I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


33. Chapter 28

“Hold her legs up, so the blood rushes back to her head.” I concluded. “I’ll support the head.” I added as her head was supported by my hands. My eyes kept awkwardly finding their way to Louis, I wasn’t exactly sure where we stood right now and considering his girlfriend just fainted right in front of us.
“What the hell?” Niall asked, utterly confused.
“She’s fainted.” I replied, breathing deeply as I turned back to look at the pale figure on the floor. Her face was beginning to get some color back in and she was still breathing so it wasn’t anything serious.
“How?” Zayn questioned.

“She doesn’t look as if she’d eaten for...well a week.” I replied, knotting my eyebrows together.
“What are we gonna do with her?” Liam sensibly quizzed.
“We have to wait for her to wake up.” I responded.
“How long will that take?” Harry tutted, I could tell he didn’t care about her. To be honest, neither did I but I had to prove I was the better person and I did just get kissed by her boyfriend.

“I don’t know, I heard if you kiss a sleeping beauty they wake up.” I smirked at him and have a subtle wink.

“I’ll kiss a sleeping beauty when I see one.” He joked which caused us all to laugh. “Will this not just work?” He asked as he proceeded to slap her face, not hard but enough so it made noise.
“Harry!” I warned but I couldn’t help but chuckle as I swatted his hand away.
“It’s fun, you should try.” He smirked.
“Harry.” I responded, flashing him a disapproving smile.
“Fine, I won’t slap her anymore.” He sighed, crossing his hands over his chest. “Why are you look after her anyway? She was about to slap you.”
“Good point.” Niall agreed.
“Because I’m sort of a good person.” I awkwardly replied.
“We could just leave her here and maybe the tour bus would run-“
“Zayn!” I gasped, laughing at his crazy idea.
“I was being serious.” He stated in a serious tone but I didn’t miss his mouth trying to point upwards in a smile. I shook my head at him as a grin appeared on my face.
“Natasha we can’t just stay here forever…” Louis trailed off.
“I know bu-”
“Maybe this will work.” Harry interjected as he threw whole bottle of water over her face.
“Harry!” I replied completely in shock, I was about to frown at him but the sound of coughing caught my attention.
“See, I told it would work.” Harry grinned, clearly proud of himself, he had been waiting to do that for ages, I could tell.

“What the fuck?!” Kendall spluttered as she immediately sat up, away from me.
“You fainted.” I stated, brushing the gravel from the floor off my skinny leather jeans.
“I don’t need your help.” She growled into my face as she slowly stood up.
“Kendall, if Natasha wasn’t there you would have smashed your head on the floor.” Louis defended.
“Leave me alone, all of you.” She snarled, walking away from us.

“That’s not going to be hard…” Harry joked when she was out of earshot.
“I need to talk to her.” Louis rushed as he chased after her. I stared at him, just running after her. He does a lot of running after girls.
“It’ll be fine.” Harry reassured me, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.
“Ya think?” I asked, looking him in the eyes.
“Trust me.” He smiled as he placed a kiss on my forehead in the friendship way.
“I’m suck a bad person.” I groaned as we began to walk towards the tour bus where the others were already heading.
“Are you serious?” He scoffed, stopping dead in his tracks.
“Yes.” I replied, staring at him. “I just kissed her boyfriend…in front of her!”
“That doesn’t make you a bad person.”
“Yes it does.” I groaned again, rubbing my temples with my fingers.
“One; he kissed you-“

“I kissed back.” I cut in.
“Shush you.” He chuckled, placing his finger against my lip stopping me from talking. “Two; what you did was nothing compared to what she did and three; you just topped her from having brain damage.”

“Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

“You have an answer for everything don’t you?” He grinned
“Just like you have a chat up line for everything.” I smirked at him.
“Feel better know?” He asked sincerely.
“I guess.” I hesitantly smiled at him.
“I’m taking you out.” He randomly stated.

“What?” I confusingly asked.
“To get your mind of things, you’ve had a hard day…we’re going out tonight.”
“Where?” I quizzed as we reached the tour bus. We both climbed aboard, the others were already there.
“NANDO’S!” Niall shouted, he looked all ready to leave.
“Where you listening to our conversation?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at him.
“Noooo…” he guiltily replied, avoiding eye contact.
“Of course not.” I chuckled. “Let me get changed first.” I informed them as I walked down the bus.

