I Survived

Natasha is a normal girl. The problem is that she lost her family. She meets Louis Tomlinson, however she doesn't know who he is. It's been a though time for her and Louis had been there to help her. Will they become more than just good friends?


29. Chapter 25



“Natasha, what you said last night made me realize something.” He stated as he pulled back my hands, our faces now barely apart as he hovered nect to me.


“What?” I quietly asked, my eyes staring directly into his.


“That I-“




“GUESS WHO BOUGHT A WAFFLE MAKER?!” Harry shouted as he ran into the back lounge, barely even noticing us. I practically had a heart attack. Louis quickly retracted and I tried not to look so awkward.


“Awesome.” I tried to smile at him but it was hard when I was desperate to know what Louis was going to say.

“Let’s go try it out.” Louis suggested Harry, and they both left, just like that. There was no conclusion of me, who knows if Louis will now ever tell me what he was going to say.


*minutes later*

“Uh…where are you going?”


“Sightseeing?” I asked rhetorically.


“You can’t go now, you have sound check soon.” Harry informed me, his mouth filled to the brim with waffled.


“That’s not fair.”


“Nothing’s fair in love and war.”

“How am I supposed to give Dan this awesome llama jumper?” I asked holding up the sweater in my hands which I conveniently packed with me.


“Who’s Dan?”

“And I want to show Phil my amazing lion roar.”

“Damn, it looks like you’ll just have to preform in front of thousands of people instead.” He replied sarcastically.


“This wouldn’t be happening if you didn’t lock me on the bus earlier.” I glared at him.


“You loved it.” He winked.


“Shut up.” I grunted.


“So, did you talk about everything?” He asked quietly, leaning over the table so no one else on the bus could hear.


“Yeah.” I simply stated.



“It went…well.”



“It was going really well until you interrupted us.” I muttered under my breath.


“Nothing.” I sighed and left him sitting at the table, shouting `what´ at me constantly. I walked back to my bunk and dumped my belongings onto it and hopped up. I scrolled through twitter on my phone whilst I waited for whoever was in the shower to be done. It was a pleasant surprise to see a few more followers, and by a few I meant a couple hundred. I was almost at the thousand mark.


`Showtime soon, who’s coming out tonight :D´

I tweeted, I wasn’t the most social person so even writing twitter update seemed extremely awkward, although I probably made it more uncooperative than it would ever have to be. I was relived to see people were replying, I didn’t quite feel like a strange outcast of the tour so much, I didn’t want to have to go on stage every night and having the audience have no idea who I am.


As soon as I heard the shower switch off I literally flew out of my bunk and towards the bathroom. I picked up my clean clothes, I had laid out earlier on the way for the concert: http://www.polyvore.com/natasha/set?id=79671767

When I was standting at the bathroom the door emerged to me, something was missing from my outfit.


“Hey Zayn, have you seen my- HARRY SYTLES WHY DO YOU HACE MY BRA ON YOUR HEAD?!” I cut myself odd mid sentence to be presented with Harry Styles parading around the tour bus with my bra on his head, which made my cheeks go red. I quickly maneuvered around Zayn and began to chase Harry.


“I think it suits me!” He grinned proudly, placing it on his chest.


“Harry Styles, you get back here right now!” I demanded, placing my hands on my hips.


“Hey look at me, I’m Natasha and I’m really sarcastic.” He joked, mocking me. I face palmed my face, I was screaming internally, trying my very best not to scream externally too.


“HARRY!” I shouted at the top of my lungs as I began to chase him again. He began running along sofas and tables avoiding me, I however had a little more respect for the bus and remained with my feet firmly on the floor.


“You’re gonna gave to try better than that.” He teased as he stood on the table, looking ever so full of himself as he proudly posed in my bra. I simply rolled my eyes at him and placed my hands back on my hips.

“You’re just jealous of my assets.” I implied, in which he burst out laughing in response-

“What’s going on in here?” Niall asked with soaking wet hair as he emerged from the bathroom, everyone else had also gathered around to see what the commotion was about.


“There are a couple of reason why you are parading around in my bra.” I stated.


“Enlighten me.” He laughed.


“Number 1” I stated as I began to pace up and down, next to the table he stood on. “You secretly want to be a girl, although due to your recent actions I wouldn’t call it a secret anymore.” I concluded. “Number 2.” I added before he could speak. “You wish you had man boobs so you had an excuse to wear a bra.” I grinned as he looked utterly confused. “And lastly number 3, you want to become a woman because your manly hood isn’t up to scratch.” I smirked.


“What?” He scoffed, jumping down from the table so he was standing directly in from of me.


“It mean you have a small-“

“Okay, that’s enough of that.” Liam interrupted, cupping his hand over my mouth so the last part of my sentence became muffled.


“You won this time.” Harry admitted throwing my bra in my face.


“Thank you, very much.” I replied sarcastically as I walked past everyone and into the shower room.



