could.


“She’s not mad anymore.”


“That’s good then?” I questioned, his tone still made him sound uneasy.


“She’s disappointed.” He sighed.


“Your parents being disappointed in you are the worst.” I replied, although I didn’t have to worry about that anymore.


“I know. She just didn’t know Kendall like everyone else, just like my family and hers she was fooled by her fakery.”


“She won’t remain like that forever, karma always comes back around to bite you in the butt.” I attempted to reassure him but he seemed to deflate listening to my words. I chewed on my lip, I didn’t know what to say or do since I had no idea why his mum was disappointed other than the fact he broke up with Kendall, but there was something else.


“I hope so.” He mumbled under his breath, but just audible enough for me to hear.


“Hi there, what can I get for you two?” A chirpy waitress asked, a fake smile, which I knew how to wear far too well, plastered on her face. I was amazed to see she was also wearing a distinctive red lipstick, matching her work outfit, which wasn’t far different from mine. She didn’t seem a bit fazed to be serving Louis Tomlinson, one of the most well-known celebrities around at this current moment in time, I did begin to wonder weather she was like me; not even a fan or she could be acting professional, it was hard to tell. I watched her vigorously as she held her note pad in her hand and clicking her pen constantly in the other.


“Natasha?” Louis questioned me, indicating for me to order first.


“Um… can I get the full English breakfast but without the tomatoes, black pudding, sausage, beans or bacon?”


“So you just want the toast, eggs and hash browns?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I replied, laughing lightly as I did.


“And you sir?”


“I’ll have a full English breakfast…with everything.” He joked.


“Okay, I’ll bring them over when they’re ready.” She smiled politely as she took away our menus and sauntered off to the kitchen.

“You have a way of making everything more complicated than it needs to be.”


“Thanks.” I replied sarcastically as I slipped on my orange juice.


“So um... I wanted to ask you something.” He responded, I watched him intensely, not in a creepy, in a more of an observer way as he twiddled his thumbs and darted his eyes around the room. He was either agitated, nervous or both. “I wanted to ask you if-”

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