I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


34. Chapter 29

“Natasha.” A voice quietly spoke, I was in a half awake half asleep state and chose to ignore it, I was probably dreaming. “Natasha?” The voice asked sounding morning concerned this time.
“I think she’s asleep.” Another voice presented itself.
“I gathered that.” The previous voice retorted. “Natasha, wake up.” I began to feel my shoulder being shaken; I don’t think I was asleep anymore.

“Go away.” I mumbled into my pillow, turning away from the voice and coming around to a conscious state.
“I thought you were a morning person.” I heard a soft chuckle.

“When there are five boys standing next to your bed first thing in the morning do you expect me to be jumping with joy?” I sighed into my pillow.
“Most girls would.” Niall joked, I internally laughed at that statement, I should have seen it coming.
“How do you know we were all here?” Zayn questioned.

“You’re not exactly…quiet.” I replied yawning and rolling over to look at them.

“You loved your morning wakeup call.” Harry winked, he had been the one talking mostly all along, and he can’t keep his mouth shut.
“Of course.” I responded rolling my eyes at him. “So is there any reason why you woke me up so early?” I asked, glancing at my watch that said ten in the morning, this was extremely early for me.
“Actually there is.” Harry grinned proudly.
“Which is?” I suspiciously asked, narrowing my eyes at him.
“It appears you talk in your sleep.” Niall answered.
“I do?” I gasped, my eyes shooting as wide as possible.
“Yep.” Harry smirked, rocking back and forth on his heels.
“Oh God…” I muttered, mentally slapping myself.
“You were more a less shouting and screaming.” He grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at me.
“I’m not sure I want to know what happened next.” I admitted, squeezing my eyes tight together, wishing this moment was over with already.
“Oh don’t worry, it was nothing bad.” Harry tried to reassure me but I didn’t quite believe him.

“Something’s tells me you’re lying.” I stated, eyeing him up and down.
“Whatever gives you that idea?” He chuckled, I noticed Louis remained silence, he looked as if he didn’t want to be here or something by the way he was looking at anything and everything but me.
“What doesn’t give me that idea?” I questioned rhetorically, raising my eyebrows at him.
“Rude!” He gasped. “At least I don’t scream Louis’ name in my sleep.”

“What?!” I gasped, I could feel my cheeks going redder by the second.
“It sound like you and Louis were having a bit of you know…fun, in your dream.” He smirked. I just wanted to curl up into a ball and die at any second. I turned to look at Louis, I couldn’t help it, I had to see his reaction, to my surprise he was grinning. I titled my head like a confused dog as I continued to look at the other, they were all grinning. My eyes shot back to Harry who was almost toppling over from laughter.
“Your face.” He stammered out.
“You.” I growled before flinging back the bed sheets and jumping on top of him.
“If only you saw your face.” He replied struggling to breath from his continuous laughing.
“I hate you.” I growled again as I jumped off him and walked into the kitchen. I helped myself to a bowl of cereal, or what I like to call my own specialty.
“Cocopops, cornflakes or shreddies? Girl you crazy!” Niall joked as he made hi sown breakfast.
“It’s actually pretty good.” I murmured with my mouth full of food as I sat down at the table in the front lounge.

“Real attractive.” Harry sardonically replied.
“Shut it curly.” I grinned as I used his nickname, which I could tell he hated, his smirk soon faltered when the word left my mouth.
“Which city are we in today?” I questioned flicking through twitter on my phone.

“Liverpool.” Liam informed us all.
“Anyone here you want to stalk?”
“Ha ha.” I replied sarcastically as I playfully hit Harry around the head. Everyone else had now joined me at the table to devour various breakfast items, mine being the most original. My eyes would occasionally flicker over to Louis, his eyes never left his phone screen, once. “So did I really talk in my sleep?”
“Yeah, it sounded like you were wrestling some sort of mutant penguin or something.” Zayn spoke.
“You go all that from some sleep talk?”
“Your sleep talk is very detailed.” He chuckled.

“What time’s sound check Liam?” Louis spoke, his voice shocked me, he was silent for so long I forgot he was even there.

“Three, why?”