“Are we gonna wait for him?” Liam asked in a quiet tone to Harry, obviously referring to Louis and they were speaking quietly because I was here, I hated I was making life hard for them when it really shouldn’t be. I decided not to listen to anymore of the conversation as I changed out of what I wore on stage and into something a little more comfy: polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=101426236
“Can we go now? My stomach is hurting.” Niall whined,
“C’mon little one.” Liam joked, patting him on the head, earning himself a disapproving look from Niall. We all piled out of the bus and into a taxi, Nando’s probably didn’t cater for tour buses in their parking lots.
“I’ve never had a Nando’s.” I spoke, scanning my eyes over the menu.
“I’m sorry, I thought I just head you say you had never had a Nando’s before.” Niall scoffed.
“I did….”
“Hold me brother.” He gasped as he fell dramatically into Zayn’s arms.
“How have you never had a Nando’s?” Zayn questioned, pushing Niall out of his grasp.
“I prefer to stay at him and eat pizza.” I grinned.

“You live of pizza?” Liam asked, raising his eyebrows at me.
“I have the ones with vegetables on top!” I defended.
“You’re so healthy.” Harry replied sarcastically.
“Shut it tubs.” I smirked at him.
“You did not just got here girlfriend.” He responded, doing the whole head movement, finger snapping actions.

“Alright then Mr. Healthy, what do you recommend?”

“The peri peri chicken, everyone loves it.”
“Alright then, peri peri chicken it is.”

“I think I ate too much chicken.” I whined as we sat in the taxi on the way back. I began rubbing my stomach like a pregnant woman, I was feeling extremely bloated. I couldn’t stop myself from checking my phone every coupled of minutes in case Louis called or text, but he didn’t, which left me slightly agitated. Harry could tell my mind wasn’t always in the conversation and gave my hand a gentle squeeze now and then. As we reached the tour bus I noticed none of the lights were on, there were no fans gathered around, it was like a ghost town around. There was no sign of Louis or Kendall which made my stomach churn.
“Don’t worry.” Harry whispered into my ear after the other boys climbed out, I flashed him a small smile and followed him out of the taxi.
“It’s so empty around here, it’s like a ghost town.” I stated my internal thoughts.
“That’s because it’s 1 in the morning.” Niall yawned.

“Way past your bedtime.” Liam joked.

“Mmm.” Niall replied rubbing his eyes. I shook my at their strange friendship, it was cute, it was also nice to see they acted this way behind the cameras and it wasn’t just an act for their fans.
“Tired?” Harry questioned as we walked into the front lounge.
“Not really, you?” I answered, running my fingers through my hair.

“Awesome…” I replied whilst flopping onto the sofa in the front lounge. “They could have chosen a nicer color for the interior.” I randomly said,
“It’s not permanent.” He chuckled. “We do have to move out eventually.”
“I know, but it’s so dull.”
“Night guys!”
“Good night!” I responded back to the three boys who were al clambering in their bunks, Harry joined me with the goodnights as we remained wide awake.

“So…is Louis a good kisser.” Harry winked.

“You should know.” I winked back at him.

“I walked right into that one didn’t I?” He chuckled.

“Pretty much.” I yawned.
“I thought you weren’t tired?”
“I’m not.” I replied yawning again.
“Really?” He questioned raising his eyebrows at me. I was about to respond when the tour bus door swung open and Louis cam barging in. His face looked like he was on fire, he was angry or upset. “I’ll talk to him in the morning.” Harry whispered to me as we both continued to watch Louis who had now disappeared into his bunk.
“I’m tired.” I replied unenthusiastically as I went to get changed for bed.
“Don’t worry about it.” Harry whispered whilst placing his lips on my forehead again, I wish he would stop telling me not to worry because how can I not? I flashed a small smile to Harry as I walked into the bathroom to place on my pajamas:polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=72334266
Everything was silent as I climbed into my bunk except the subtle humming as the bus began to drive off the next venue, at least there was one thing I could be happy about, Kendall was nowhere to be seen. I laid down and stared at the inside of my eyelids, the only thing stopping me form falling asleep was the sound of someone furiously tapping away on their phone. As gently and as quietly as I could I pulled back the curtain, the only bit of light was coming form inside Louis bunk, it didn’t surprise me but his mood only make me feel guiltier. I pushed the curtain back in it’s previous position and leaned back onto my pillow. My thumbs were twiddling with each other until the tapping stopped and everything fell silent and so did my mind.


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