I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


32. Chapter 27

Running away from your problems will only make them worse. The words circled around my mind but my feet were adamant to stop and continued to carry my body along the poorly tarmacked surface. There were still tears forming in my eyes and streaming down my face but I made no attempt to stop them. I was literally chocking on my own breath and tears but ‘ the time my hands were gripped around the handle of the door. I wanted to stop and take a rest, my heart was thumping so intensely I could feel the vibrations against my ribcage. I squeezed my eyes shut as I pulled as hard as I could down on the handle but my eyes suddenly whipped open when the handle didn’t budge, not even a single slither. I stated to furiously pull at the handle, I was determined to make it move, I didn’t care if it broke or snapped off, I was getting inside the bus one way or another.
“OPEN!” I shouted to myself as the handle still wouldn’t budge. “Open.” I cried out sounding beaten. “ Please.” I croaked felling worn out and exhausted. A fresh stream of tears shielded my face as I kicked the door in defeat.
“Natasha.” A sincere voice of Louis rang in my ears, his hand rested on my back as I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, I didn’t want anyone to see me in shuck a broken state, if I can’t see them then they can’t see me. It was only a matter of time before he caught up, no matter how much I wanted to believe I would be left alone it was adamant that wasn’t going to happen.
“I want to be alone.” I whimpered, sucking in a breath as a lump got caught in my throat, making my voice barely audible.
“Natasha, I need to know something.” He responded, disregarding my request. I shook my head at him. “Please.” He begged in the most genuine voice I had ever heard. “Did you mean what you said in there.” He asked his pleading voice made me want to scream out yes, but instead as normal when I spoke to him, I persisted my silence. I couldn’t hide my feeling from Louis forever, he knew how I felt, I knew how I felt and even if he didn’t like me in that way, he had to hear it from me just to get over it. My mouth parted slightly, ready to respond, I clasped my eyes together ready for the worse, but they shot open as soon as the bus made a clicking noise. I opened the handle of the door and rushed in.
“Natasha!!” Louis called out to me, struggling to keep up with my fast paced dashing. “NATASHA!” Louis began to shout as I shoved my belongings into my suitcase. “Natasha, listen to me!” He pleaded, trying to get in my way but I weaved around him and threw clothes in messy piles inside the large white case. I continued to ignore him as my suitcase rapidly filled up.
“Why the heck did you all follow her?” Kendall screeched as several pairs of footsteps ran along the bus.

“Natasha, what are you doing?” Niall asked, as they all formed a semi-circle critiquing my every move.

“I’m going.” I croaked. “For good.”
“That’s barbaric!” Harry shouted, I jumped a little but my hands furiously stacked up more clothes.

“Good riddance.” Kendall muttered.
“You got what you wanted, why can’t you just leave me alone?” I shouted at her, not giving a damn about anything anymore.
“You’re not going anywhere.” Louis commanded, slamming his hand down on my suitcase and stopping Kendall from answering me.
“You can’t stop me.”

“Where are you going to go?” He raised his eyebrows. My mouth opened to answer but nothing came out, where was I going to go? I had no home; I got kicked out of there.
“I’ll find somewhere.” I muttered and carried on collection belongings of my bunk.
“Why are you looking out for her?” Kendall growled.
“Kendall, why are you still here?!” Liam shouted, his outburst literally shocked everyone, I even looked up from what I was doing to make sure  my ears weren’t playing tricks on me.
“Excuse me?” She scoffed as we all stared at her, and not in the pleasant way.
“Kendall just-” Louis tried to speak.
“No, I want to hear what he has to say.” She demanded.
“Kendall…” Liam trailed off, I don’t think he quite expected himself to be in this situation. “Why are you still here?” He repeated.
“Because my boyfriend is on tour, duh.” She tutted. “And why are you all sticking up for that skank?”
“Someone hold me back before I hit a girl!” Harry shouted. Zayn and Niall quickly appeared by his side in case he did actually try something, I knew he never would but Kendall was something different.
“She’s not a skank!” Louis shouted at her.
“Louis, I can fight my own battles.” I replied timidly.

“Natasha, when are you going to learn, friends are there to help you!” He answered; I closed my eyes as I took a deep breath. Friends, friends, friends, the world circled around my mind. Friends? That’s all we were ever going to be.
“Louis, why are you going this to me?” Kendall whimpered in a fake plead for sympathy.
“I can’t believe what you did.” He growled at her.
“She doesn’t deserve to be here!” She cried out, her words were ripping out every last tendon in my heart, soon there wasn’t going to be anything left, just an empty void.
“She deserves this more than you would ever know.”

“Look at her, she isn’t a girl. You heard about her past, she’s dirty, she’s not a good role model, she can’t do anything for herself, just look at her, whimpering like a baby, is that someone you would look up to?”
“She is strong because of her past, if you didn’t go shoving your stick up nose in her business she could have remained the person I knew he as.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” She scoffed.
“She can’t change her past and no matter how much I want to, neither can I but I’m not going to judge someone on something that happened in which they couldn’t control!”

“I know more about her past.” She scowled.

“What sort of creepy stalker are you?” I croaked, tearing my hands away from suitcase, which was almost full.
“Your past is full of juicy secrets, where shall we begin?” She smirked.
“And your life is picture perfect?” I questioned, standing my ground.
“Well I know in my parents will I would get a lot more than-“

“SHUT UP!” I screamed. “I want you out of my life! You have no right to be going through my business!”

“Just leave then!” She screamed.

“KENDALL!” Harry and Louis shouted at the same time.
“Why, just why Kendall must you tear someone apart?” I asked, walking up to her.
“You clearly aren’t the person you appear to be.”