“I’ll be out all day.” He informed everyone before getting up of the sofa and walking towards the bunk area. I carried on eating my cereal whilst scanning through twitter. I tried not to pay attention to Louis but I couldn’t help but wonder where was he going.
“There’s a tending topic about you.” I spoke, directing it towards Niall.
“What is it?”
“Niall is phenomeciall.” I chuckled “Creative.” I mused.
“You’re just jelly.” He replied, sticking his tongue out at me.
“Of course.” I grinned as I turned back towards my cereal and continued to eat my interesting mixture. My twitter feed was surprisingly alive for this time of the day, no sane British person would be awake before twelve and most American’s would be in bed, or so I thought. It didn’t surprise me to see All Time Low tweeting, their body clocks are extremely messed up and I know this because I read their tweets, I don’t have a blog dedicated to them or anything. I was so enthralled by the events of the night being broadcast on twitter than when my phone vibrated form a message I jumped six feet out of my seat.
`Meet me outside in five´ I stared at my phone questioningly, the name attached to the message came as a surprise; Louis. I looked up from my phone and caught a quick glimpse of Louis already walking towards the door, I didn’t even notice him walk past, Iwas too enticed by the message. I swallowed the cereal I had in my mouth and locked my phone, after reading the message once again to make sure I was seeing things and hopped out of my seat.
“Where are you going in a rush?” Zayn chuckled.
“Getting some fresh air.” I lied as I placed my bowl in the sink, someone else could wash up for once.

“Are you going to eat that?” Niall questioned, already picking up the bowl.

“Go for it.” I smiled at him as I rushed to get some clothes to wear. I really wish I knew what we were doing so I could pick what to weat accordingly, we could be going out or we could literally just be standing outside. Is sighed and walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out this: polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=95073045
After I threw on my outfit I brushed my hair and brushed my teeth at the same time, multitasking at its best. It had been over five minutes but I am a girl, not a girly girl, but still a girl, getting ready isn’t instant. I slipped on my toms and charged down the bus, grabbing my phone on the way.
“Bye!” I shouted before running out the door.
“You’re late.” Louis grinned, as he greeted me at the door.

“By 2 minutes.” I defended checking the time. I was glad to see he was in a good mood although I was starting to think he was bipolar, and half the time I never knew what was wrong with him.
“2 minutes in which I could have been mauled to death by fans.”

“What fans?” I grinned looking around at the empty park.
“Touché.” He laughed. “C’mon, the taxi is waiting.”

“Where are we going?” I questioned, following him cautiously to the awaiting black cab parked up.
“Well it wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you.”

“I hate surprises.” I sulked, as we slid into the car.
“I know, that’s why I’m doing this.” He smirked. As much as I wanted to talk to Louis about what happened yesterday, I felt extremely awkward considering there was a taxi driver less than a meter away, probably listening to our conversation. “So, I heard you had your fist Nando’s last night?”

“Yup.” I replied, popping the `p´.

“And?” It was just another restaurant, I don’t understand the big deal about it.”

“Don’t say that around Niall, he’ll eat you like he eats Peri Peri chicken.” He joked.

“Thanks for the advice.”

“No problemo. We should be there soon, it’s not far.” He smiled, looking out the window.
“Right…” I responded, looking out the window, utterly confused.
“You’ll love it.”
“Uh…huh.” I chuckled nervously, all I could see was tall skyscrapers, he wasn’t going to throw me off the top as some sort of way to get my blood pumping or something was he?
“Here we are!” He giddily stated as he jumped excitedly out the car. I eyed him cautiously, I wasn’t quite sure what was happening. I followed him out the car and stood still on the pavement and looked up. “What do you think?”
“You brought me to a tall building…” I replied, turning my head to look at him.
“Yep!” He grinned.
“Um, why?” I asked confused.
“Because the vast amount of windows excited me.” He joked, I gave him a `what the hell are you on?´ look and stared back at the structure in front of me. “I’m kidding, the real surprise is inside.” Before I could reply he tugged on my arm and pulled me through the spinning door, which led to the lobby of the building. I walked in gazing at everything around me as I let myself be led to the front desk my Louis.
“Louis Tomlinson.” He informed the receptionist who was probably online shopping on her computer instead of actually working.
“Go right up, it’s all ready.” She replied, not even looking up from the screen. I couldn’t help but glance at her screen as we walked towards the lift.
“Handbags.” I stated as Louis pressed the number 31 on the lift.
“What?” He laughed.

“She was looking at handbags.” I grinned as I faced him.

“Trust you to notice that.” He grinned shaking his head at me.

“So, can you tell me where we are going now?”

“Why?” I moaned, putting on my best puppy eyes.
“I’m going to close my eyes so I can’t see you doing that.”

