I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


3. Chapter 3

"Wake up." I repeated for the tenth time whilst prodding the sleeping bandy nest to me. He began to stir yet remained completely asleep, I groaned in response and squeezed my eyes shut. "If you're not going to wake up, then I guess I'll just have to…" I spoke quietly to myself. I opened my eyes and peered back at the sleeping figure. I have to admit when he smiled it was pretty cute but that was the least of my problems right now. I took a deep breathe and bit my lip, here goes nothing, I thought. I stretched my arms forwards and pushed hard onto his torso, he must work out, was all I could thing when I touched his rock hard abs. Luckily I was fairly strong and my plan worked. He fell straight into the ocean with a massive splash. i smirked at my handy work and wired for the aftermath.


"What the bloody hell did you do that for?" He shouted back on as if a shark was chasing him.


"Maybe you shouldn't be such a heavy sleeper." I rolled my eyes.


"Rude." He muttered. "Why couldn't you have let me sleep?" He asked sounding annoyed.


"Because, if you hadn't notice, we are about 50 feet away from land." I stated as if it was obvious.


"WHAT?!" he shouted before scrambling to the other side of the door. "So we are." he beamed.


"What are you so happy about? We're still stuck in the middle of nowhere." I groaned.


"Yes, but at least I won't have to be this close to you again."


"Wow, the feeling is mutual." I responded before jumping into the ocean, fully cloned and heading toward land.


"Hey where are you going?" He shouted, I could hear him trying to paddle to keep up, although he wasn't having mush luck.


"To land." I replied sarcastically and turned back around to swim properly.


"Wait for me!" He called out.


"I thought you couldn't wait to get away from me?" I shouted back not turning to face him. I din't quite hear what he said but that was probably a good thing. It didn't take very long to reach the shore, I dragged my tired body up to beach and collapsed onto my back, staring up at the blazing sun. Well it could be worse, I thought. I could be on an ice cap right now with polar bears. I waited for Louis to reach the beach, I think he wasn't a good swimmer. I looked around, all I could see was beach and a forest. The island was only small and I'm pretty sure it didn't have any inhabitants.



"How did you swim so fast?" Louis asked as he collapsed next to me.


"Well I kicked my legs." I rolled my eyes.


"Are you always this sarcastic?"


"Are you always this annoying?" I retorted.


"You have no idea who I am, do you?! He asked sitting up.


"Yeah I do." I replied sitting up to face him.


"Oh really?" He asked raising his eyebrows. "Who am I then?"


"You're the jerk that ran over my foot with a big ass suitcase in the airport."


"I ran over your foot?" he asked.


"Yes, and it hurt." I muttered.


"Oh, sorry about that, I was having a slight dilemma." He grinned.


"You know putting your hood up and wearing sunglasses, is not the greatest disguise." I added, plain absentmindedly with the sand.


"How did you know I was in disguise?"


"I'm psychic." I winked.


"And I'm George Clooney." He replied sarcastically.


"Well it's nice to meet you George Clooney." I smirked.


"You seriously don't know who I am?" He asked seriously.


"i just told you who you are." I sighed.


"Do you honestly think I would run throughout the airport in disguise for no reason?"


"Yeah, why not?"


"Ever heard of One Direction?" He asked, staring straight into my eyes. I could help but stare back into his crystal clear blue eyes, they were mesmerizing. I let out a subtle cough before turning away my gaze, although I did notice him smirk.


"I don't think so…." I trilled off.


"Do you watch the X Factor?"


"Nope." I smiled.


"Perfect." He replied sarcastically.


"Well One Direction is a British boy band who were on the X Factor."


"Did they win?" I asked cutting him off.


"That not the point." he replied annoyed.


"So they didn't?" I smirked.


"Are you going to let me finish?" 


"What else in the to tell?" I replied leaning back onto the sand and closing my eyes.


"No, they didn't win but they got record deal and their faces are plastered in millions of girls bedrooms." He chuckled.


"Are they really?" I asked raising my eyebrows, my eyes till remind closed.


"Yeah." His husky voice rang through my ears as his head was right next to mine." And guess what?"


"What?" I smirked.


"I'm one of those five boys in the band." He stated proudly. I opened my eyes to look at him, he was grinning widely at  me. I borrowed my eyes at him and then started laughing. "What?" He quizzed.


"Are you seriously trying to tell me you're in a famous boy band?" I managed to say.


"I'm not `trying´to tell you, I just old you."


"So who are the other members?" I asked intrigues.


"Why, do you want me to set you on a date?" He laughed raising his eyebrow.


"Who says I don't already have a boyfriend?"


"Your attitude." He smirked. I gasped at his remark and hit this arm. "For a girl, that actually hurt." He added rubbing his arm in the place my hand just left.


"You haven't told me about the other." I wasn't really interested in a boy band but there was nothing else to do on this island.


"Well, there's Harry, he's my boyfriend." He grinned, I raised my eyebrows up at him, for all I knew he could be being serious. "It's more of a bromance."




"Anyway, he gets the girls, I swear it's his curls. Then there's Liam, the sensible one…sometimes. Zayn…."


"Zayn? What sort of name is that?" I cut him off.


"Leave Zayn alone, he's perfect." He replied in a high pitched squealed. I rolled my eyes at him and waited for him to finish. "And last, Niall Horan, blonde hair, blue use and irish accent."


"Niall? That name sound familiar" I muttered. I tapped my fingers on my chin trying to think why did that sound familiar. Suddenly I felt someone had just hit me in the chest with a bowling ball. The air flow was rapidly decreasing the the tears began to escape my eyes. I din't want Louis to see me cry, I didn't want to show him I was weak but I couldn't help it.


"Natasha?" He asked rising to my side. I carried on crying, unable to speak. "Natasha what's wrong?" He asked kneeling in front of me. I closed my eyes and felt this thing beginning to wipe away my tears.


"Where you traveling alone?" I choked out.




"Were you?" I repeated.


"Yeah, why?" He asked, his breath was warm against my face. "Oh" He suddenly added, he knew why I was asking. "You weren't." He stated. I shook my head in response, I opened my eyes and looked straight into his, the gap between us was minimal.


"My sister loved Niall" I replied, my voice souring weak.


"She could still be…"


"No, don't even try and say that because you and I know it's not true." I began to raise my voice


"Was there anyone else?"


"My parents." I sniffed.


"I'm sorry." he replied quietly before wrapping his arms around me. As much as this boy annoyed me his arms were comforting. My berthing began to slow down an the tears were fading away.


"i was sitting next to her." I gulped.


"It's not your fault." he whispered stroking my hair.


"I feel so guilty, I'm her big sitter, I'm supposed to protect her." I whimpered.


"Now she's looking down on you, protection you."


"You don't know that." I replied hiccuping from crying.


"You made it to land didn't you?" He asked facing me again. I slowly nodded. "See, she's watching you, as well as your parents." He tried to smile.

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