“And you’re a pathetic attempt for a human, inside and out.” I snarled at her. I duck down avoiding her hand which was about to slap me square in the face and ran out of the bus, running away again but I had to get out of there, I have to get away from her, away from them and away from him.
Louis POV
“Why are you going after her?” Kendall screeched after me as I began to chase after Natasha, again. I wasn’t going to lose her this time. I ignored Kendall’s screams and sprinted behind Tash; considering she didn’t exercise she would give Usain Bolt a run for his money.
“NATASHA!” I shouted, out of breath. She was running towards a main road, I had to reach her before any fans saw us, I would never catch her then, I wouldn’t be able to escape and she’d be lost for ever.  My feet carried on pacing towards the brown hair flowing in the wind in front of me. She ignored my cries out to her not even looking or flinching behind her. As much as I wanted to stop and catch my breath I knew I couldn’t. I was barely looking where I was going when I almost tripped over someone.  “Natasha.

“I can’t do this anymore.” She cried, as she picked herself up of the floor where she had tripped on her loosely tied converse lace.
“You can.” I tried to sound help but she only shook her head.
“I can’t.” She buried herself against my torso, I could feel how weak and drained she was.

“Natasha please, for once just listens to me.” I whispered to her. Her everlasting silence was my cue to continue. “Kendall isn’t picture perfect, she’s in fact fair from it, She had no right to do what she did and I will consider getting the police involved.”
“No, don’t.” She winced, her face looked worried as she withdrew herself from my chest, my arms remained around her, keeping her close. She wasn’t getting anyway this time.
“I will do anything to protect you.” I continued as my lips softly touched her hair, taking in her scent of fresh off the stage and vanilla, it was a prefect combination in my eyes. “I won’t define you because of your past, I respect you for being so strong, you are seriously amazing.”
“You shouldn’t have heard any of that.” She croaked, her face cuddling against me again.
“I know, I know.” I hushed her. “Please don’t let Kendall get you.”
“How can I not? Would you be able to just move on after someone did that to you?”
“With the help of the people around me, I could do anything. You’re not in this alone, you have 5 best friends seconds away at any time, you’re not alone.” I could tell she didn’t want to believe me, her head was shaking against my body. “There’s a lost I don’t know about you, good and bed but I want to know everything. You don’t know a lot about me but certain things don’t change because of that.” I vaguely added, wondering if she if she knew what I was referring to.

“I’m sorry.” She cries out, my shirt was beginning to fill with
 her tears.
“For what?” I asked sympathetically as I pulled her head away from me so I could gently wide away the tears.
“For bringing so much baggage, for being in the way, for messing up your relationship, for making you shout at your best friend, for making life difficult.” She sobbed.
Natasha, shut up.” I chuckled.
“No Louis, I can’t do anything right, I’m just one fuck up after enough.”
“Tash, you are not nor did you do any of those things you said.” I smiled at her.
“I know that’s not true.”
“Natasha, I need to know something, did you mean what you said earlier?” I asked, ignoring her remark.
“What did I say?” She asked, avoiding the question, I knew she was going it on purpose.
“About loving me.” I came out, clear and simple. Her eyes clasped together at the sound of the words.
“I had no right to say it.”

“You had ever-”
“Especially in front of your girlfriend.”
“I mess everything up.”

“No you do-”
“I come on tour to preform and it’s only the second day and I’ve messed everything up!”

“No Nata-”
“I’m a pathetic excuse for a girl, a human, a soul, or anything.”
“Natasha will you listen to me!” I shouted, hoping to get her to finally shut up.
“What am I still doing here?” She croaked.

“Because…” I trailed off.
“LOUIS!” Kendall’s screeching voice soared through my ears. I turned to look at her as Zayn and Lima were holding her.
“Because I want you here.” I spoke to Natasha, looking directly into her eyes. She was about to say something as her lips parted open although nothing came out as my lips crashed against hers, finally silencing her. I ignored the screams around me and pulled Natasha closer, her lips felt tingly against mine, it was over a year since I felt them and yet they still had the same impact on me. She didn’t hesitate to kiss back as her strawberry flavored moth mixed with mine. I smiled into the kiss, salvaging every last second.
Natasha’s POV
My eyes remained closed after we pulled apart, I could have stayed stood still for eternity, just reliving one of the most perfect things to happen in my life but an ear shriveling scream shot my eyes wide open. My head shot towards whatever was responsible for the shriek. Surprise surprise, it was Kendall. I turned my head looked at Louis; he wasn’t exactly doing a lot, to be honest I wasn’t sure if he was still breathing. His eyes captured mine, I could have kept my gaze there forever but the sound of footsteps fast approaching made my eyes flicker back to Kendall. She was running, or more of waddling in heels but it was still faster than walking over to us. My eyes went extremely wide as her hand raised above her head ready to break an impact with my face. I watched to run away but my body froze, the only thing that moved was my hair. My hands didn’t even attempt to shield my face nor did my legs attempt to actually move me away from this situation. As she was a mere five feet in front of us her efforts faltered, her pace severely slowed down. I tilted my head like a confused dog and continued to stare at her. After a few more wobbly steps she eventually came to a halt, just a meter or two away from me and Louis. Her hand lowered its self back to her side as she locked eyes with me. I couldn’t help but notice how pale she was, if she’d start sparkling I might have mistaken her for a vampire but her flesh remained a distinguish white shade. Her eyes were opening and closing rapidly, she looked completely out of it. Me and Louis just stood, staring directly at her, waiting for something or anything to happen.
“Kendall…”Louis asked, waving a hand in front of her face.
“How da-” She attempted to reply but was but off by herself falling to the floor. My first reaction was the catch her from falling.
“Natasha-” Louis spoke.
“She’s fainted.” I stated, cutting him off. “Hold her legs up.”

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