“Is it working?”
“We’re almost there anyway.”
“Do you realize how weird this is?” I questioned, narrowing my eyes at him.
“You stuck me in the back of a cab, brought me to a random building in a city I’ve never been to and are refusing to tell me what is on the 31st floor.”
“It’s a surprise.· He simply stated before the door slip open. “Put this on.” He instructed once we were clear of the doors.

“Excuse me?” I scoffed, as I looked down at the black material in his hands.
“It’s a blindfold.”

“I can see that...”
“Fine, I’ll just have to put it on for you.”
“This is so cheesy.” I beamed.
“You love it.” He replied, and I couldn’t argue back as he placed the cloth around my eyes. “Okay, just follow me.”

“I don’t know where you are…”
“Oh right, sorry.” He laughed as he came and guided me down the hallway.
“You0re not going to throw me out of the window are you?”

“No…” He joked.
“Nice and reassuring.” I responded sarcastically.

“Don’t worry, we’re here now.” He replied as he opened a door, which I assumer led to a room. He led me inside and closed the door. “You can take the blindfold off now.” I followed his command and untied the material and snapped my eyes open. My mouth parted at the sight, I couldn’t even get my words out. “What do you think?”
“Wow.” I managed to stammer out.
“Impressive huh?”

“It’s amazing.” I gasped as I walked over to the sound desk.

“I know how you’ve always wanted to come to a recording studio…so here you are!”
“Thank you!” I squealed excitedly as I launched my arms around his torso.
“So do you want to give it a whirl?”
“You mean I can use it?” I asked, gob smacked by his question.
“You didn’t think I’d bring you here just to look at it did you?” He lightly laughed. “Do on in, put in the headphones on.” He instructed. I followed his orders and walked into the sound proof booth and slipped the headphones onto my head. “Are you ready?”

“That’s the spirit.” He joked. “Just sing along.” He grinned as he pressed play on the backing track.
“Really?” I asked sarcastically as the song started to play, he flashed his smile in response and waited for me to sing. I rolled my eyes back at him before I proceeded to sing.
“It’s got to be you
Oh, only you…”
I sung the ending line and opened my eyes to see Louis holding a camera against the glass.
“What is that?” I asked wide eyed.
“A camera.”
“I hadn’t noticed.” I sardonically replied.
“Now people who aren’t coming to the shows can know what you sound like that.” He stated proudly.
“Was it really necessary for me to sign one of your songs though?” I asked as I walked back through.
“No, but I know how you’re secretly a directioner and love it really.” He winked.
“Damn, you caught me.” I chuckled.
“Do you want to listen to it?” He questioned as I sat down next to him.
“Heck no!”
“Why not? You sounded good!” He complimented.
“I hate the sound of my own voice.” I admitted.
“Your fans don’t.”
“They’re our fans.” He emphasized.
“You seem happy today…” I stated vaguely changing the subject.
“Because I am.” He grinned, not really giving me an answer I wanted.
“Um…Louis…” I awkwardly asked.
“I was wondering how long it would take you to ask.”
“You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, I don’t want to intrude or anything.” I rambled on.
“Don’t worry.” He chuckled. “It’s fine, and I guess I owe you some sort of explanation.” I sat awkwardly twiddling my thumbs waiting for him to continue. “I wasn’t chasing after Kendall to announce my undying love towards her.”
“You weren’t?” I gasped in a humor form.
“I needed to talk to her…about certain stud.” I waited for him to continue, I didn’t really know what to say. “She won’t be around here again.” He stated, my head shot up from my lap and caught his gaze, I couldn’t help but let the corners of my mouth point upwards. “Yup, I finally broke up with her, it feels so good to be free of her!”
“Is that what you were angry about yesterday?” I asked timidly.
“No.” He sighed. “I rang my mum after it happened.”

“She didn’t like it?”
“It’s not her life though.”
“I know, she told me I’m irresponsible for…” He trailed off.
“For what?”
“Nothing.”  He sighed, shaking his head.
“I won’t tell anyone.”
“I’ll tell you, in due course.”
“Oh, okay.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’m over yesterday now.” He grinned, time to move on. “Do you want another go? But this time one of your originals.”
“Sure.” I smiled slightly although I felt somewhat hurt after he wouldn’t open up to me, he knew a lot about me he shouldn’t and he couldn’t even talk about one conversation with his mum. I walked into the sound proof booth and put on my best smile as the camera flicked onto record, this time I would sing a song of my own, the listeners could know the real me.

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