Showering in a moving bus was always entertaining, you’re probably supposed to wait until you reach your destination but I had sound check as soon as we arrived, I didn’t want to look dirty in front of thousands of empty seats, I thought sardonically. I rinsed my hair thoroughly, trying to avoid the worst possible situation in the shower, although going over speed bumps made this extremely difficult.


“Shampoo in the eye, SHAMPOO IN THE EYE!” I shouted as I squeezed my eyes together and reached around the small room for a towel.


“Natasha, are you alright?” A concerned voice sounded through the door.


“I’m fine!” I replied, rubbing the deathly substance from my eyes.

“Are you sure?” Niall asked.

“Yep, just deep cleansing my eyes!” I joked.


“Okay, well have fun with that!” He replied. I laughed lightly at his clearly confused tone and jumped back in the shower, careful not to break my neck.


“TAKE ME AWAY, A SECRET PLACE, A SWEET ESCAPE! I sang at the top of my lungs as I continued to lather, rinse and repeat.



“SHOWTIME!” Harry screamed in my ear as we were waiting backstage.


“Thank you for that Captain Obvious.” I replied sarcastically whilst turning my guitar.


“He does this every show, you’ll get used to it.” Louis smiled at me, as he watched me run my fingers along the strings.


“Thanks for the warning.” I chuckled, I tried to make myself seem less awkward around him, but I couldn’t help feel anything but myself after not hearing what he was going to say.


“Are you excited?”

“Ecstatic.” I grinned.


“Good.” He beamed. “Good lick, you’ll od great, as usual.” He chuckled.


“Thanks.” I smiled at him. “You too.” I awkwardly laughed. I spotted Kendall, who had been avoiding me all day, out of the corner of my eye, she was staring me down like prey. If looks could kill I would have been to hell and back at least twenty times by now.


“Natasha, 2 minutes.” Matt informed me. I merely nodded in reply and sucked in a deep breath, as I followed him to the side of the stage. I faced the opposite side of the stage, which was set up exactly like last night and prepared myself for the roaring audience. I could hear screams coming already and no one had been on stage, they sounded loud now but this was nothing compared to when their 5 heart throb, teen idols walk on stage. I was concentrating on my breathing when my eye caught something, or someone; much as I wanted to look away and concentrate on anything but her scowling face, my eyes wouldn’t move, not even a single flicker. I had no idea what was going through her mind, although I can imagine it was a lot of anger, and she most likely hates me even more than she did before. After not seeing her all day it was clear she was annoyed with all the boys, but it was their fault, they did drag her away against her will, although I don’t think any od them would care about her hating them, they all hated her.

“Do you need to introduce you again?” Harry chirped as he appeared at my side, I managed to finally draw my gaze away from the devil lurking on the opposite side of the stage.


“I think I got it this time.” I grinned at him


“I wanted to tease the crowd.” He whined-


“I’m sure if you preformed in your `famous´ thong that would tease them.” I joked.


“Who told you about that?” He gasped.

“Who do you think?” I replied, wiggling my eyebrows at him.

“So this is what you and Louis talked about?”


“And you’re extremely bad breath, but we didn’t want to mention it to you.” I smirked. His response was to slap his hand around his mouth and smell his own breath.

“Hey, my breath doesn’t smell.”

“I know.” I laughed. “But you’ll believe anything.” I winked at him as he stood looking not so amused.


“I don’t like you anymore.” He replied, faking a frown.


“Oh damn, my life is officially over.” I dramatically responded.


“I like this side of you.” He stated, changing the subject.


“What side of me?”


“The happy, sarcastic but happy Scarlett.” He beamed, I smile lightly back at him. I didn’t realize how happy I seemed. I was indeed happy, but not completely, the burning question of; what was Louis going to say? Was waiting away at my every inner thought.

“On in 10.” Matt spoke to me, down my ear monitor. I soon blanked Harry and concentrated on the counting down in my ear. “3…2…1!”


“Good luck!” Harry shouted as I began to walk on stage. I smiled at the crowd and gave them a small wave, my face lit up as some of the crowd were chanting my name, I knew as soon as the crowd sung along as loudly as possible to the first line it was going to be an amazing show.




“I’m all sweaty.” I laughed as I shook myself like a dog.


“Are you staying to watch us?” Louis asked as everyone gather round.


“I saw you last night, now you want me to watch again?” I gasped, their faces were priceless, they thought I was being serious. Apparently Harry isn’t the only gullible one. “I’m joking, of course I’m staying.”


“I was about to start crying.” Harry joked.

“You need a light above your head telling us when you’re bing sarcastic.” Zayn replied.

“Then it wouldn’t be any fun to wind you guys up.” I smirked.


“You’re evil.” He replied, laughing lightly.


“I shall take that as a compliment.”


“On in 10.” Matt called to them as they formed a circle to do their preshow ritual.


“Good luck!” I shouted after them as they ran towards the stage. As they exploded into their first song my lips began to move without any thought along with the words. I was about to burst into he chorus along with them when a gentle tap on the shoulder sent my heartbeat racing.


“Can we talk?

AN/ Guys I’m sorry this was short. I didn’t have my computer and I did it on my cellphone.

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